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The people of Tomoeda have a dark past and when Sakura Kinomoto shows up, she threatens to unmask one of the most horrendous crimes in the small magickal village. Someone will stop at nothing to stop her for good while others will do all in their power to help her uncover her past and the secret that has remained so long buried.


The Village of Tomoeda sat nestled in a valley between two hills hidden from normal sight. Only people who knew it was there were aware of it but it was built to keep out those who were not worthy of viewing its treasures, the ever blossoming cherry trees, the lush parks and crystal streams and great lake. The beautiful scenery of nature at its best had been what had first attracted the mages of Japan to this beautiful district and because of the magick kept within the valley itself that kept the people safe, the people in turn kept the valley free from intruders by placing repelling spells and cloaking spells around it. There was only one road into the valley that wound around the mountains and it was always watched. Everything the inhabitants of the small village could ever need had been provided, a kindergarten, an elementary school, a junior and senior high school but their wasn't enough people to set up a college so once finished high school, the young adults would have to leave the safety of Tomoeda and go out onto the mainland. There were also café's and shops and even an attorney's office nestled behind the police station, though no one ever really needed an attorney since it was easier to get the Elder to settle things.

And over looking it all, up on the hill, was the great Li Mansion.

The great Li Mansion was the oldest house in the vicinity, built by the Great Clow Reed who had settled in the small valley after visiting it once with his Chinese mother. He had lured people to the village, people he thought worthy of the paradise and for a while, he had named the town Reedington before changing it to Tomoeda because he hadn't wanted the glory of the town. Even though he was long dead, he was still celebrated as the creator of the paradise the people were grateful to live in every day. He had left his legacy in the form of the Li Clan, a family who spread out through the village and who ruled it fairly with the input from other well known families with deep roots in magick. Ever since Clow Reed's day, the council of elders had become a matriarchal system with the eldest female taking the leading role simply because they seemed to show the most aptitude with magick though should a male member who was of age show more magick than a female member, he would be asked to join the outer council until he was old enough to join the inner.

The council was in charge of monitoring magick in the small haven, keeping an eye on the patriots to make sure none of them took advantage of the pure power that ran deep in the earth that was used by the land to keep them safe. The land magick was never used for evil and only tapped into when the habitants gathered together to perform a blessing or a farewell, or to seal away a lost spirit. For such a town, so steeped in tradition, technology had made its way to the village through the college students returning to Tomeoda after their time in the city. But alas, being human they could not all live peacefully in the paradise on earth the great magician had created for them and in turn, greed and vengeance reared it's ugly head. For all it's beauty, Tomoeda held the darkest of secrets in her great depths, buried and kept hidden by the council for the protection of it's people but now as an old acquaintance returned, the secrets that had once been undisturbed were about to be revealed and lives were about to be changed irrevocably.

"Fujitaka Kinomoto is returning." Yelan Li spoke softly to the people gathered in the meeting room but she did not look at them, instead she continued to look out the window at the lush vegetation up the side of the mountain behind her great home. Her elegant face was calm and composed, not betraying the panic that was threatening to bubble up and consume her from within. Her deep brown eyes, so dark they were almost black, were somber and outlined in kohl. She was indeed a beautiful woman with great power surrounding her but hidden beneath a veneer of tranquility, not a peaceful tranquility but an arrogant composure. Her hands were clasped together, motionless because she was well aware of how movement could give away ones thoughts and she kept her inner most thoughts to herself.

Finally she turned to her council members and regarded them with vague interest. Her long black hair was pulled back taut from her face almost giving her a severe look but something softened her, a gentleness that she never revealed very often. She'd hardened considerably with the death of her husband that left her to the take control of the council, something she'd never been destined for.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Ta-tap. Ta-tap. Ta-tap.

"Sonomi do you wish to say something?" Yelan asked the woman sitting stiffly in her chair, tapping her fingers agitatedly off the table.

Daidouji Sonomi lifted her head with a tilt of her chin and met Yelan's gaze. The air sparked with words unsaid before Sonomi turned her gaze away. "You know what I have to say Yelan."

A small smirk played on Yelan's lips which had been slicked with something vibrantly red. "I'm sorry, telepathy was never one of my strong points."

