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Summary: Lily and James share a moment during a thunderstorm.

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Lily Evans was sitting on her bed, staring across the year seven girl's dorm room at the window. There was another flash of lighting, and a few seconds later, a crash of thunder. She enjoyed the sensation of the sound reverberating through her. She stood, and left the dorm, heading down the tower stairs and into the Gryffindor common room. She clutched a small lantern in one hand while holding up the hem of her powder green, fluffy, terry-cloth housecoat with the other.

"Ah…cold floor," she muttered, the toes of her bare feet curling with the chill that was spreading though her. There was another flash, and more thunder. Lily made her way over to one of the large tower windows, putting down her lantern on a nearby table and attempting to pull a chair over in front of the window.

"Would you like some help with that?"

Lily all but jumped out of her skin.

"Good gracious James, did you have to scare me like that?" Lily, asked, her eyes searching and spotting his figure in the darkness. He was languidly making his way over to her, a small smirk on his handsome face. His hair was dark and tousled and his eyes shone with a mischievous glint.

"Sorry Lily," he said, finally stepping into the square of light cast by the nearby window. He was smirking. She had called him James. Lily, raking a nervous hand through her dark auburn hair, let out a breath of air she didn't even know she had been holding.

"It's fine."

There was a pause, accentuated by a rumbling clap of thunder.

"So do you--" James started to ask..

"No Potter, I don't want to go out with you," Lily said, sounding exasperated, reverting back to her habit of calling him by his surname. Secretly, she felt a thrill course through her. She had a guilty pleasure she would never tell another soul, and that was that she loved it when James asked her out. Well, at least she did now. She didn't as much when she was younger and still thought he was a selfish prat.

"Ouch Evans, that's not even what I meant. I meant; do you want me to help move the chair."

"Oh, sorry James."

"You, with the exception of tonight, never called me James; at least never to my face. I was beginning to worry you'd forgotten it," James commented, looking calculatingly at Lily. Lily let out an un-ladylike snort of laughter.

"No chance of that happening," she muttered to herself. Unfortunately, the fact that the storm was unearthly quiet at that moment caused James to be privy to her comment.

"And why's that, Lily my love?"

"Never you mind. Now are you going to help me move this bloody chair or not?" Lily said, her pale face flushing with colour as she gestured to the heavy chair beside her.

"Of course," James said, bowing with a flourish. Lily stepped away from the chair, her thoughts reeling back to earlier in the year. This never would have happened last year. When, exactly, did things change? Was it when James wasn't such a conceited, arrogant prick? Or was it when she stopped over re-acting? Or was it some crazy combination of both? They had both grown up…matured. Merlin knew they still fought like cats and dogs, but it was different somehow. More…playful? She was snapped from her thoughts when she caught James watching her.


"Nothing, you look pretty like that, is all," James said, shrugging.

"James, don't start that agai---"

"Lily, can't a friend compliment a friend?"

"Who said we were friends?" Lily asked, smirking playfully, sitting in her newly moved chair. James scoffed at her.

"Maybe I'll just move that chair back then, considering we're not friends and all…" he trailed off, as he began to push the chair away from the window, Lily still in it.

"Noooooo!" She exclaimed, giggling childishly, "It was in the perfect spot to sit and watch the storm!"

" 'Was' being the operative word. Now it's where it was, as no friend has moved it."

"Ok! Ok! I'm sorry! You're my friend! Now will you please move the chair back?"

"Alright," James said, relenting, "but only because you're my friend."

Lily smiled, "Thank you James."

James shoved the chair into place and then sat on the armrest.

Soon, the muted sound of rain filled the common room.

Then there was a flash of light, and deep, rolling thunder.

Lily jumped from the chair, an excited smile on her face, "Look! Did you see it! Isn't it amazing? And it was so close…"

She trailed off, her expression blissful. James watched her, smiling. Lily turned to him, looking at him questioningly.

"What?" She asked, looking perplexed.


James' face split into a warm grin and Lily felt her heart speed up, and her stomach flutter. Wait, what? No, that wasn't right. She may have not hated James…but that made it sound as if she…Well, may be she did…just a little.

James took a step towards her, brushing a few strands of hair away from her face and behind her ear. James was watching her intently, but suddenly his eyes filled with an emotion she couldn't quite place, and he turned away from her.

"James?" Lily asked, her face even more pale in the dim, rain drenched moonlight. Thunder rumbled in the distance as James' hazel eyes flicked from the floor to her face. Lily felt her heart skip a beat and that's when she did something she had been dying and dreading to do for quite some time now.

Lily Evans laced her arms around James Potter's neck, leaned in and kissed him square on the mouth. James, to put it nicely, was shocked right out of his wits. But that didn't stop him from wrapping one arm around her waist, placing the other in her thick, curly hair and kissing her right back.

They only broke away when the distant sounds of the retreating storm filtered into the room.

James looked adoringly at Lily, who was smiling suavely up at him.



"Will you go out with me?"

There was a deafening pause and Lily's face screwed up in thought. James' assured smile faltered slightly.


"Maybe," Lily answered, her brilliant smile giving him the real answer. James was about to kiss her again when she squirmed out of his grasp.


"You're gonna have to catch me James!" Lily squealed delightedly, already sprinting over to the girl's dormitory stairs.

"I thought I just did!"

The only reply was the muffled sounds of bubbling laughter as Lily Evans shot up the stairs to her dorm.

James Potter smiled triumphantly.

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