Inside someone's mind...I think you'll be able to figure out who it is easy enough.

It's easy to learn things about Harry Potter.

All I have to do is watch.

Though it helps if I am at least trying to be an impartial observer, as I don't ignore certain things he does.

It makes it easier to see some things he does.

I see his Slytherin side, though he keeps it under control very well.

I also see how he acts when he's just with his friends.

And see how he changes when they're around other people.

I find that if it weren't for the 'Gryffindor Golden Boy-Who-Lived' act that he keeps up he could probably be friends with Draco.

I see how he acts around Dumbledore, when with his friends, with other people, whether it is teachers or order members, or just by himself, and see how it changes for each circumstance.

I realize quickly, from seeing him when he thinks he's alone, that the whole 'Golden Boy' thing is just an act.

When alone he is usually depressed and lost in thought. It's as though he's a thousand miles away even though he's right there.

I keep watching him, knowing that, being depressed like that, he could be suicidal.

His favorite place to go at night being the Astronomy Tower doesn't help that thought.

So I watch.

And wait.

And wonder what would happen if I tried to talk to him.

Would he blow up at me because of how I've acted towards him for the past five years or would he manage to talk somewhat civilly to you about whatever is bothering him.

I don't know.

But finally watching him like this has opened my eyes to some things.

I can finally see the signs that I should have seen the entire time, after all, I went through the same thing as a child, and did many of the same things he does, though some only show up when he believes himself to be alone.

He hasn't been treated like a king.

He's been abused. It explains why he's so small and skinny for his age.

I have to talk to him. None of the other teachers would understand. And it would be better to do this before he becomes so depressed that he does something drastic. It will help him to have someone who understands.

But even with this, I will continue to make sure that Harry, the boy behind the fame and titles, is okay. Once I got a glimpse of the boy behind it all I found that I didn't hate him anymore, though I still act like it.

So I will make sure he is well, no matter what happens.


I have no idea where this came from.

I just had a random plotbunny attack with the whole idea of what someone would find if they decided to watch Harry Potter, laying aside all pre-conceived notions of him as they did so.

And incase you actually didn't figure it out, it's Snape who is watching Harry.