"Call up your spirits, I'm sure they'd be happy to tell you my thoughts on the matter." came the caustic reply as Sonomi crossed her legs before smoothing down her short business skirt. She'd been called from a potentially vital meeting with a client from Tokyo to come to this meeting. She could transfer it to another day but she'd have preferred to meet with him face to face, now she would have to settle for a video conference. It was not a way to do business, yet what would Yelan know about that? Yelan had her eldest daughter handle all business affairs out of Tomoeda and she had two more daughters to attend to the other affairs. Sonomi's eldest and only child was currently finishing her last year in high school.

"I do not appreciate your tone of voice Sonomi. You may be my friend but know your place! In the council, I am leader."

"Yes, Li-san." came the biting retort and Yelan sighed. It would just not do for her to be at odds with her most trusted friend and advisor. She would hold Sonomi back and then let her friend vent out her anger and frustration but she could not act like a sulking child in front of the other council members, it was just not right.

"Why is he returning? There is nothing here for him." Mizuki Kaho spoke her words slowly and cautiously as though she were trying to think of an answer to her own question. One of the youngest members of the council, Kaho showed great ability, an ability that far outshone her predecessor, her uncle Naraku.

"Maybe he feels that there is." Mike Terada responded. Something was nagging at the back of his mind, something of great relevance yet he could not pin point it. He was the other younger member of the council, at 27 only two years older than Kaho. He was also the only male member and because of that, he was rarely given as much attention as the other four members.

"Nadeshiko is dead." Sonomi spat. "He has nothing here. He should stay away, there is no college here and no artifacts for him-"

"The museum." Kaho said, sitting up straight. "They're looking for a new curator."

"But he isn't a curator and it would be a job that he wouldn't be qualified for."

Hay-Lin Hiragizawa, the last member of the council nodded at Mike's comment. "A top Tokyo professor doesn't come to a small town to become a curator for a museum no one visits."

"Something else must call him here." Yelan surmised. "His son would be what now? 21? 22? He was six when Nade… he was six when Fujitaka left." she paused and contemplated the reasons for a man with a grown up son to return to a village he'd been driven from almost two decades ago.

"Twenty three." Kaho corrected. "From my knowledge, he went on to medical school."

"Does the practice need a doctor?"

Sonomi sneered. "Please. We're a race bred of magick, what do we need of chemicals and modern medicines? They are nothing but contaminates."This from a woman who makes toys for a living. Mike smothered a laugh at Kaho's comment in his mind. Kaho's ability for mind reading was astounding, no one showed as much talent for it as she. She could delve into her subjects mind and pull out anything and speaking into a mind was hardly a draining process for her, which was why she often abused it when it came to Mike. They'd grown up together so he was well used to her thoughts often mingling with his and he had no secrets from her, even if he had wanted to, he knew that it wasn't feasible.

She also depends a lot on technology, he thought and felt her laughter ring through his mind. How do you know about Touya Kinomoto?I was asked to keep an eye on his father and I kept an eye on him too, it was only natural when I was living in Tokyo that I should watch them.

Then you know why he's returning? He wondered.

I have a vague idea. I won't bring it up here in front of Sonomi.

It was odd for both of them to see Sonomi so distraught and out of control but they could understand it. But out of the three elder women, Sonomi was the one who became antagonized easily. She didn't have a cold temper the way Yelan did, nor a hot temper that… well she didn't have a hot temper but she was the one to hold a grudge and once on her bad side, it was hard to get on her good side. If she didn't like you, she made sure you knew and Kinomoto Fujitaka was one person she just didn't like.

Hmm… Although Kaho respected Mike's thoughts, she wanted to know what was bothering him and she had the power to do so. Looking down at the varnished finish of the mahogany round table she sat at, she opened her powers and reached out a tendril to Mike. Closing her eyes, she rooted through the images that flashed through her brain, sifting through until she found the image that was trying to catch his attention. A school record of a seventeen year old girl… Oh goddess!

Although Kaho respected Mike's thoughts, she wanted to know what was bothering him and she had the power to do so. Looking down at the varnished finish of the mahogany round table she sat at, she opened her powers and reached out a tendril to Mike. Closing her eyes, she rooted through the images that flashed through her brain, sifting through until she found the image that was trying to catch his attention. A school record of a seventeen year old girl…

Kaho! Mike snapped alarmed and books rattled on the bookshelves on the walls.

