Harry woke up to feel the warmth of a fire against his skin and fur against his cheek. Groggily he sat up and found himself in Severus' quarters on his couch. Frowning he realised he must have dosed off whilst waiting for the man to finishing packing. Did it really take that long to pack ingredients? He had started at 6 o'clock that morning!

Harry was just about to stand up and go hunt down the owner of the rooms when the man in question walked in holding a very small box.

"I see you've woken up from your little nap then?" the severe man enquired, "A small elf called Dobby handed this to me,"

The man placed the box into Harry's hands. Harry cautiously fumbled for the opening of the box and very slowly put his hand. Knowing Dobby it was just as likely to be a poisonous snake as a kitten! It wasn't a snake inside though, unless you got small fluffy snakes with 4 legs and a little velvety tongue. Harry scooped up the creature inside and got him out. It was a small Crup. A puppy one with a small forked tail. Harry was touched by the fact that Dobby had bought him his own dog. He had never been allowed a pet when he was younger as Dudley would have killed it. Crup's were also meant to be very loyal to their owners and would eat Muggles.

Severus, however, was eyeing the creature in distaste. Crup's would eat anything and everything. Even furniture wasn't safe. He would have to figure out a way of saving his house. Especially from his potions ingredients which could be deadly to the small dog. He wondered if Harry would mind him using a small amount of the fur in his potions. Crup's fur was especially potent in potions concerning love and loyalty, potions that Severus used to strengthen his wards each year.

Putting the though away for the moment, Severus noticed what the time was and realised that his house elves would be annoyed that he was late for lunch if he didn't hurry. Severus really did not like being told of by his house elves, even if they had raised him! Harry would need his strength after all. They had a long day ahead of them teaching Harry spells to navigate and how to use a stick.

"Come on Harry. We need to get going. Unless you want to take a portkey then we have to go to the edge of the wards. I can't floo us all through from this side,"

"Come on then Severus. I have my trunk packed and ready,"

With that the man, boy and dog were off. The school was empty as they walked through it as the other pupils had just left to catch the Hogwarts Express home. By the time that they had reached the edge of the wards, Severus was ready to go home. It had been a long and difficult year ending spectacularly with the Final Battle in which the young boy travelling with him had given up all that he had left to defeat the monster that had plagued him all his life.

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