"Severus! You have to!" cried an exasperated Albus Dumbledore, "How else will he make up the work that he has missed?"

Severus knew that Albus was fed up. But then he had been trying to convince him for the past 10 hours that looking after The Boy–Who–Lived-To-Make–Snape's–Life-Hell this summer was a good idea. Even a saint would be fed up by now.

Dumbledore took a deep breathe and then started again more calmly.

"You know that you are the best for the job. You can teach him everything that he needs to make up. And I know you aren't going on holiday so that won't be a problem and you will be on your own in the house so he will not get in the way,"

"And because I worked with him in the build up to the final battle you feel it will do him some good to be around people he knows and trusts?" Severus asked.

"Yes. You got quite close in the fight and now with his disability he needs to be around people he can trust and who will treat him well but not fuss over him. He is very proud and independent. This is why I couldn't send him to the Weasley's. Molly would mother him too much," Albus responded.

"I don't have much choice in the matter do I?" Severus snapped back.

"So you are doing it then. Good, good. Let's go down to the Hospital Wing and tell Mr. Potter of his arrangements this summer," Albus said and started to lead Severus down the stairs.

When they walked into the Hospital Wing Harry had just finished getting ready for the end of year feast and was sitting on his bed.

"Hello Harry. How are you?" Proffessor Dumbledore asked.

"Fine thank you Professor. How are you?" Harry replied.

"I am fine also. Now Severus and I have come to a little agreement. You are to stay with Severus over the summer and he is to teach you what you missed so you can take your OWLs and move on to your 6th year," Albus said.

"Not by choice," Severus muttered from beside Harry making him jump.

"Does that mean that I am not going back to the Dursley's this summer?" Harry asked sounding hopeful.

"Yes Harry. You're staying with me instead," Severus said.

Then Harry did something really unexpected. He reached up and hugged Severus.

"Thank you so much Sev. That's brilliant," Harry exclaimed.

"I think that the End of Year Feast will be starting soon. Severus can you give Harry a hand here. I'll see you both there," Albus said and with that he was out of the Hospital Wing before either of the younger men could answer.

"Come on then Harry. Wouldn't want to keep those friends of yours waiting would we?"

The noise in the Great Hall was deafening but as soon as Harry and Severus stepped through the doors a heavy silence fell on the students. They walked up to the Gryffindor table. Severus helped Harry to sit down and then went up to his place at the Head table next to Prof. Dumbledore.

"Hey Harry. When did you get out of the Hospital Wing?" asked Hermione his best friend.

"Just now. It took a lot of persuasion on Dumbledore's part to let me come though. Oh guess what I just found out? I'm to have extra teaching to catch up on what I miss! Isn't that just brilliant. It means I'll be staying here all summer," Harry exclaimed excited.

"I think it's unfair that you have to make up what you missed. I mean you killed You-Know-Who and lost your e…"Neville trailed off after receiving deathly glares from his friends.

"I agree with Neville. I mean you killed He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and yet you are still expected to do your schoolwork!" Seamus said hurriedly trying to cover what Neville was about to say.

Just then Dumbledore stood up.

"As you have all eaten I will begin my speech. It is rather long this year so I hope you have had enough to not die from starvation. The first item I believe is quite good news. Mr. Arthur Weasley has taken over as Minister of Magic and has changed the law meaning that under aged wizards and witches can do magic at home, so long as it isn't in front of muggles. The next thing I would like to do is remember the families and students who have died in this war. Although Voldemort is gone, there is still a way to go before peace reigns fully. Let this be a warning to everyone, if we had not grown complacent on security during the thirteen years that Voldemort was hiding then more could have been saved. To end our year though, I would like to propose a toast to the person who defeated Voldemort. At a great personal cost, I might add. Harry Potter!" With this the whole school, minus the boy in the limelight, who was, at this moment, attempting to perform the impossible and get the floor to swallow him up, rose and offered their goblets to the Boy-Who-Defeated-He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

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