Yelan turned her attention from the window, from the manicured lawns, the neat rows of flower beds and the large Cherry Blossom tree with the small swing hanging from it. She warily looked at both Kaho and Mike and frowned. Kaho had been in Mike's mind, her aura was mingling with his still.

"Is there something you two would like to share?"

Hay-Lin surveyed them with dark blue eyes. Kaho was a distant relative and since Kaho was the youngest of the council she felt it necessary to watch the girl and take responsibility though Kaho was incredibly mature, she and Mike tended to spark off each other because they'd grown up together. Her mouth firmed into a thin line as she caught the amusement in the young woman's warm sherry eyes even as she shook her head. Abruptly Hay-Lin turned to Yelan. "What of the book?"

"What of it?"

"Does he-" She broke off as Yelan held up a hand and tilted her head towards the door. Her eyes narrowed, then a slim brow arced as a small smile played on her lips. She threw out her hand and sent a wave of almost visible power at the door. There was a yelp and then silence. She smirked and nodded for Hey-Lin to continue, feeling pleased that they would have no other interruptions for the meeting.

Outside the door Fiemie Li folded her arms and pouted. The youngest of the Li clan, she was fed up being punished because she followed her older brother's orders. Next time he could do all the spying on his own. With a scowl to mirror her brother's, she turned away from the door knowing that she would not extract anymore information from them. She clambered to her feet, her feet making no noise on the dark and rich wooden hall floor. Without a sound she made her way up the narrow stair case, only lit up from the white light coming in through the lace curtains on the window. She trailed her hand up the banister, noting the lack of dust.

Their butler Wei always organized the maids well and the house was always spotless, it was fascinating to watch how he got good results without resorting to threats or raising his temper. Ever since she could remember, Wei-san had been an integral part of the family. He was like a favorite uncle, making sure the children were catered for and listening with a kind ear when they had a rough day at school and offering impartial advice. He was great and deserved a present, she decided. She'd ask Fuutie her thoughts, Fuutie always had great ideas for presents.

Rounding the landing which was decorated in much of the same fashion as the rest of the house with cream walls, open spaces, mahogany wooden floors and oriental rugs in vivid red with a lush green potted plant in the corner. Her sock clad feet padded over the polished floor as she made her way down the hall to an open doorway. Pushing open the door, she peeked inside and sighed. The whole gang was there and on the swivel chair tossing a ball into the air was her brother. His gaze was turned towards the ceiling, his head resting against the back of the chair as his feet twirled him from left to right and then back again.

He felt her presence before she made a sound and whipped his head up to look at her. "Well?"

She stared at him confused. His mouth opened, she felt like he'd said something but she hadn't heard anything. Come to think about it, all she could hear was blissful silence. There was no annoying buzz from the electronics and no bird song or just white noise that she was used to.

"Fiemie?" Syaoran scowled, why wasn't his sister answering?

Li Meilin raised her eyes from the magazine she was flicking through. She shifted from her position of lounging sideways over a leather arm chair by the window so she could peer at her younger cousin. The young girl of fifteen was standing in the middle of the room staring at her brother, her short crop of auburn hair was shaped around her strikingly beautiful face while her dark brown eyes, shades darker than her brother's, were filled with confusion.


With a grin of sadistic glee, Meilin clapped her hands sharply and then her grin brightened as she caught sight of the smirk playing on Syaoran's lips. "She's been cursed!"

Another figure in the room glanced up from her laptop. "Oh poor Fiemie."

"Another one bites the dust." Meilin cackled wickedly.

"WHAT!" Fiemie shouted. "DID YOU SAY SOMETHING?"

"Syaoran put her out of her misery." Daidouji Tomoyo ordered softly, feeling a twinge of sympathy for the younger girl but it didn't prevent her from recording her friends plight. "After all it is your fault she's in this predicament."

Syaoran Li unfolded himself from the swivel chair and approached his little sister. He cast his cousin a dark look when she pleaded with him not to take off the spell because it was just too funny. Grabbing his sister by her slender shoulders, he focused her attention on to him and then he raised his hands to her left ear and clapped loudly.

