Two figures sat outside a house with a large yard. One, a young women, nearing the end of adolescences, her light blue eyes studying the man in front of her, a laptop resting on her lap. Older and more experienced then the youth was a man with crimson hair bent over a wash bin. He was scrubbing the clothes humming a merry tune as he did so. The girl pushed a strand of her dirty blond hair behind her ear and gave half a laugh. "You're weird." She muttered to the man before her.

"Oro?" The man opened his lavender eyes and looked over at Zig-zag, a perplexed look on his face. "What do you mean Zig-zag?"

She smiled. "I was just thinking about you."

"About Sessha?"

"Yes, Kenshin, about you and your friends."

"My friends?" He took his hands out of the water and leaned back on his heels. "What's so weird about Sessha's friends?"

"Nothing really," Zig-zag picked at the grass as she spoke, "just that most of them wanted to kill you at first."

"ORO?" He blinked at her with wide eyes.

"No really, think about it! Sano, he wanted to kill you, Aoshi, his whole goal in life was to kill you, and then there's Saito,"

"He still wants to kill me, and I don't think you could call us the closest of friends." He was annoyed, Saito always seemed to get him riled up. Even if he wasn't around.

"Well he really helped out with Enishi." She studied her nails. "I think he likes you. And you did give him a chance to fight you again."

"Well, what about Yahiko and Kaoru? They didn't want to kill Sessha."

"Well they didn't like you. Yahiko stole your wallet then belted you with it, true he liked you after that. And he didn't really like being saved either." Kenshin sighed as she continued. "And Karou! The first time she saw you she attacked you!"

"Well she mistook Sessha for someone else."

"She mistook you for the Battòsai."

"It wasn't me!"

"But you're the Battòsai!"

"It was someone else pretending to be me. So that doesn't count!"

Zig-zag stood and brushed herself off, closing her laptop as she did so. "Fine, fine."

"And what about Megumi? She didn't want to kill Sessha."

She thought a moment. "You're right." Kenshin nodded his head and went back to the laundry. "Still, just about everyone else was your enemy first. Even Yuta…"

"Can we drop this?"

"And Sayo, and…"

"Well you don't hate me."

"I like to hurt you..."

Kenshin nearly fell into the soppy water. "ORO?"

"Well I am the manager of the Kenshin Torture C2. What did you expect? And haven't you noticed a common theme in all my fanfics?"

Kenshin gulped. "Uh… when do I get to see that new story you were just working on? What was the summary of it again?"

Zig-zag smiled a devilish grin. "Oh no! Not until I get going with Violet Eyed Angel again and get at lest HALF of Amber Eyed Angel back up."

His eyes went wide at the mention on Amber Eyed Angel. "I have to go through that AGAIN?"

Her smile only widened. "Oh yes. You can thank whoever decided to complain to the fanfiction administrators instead of talking to me. They're the ones who got it removed and they're the reason you have to go through it ALL over again…"

"But I don't like Amber Eyed Angel… it hurts…"

She crossed her arms in front of her chest. "Good!"

Kenshin sighed. "I just can't win."

"No you can't." Zig-zag continued to smile. "I'm the author and I say what goes!"

A/N: For all you who don't know. This was my place holder for my story Violet Eyed Angel because it was a sequel to another story, Amber Eyed Angel, that was removed because the rating was too low. Amber Eyed Angel is back up with a rating of R and Violet Eyed Angel is back to being updated regularly. Er… as regularly as I am about updating.