The waves of sound reverberating from the sharp sound broke through the barrier and sound flooded into the young girls ears assaulting her senses with rock music from Meilin's CD of choice and the odd chime from the clock and the beep from Tomoyo's laptop. But the sound was distorted as though being filtered through water.

"Fix the other ear too please, Xiao Lang." she pleaded using her brother's Chinese name, the special one he didn't let any one use. For some reason her brother was twitchy when it came to people knowing his name, he said there was a power to someone having your true name and he didn't like anyone having power over him. Only his mother truly could order him to do anything, his sisters had to manipulate him with their sisterly charms and, of course, blackmail worked just as well.

Syaoran sighed heavily and clapped at the other ear and saw the relief rush over his sisters cute Chinese features. "Now." he said, turning away from her and approaching the window. "What did you find out?"

"A simple hello wouldn't kill you." she grumbled and waved to the three others in the room, her cousin Meilin, the always nice Tomoyo who was friends with her brother though Fiemie couldn't figure out why and her something relative Eriol Hiragizawa. She couldn't quite figure out how he was related to the Li family, he was supposed to be the reincarnation of Clow Reed-sama which wasn't unlikely because reincarnation was a very big part of magick but still that was sort of weird when Clow Reed, their ancestor, was a great grand-something or other. She wasn't too sure on the particulars of it. To find out, she would have to look through some musty old books and that wasn't one of her top one hundred fun things to do.


She jerked at her brother's sharp order then sighed heavily and flopped onto his abandoned chair, kicking herself off and lifting her legs onto the chair as she twirled around. When she came to a stop she stretched out her legs. "Ok, well first of all, they did the usual pleasantries, inquiring about the family and stuff. Heard you got new prescription lenses Eriol, very cute." she flashed the mildly amused young man a grin. He was always so composed and in control that it sometimes creeped her out, kind of like the way the Cheshire cat in Alice In Wonderland creeped her out, he was harmless enough but just eerie with the whole grin a minute deal. He always seemed to have a secret no one else knew or an inside joke only he got. Anyway he didn't bother her too much.

"Huh, did you get new frames too? They're very stylish." Tomoyo commented zooming in on him with her camera. He could be cast as the very personable yet mysterious villain in the film she was thinking of making.

"Thank you Daidouji-san."

"People." Syaoran growled. Eriol put his teeth on edge with his attitude so the less attention given to the bastard the better. "Fiemie."

Fiemie wrinkled her nose and hefted a heavy sigh. "Yes, yes. Anyway- hey Eriol how come you always refer to us so formally. I mean, you were in diapers with the rest of them."

"Oh Eriol was far too mature to wear diapers." Meilin drawled, raking a hand through her black hair rinsed with a blood red sheen. "When the rest of us were in the playpen he was plotting world domination, right Eriol?"

Eriol smiled pleasantly. "Quite correct Li-san."

"Confusing much. I'm Li-san, Syaoran's Li-san and Meilin is Li-san." Fiemie declared with a roll of her eyes. "We can't all be Li-san, can't you just call me Fiemie? Or does my name disgust your tongue?"


"No seriously Syaoran this is actually bothering me."

Tomoyo smiled at the younger girl. Fiemie was very friendly and full of life, she wasn't restricted by Li clan rules the way her brother was and so she could afford to be carefree. Also, since she came back from her holiday in America she had adopted a more open attitude. "I think Eriol finds it hard to be so familiar with us because he lived in England all those years and so he can't be as close as us."

Syaoran raised his eyes to heaven then stiffened. "Feel that?"

Fiemie frowned then felt the roll of power cruise up her spine. "Magick, a lot of it."

"Coming our way." Tomoyo stated not removing her amethyst eyes from the screen before us yet her attention wasn't on the scene she was formatting.

Meilin looked around at her friends, all of whom had magick and she didn't. Though Tomoyo's wasn't anything as powerful as Eriol's or Syaoran, she could still sense things and Meilin envied even that but Meilin had her own strength which was why she was Syaoran's right hand person. "Who?"

"I don't recognize it." Fiemie announced plucking out a thin crisp slice and popping it in her mouth.

Syaoran frowned and pulled at the curtain to peer out but saw nothing except his senses were screaming their alarm. "I… no that can't be."

"I believe it is." Eriol said with some concern as he sat up in his chair, then smirked. Now this was interesting, he thought as he felt the second aura.

"Fiemie tell us everything they discussed, the main points."

Startled by her brother's sudden shift from annoyed to strict leader, she struggled to remember the conversation she'd over heard while Meilin shifted to look at her and Tomoyo closed off her laptop and turned to face her. "It was nothing, just the usual and then Mama announced that he was coming."

"Who?" Meilin queried.

"Oh…um. Kino- no. Kinobe?… no that's Starwars… Kinomiya? Oh…" she moaned and trailed off, then snapped up straight with an exclaimed. "Oh! Kinomoto Fuji-taco? No wait, Kinomoto Fujitaki, taku, take, taka, oh!" she grinned and snapped her fingers. "Fujitaka! Kinomoto Fujitaka."

Syaoran raised a brow. "You sure? It wasn't Taco bell or McDonalds?"

Meilin snorted a laugh and Tomoyo smothered a smile at the dry tone their friend used. Fiemie scowled. "No! Kinomoto Fujitaka or Fujitaka Kinomoto whatever way you want to put it but I'm sure of it and when she said that, your mother freaked out!" She directed the comment to Tomoyo.

The girl with the dark violet almost black hair and eyes to match complimented by alabaster skin gaped at her young friend. "My mother? Are you sure?"

"Yep. I'm almost positive. Mama wasn't pleased with her outburst. There were…" she struggled to sum up her thoughts coherently. "The conversation was mostly filled with innuendos."

"What?" Meilin yelped almost falling off the chair she'd been sprawling in.

"Not sexual ones!" came the sharp retort from her younger cousin. "I mean, the conversation was filled with implications and secret comments that you'd only understand if you knew the whole story. They mentioned him coming back which suggests he was here before." she shrugged helplessly.

Syaoran frowned. "I don't remember there being a Fujitaka Kinomoto. I'm sure I would have remembered."

"Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it was before our time. Nadeshiko was also mentioned as well as the Book."

"What book?" Tomoyo demanded. And why had Nadeshiko been brought up, she had died years ago, almost twenty soon.

"The book of Clow, of course." Eriol said leisurely resting the ankle of one leg on his thigh and leaning back as all attention fell on him. He watched them with cool serene blue eyes. His mop of sleek black hair that glinted blue flopped down to his ears from the center parting. He looked mysterious and charming.

"The book of Clow?" Fiemie asked confused. Ok, this was way out of her knowledge now.

"Yes the great book of Clow, a book that held all of the Clow cards, a group of power cards infused with magical spirits used for all sorts of things, such as one to help someone fly, another to jump or one that could fight or shoot arrows. They were very powerful, naturally because Clow Reed was one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world."

"Not half blowing your own trumpet." Meilin muttered under her breath but timed it wrong as the music from the current song playing faded away as it ended. She blushed slightly. Oops. "Well he was."

"You forget Li-san, I am not Clow Reed just as Clow Reed is not me. I am merely Eriol."

Syaoran grunted but declined from saying anything. Instead he folded his arms and gazed out the window, his brandy colored eyes reflecting deep thought under fierce dark brows and chocolate bangs. His dangerously handsome face was as stoic as ever rarely breaking into smiles or signs of warmth. He was regarded as cold and heartless but he was anything but that, he just wasn't one for public displays of affection nor did he like the flamboyancy that his sisters exuberated. It was a rebellion of sorts to be as emotionless as possible so he didn't humiliate himself and end up being blackmailed.

"So what does this book have to do with anything?" Meilin demanded as the silence began to gnaw at her. Never one to sit back and relax, Meilin was filled with restless energy that had to be directed somewhere and it usually became directed into someone's face. She liked confrontations, she never backed down from a fight and she was loyal to a fault, never leaving a friend when they needed her. She was fiercely loyal to Syaoran because he was her cousin, once a childhood love who'd indulged her when she demanded she wanted to marry him but that idea fell through as they grew up together. She still cared but… well feelings fade and change with the years. What she'd once thought of as love was now a deep affection. She was a stunning female, not pixyishly cute like Fiemie or beautiful and tranquil like Tomoyo, no she was fiery and feisty, not only in temperament but in looks. Her hair fell straight and black with a red sheen when not tied in her usual style of chignons on each side of her head with the rest falling down and her eyes were a startling cinnamon color that flashed like fire in the pale creamy skin.

"The book of Clow went missing." Syaoran said softly. "Some believe Nadeshiko stole it."

"I don't believe that." Tomoyo countered. Nadeshiko was her mother's cousin, in other words her family, she would not believe that of one of her own. Tomoyo, for all her obsessive nature when it came to fashion and videotaping various adorable things could be very serious when it came down to things that mattered. Family loyalty was one of those things. She believed that you stuck by your family and the more family, the better. She was very distantly related to Syaoran and Meilin but regarded them as her best friends though there was something lacking maybe because she felt that she was a third wheel because she wasn't as devoted to the Li Clan the way the other two were. She was a smart young woman with ambition to be the best at what she chose to do whether that be designing, singing or film directing. "Why would she give away a valued family treasure?"

"Maybe she didn't." Fiemie jumped in. "What if she didn't want to give it away? Maybe it was taken? And, what exactly do we know of her death?"

"Not much." Syaoran admitted. He hated not knowing things which was why he sought knowledge at all opportunity. "We were all babies when she died."

"So what if she was murdered?" The youngest Li asked cautiously.

"And the man that killed her took the book." Meilin added.

"That would mean the man coming here, Kinomoto Fujitaka would be her murderer." Tomoyo gasped. "Oh my gosh!"

Although Syaoran's expression didn't change, his mind whirled. A murderer in Tomoeda… then he frowned. "What are we, the Famous Five? There's- She wasn't murdered. And Fiemie, if that's what hanging around with Naoko does to you, please stop."

"I like Naoko. She's cool and she's fun and she doesn't let you boss her around."

He sighed as his sister stuck out her tongue and wondered for the thousandth time just how was he related to her. "Look, even if she did take the book, what would be the point? We have the key of Clow and that is needed to open the book."

"Li speaks the truth." Eriol finally spoke up though he had liked the banter about the murderer. It had been amusing. A murderer… yet how much did any of them know about the death of Nadeshiko? She'd been long gone, just a passing name as they'd been growing up. None of them knew her very well yet her death still remained a mystery and there was something strange about it. There was something strange about the man having the Clow Book and coming back here to Tomoeda. It worried the council otherwise they wouldn't have called an emergency meeting. Not for the first time, the young English man wished he was a year older and a member of the council, his guardian - his aunt on his father's side- would tell him nothing, yet she wasn't a vital member of the council. She just served until he was of age but until then she had information he wasn't privy to.

"Hey I think I hear them moving down stairs." Fiemie said getting up and tiptoeing to the open door, closing it quietly so that they wouldn't think they'd been talking about them. "Come on, quick, pull out a board game or something so we look like we've been doing something."

"You're really getting into this spy stuff, aren't you Fiemie?" Tomoyo asked with a grin.

"Well yeah. I loved the Famous Five."

"How did you know about them Li? I thought you didn't know anything about modern culture." Meilin teased.

Syaoran sighed and pointed to his sister. "She made me buy them for her."

Fiemie flashed a grin. "I had a fear of open spaces."

"More like a fear of spending money." came the gruff retort.

"Oh I hear someone calling me. I should go, I'll see you guys at school on Monday."

"Yeah bye Tomoyo."

Tomoyo stepped over Fiemie as the younger girl spread out the Twister mat and organized the cardboard plate with the black pointed. "Here Eriol, you spin and we'll play, right Meilin?"

"Sure. Why not? Wanna try Li?"


"Scared my cute descendant?"

"No." came the bored reply.

"He is." Fiemie stated. "You know for all the training he does, he's really not that flexible."

"Right, fine I'll show you who's flexible." Syaoran growled and shoved up the sleeves of his sweater and shirt and kicked off his shoes. "Right so who's first."


"Which Li, Eriol?" Fiemie demanded, cutely blowing her bangs out of her face.

He smiled enigmatically. "Li-kun, left hand red."

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