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"Is this what you want, Tohru?" he asked, pausing his kiss for the moment. He looked deep into her eyes.

"Yes. I love you Hatori."

Slowly he lowered his lips to hers again, trying to convey through the touch all of the emotions she knew he held for her. His left hand caressed her cheek, while he supported himself over her with his right arm. If he wasn't careful, he'd allow their chests to touch and he would become a sea-horse on her.

Tohru reached up towards him, tentatively touching his chest. Once she had made contact her hands seemed to know just what to do as they began a thorough exploration of the flat expanse of skin. Her brow furrowed in frustration as she realized she couldn't feel skin yet, only the soft material of his shirt.

Hatori broke the kiss as he began to stare down at his love. Her own eyes opened as she began to unbutton his shirt, her fingers greedily claiming the exposed skin. Normally she'd be embarrassed by her actions, but for the moment, she only wanted to see more of this forbidden territory.

Once the shirt had been completely opened, Hatori leaned up above her to take it off. He threw it across the room before settling down back on top off Tohru. Again her hands lay claim to his skin as she familiarized herself with every line of his muscles, every inch of heated flesh. Her lover groaned as her hands left blazing trails in their wakes.

Almost regretably he pried her hands off of him, and pulling them up over her head. Gently he placed both of hers into one of his, while his other slid back down her arm and to her cheek.

He didn't allow it rest there, either, he kept trailing it down to her neck, her collar bone, her heart... her breast. With a gentle squeeze to the mound Tohru gasped in wonder. Hatori did it again before lowering his hand further to the bottom of her shirt, gently pulling it up over her head. He left it at her wrists and instead brought his other hand down her body now. He raised himself to a sitting position, and stared down at the lacy white bra covering Tohru's chest. Ever so slowly he placed both his hands on her waist, and trailed them both up to her bra, creeping below it to touch the soft mounds beneath.

Tohru moaned at the feeling, arching her back to him to offer him more. More quickly now Hatori unclipped the bra and pulled the straps up to where her shirt lay forgotten. He yanked both off her hands and moved down to her skirt. He looked into her eyes, and seeing permission, unzipped it, sliding it and her panties off. She lay bare beneath him, and he gazed her beauty.

"Tohru... how do I deserve someone like you? I must have done something incredibly right to be gifted with a goddess."

"You did..." she whispered. "You made the healer that brought us together."

The smile was gone, replaced with a look of utter sadness and self loathing. "I will never be happy I made that wretched concoction. If I hadn't your mother would still be alive, and you'd be happier with her... wouldn't you?"

It was Tohru's turn to look sad. She sat up, causing Hatori to sit back. Gently she pushed him onto his back, crawling on top of him and sitting directly on him. "Hatori, I never blamed you for making it. Yes, I miss my mother, but I'm happier now than I ever have been. If I weren't, I'd never have wanted to or agreed to marrying you. Now honestly, aren't you glad we met?"

A genuine smile slowly crept its way onto the doctor's face. He stared into the girl's eyes with a look of eternal love. "Of course I am. I love you."

"And I love you, too." she leaned down, capturing his lips as she reinitiated their love making.

Hatori did not waste any time quickly flipping the pair to the opposite direction, so that he held the dominant position above his love. Again, he caressed each part of her skin, slowly going lower. When his hand first made contact with the most fragile part of her, she gasped loudly, which soon turned to moaning as he stroked her opening, rubbed her bud, and planted his fingers inside of her entrance.

The bed groaned as its occupants writhed around above it, never ceasing. When Tohru experienced her first climax, Hatori pulled his hand away, tantalizing her as he licked his fingers clean. Slowly he stood, getting off the bed, and while watching her, began to unzip his pants, the last barrier before the two could truly show their intense desire for the other.

As the coarse fabric was deposited to the ground, along with his boxers, he swiftly stepped out of the cloth, allowing Tohru to gaze at him, for the first time truly seeing a naked man by her own choice, not by an embarrassing mistake.

Again, Hatori joined her on the bed, and the two's bodies would have completely melded together, if not for the unfortunate curse. Hips bucked into the other as each person's body physically yearned for the ultimate release they were being so tempted with.

Tohru couldn't help but stare. "And... that's what's going to go in me?" she asked, uneasily.


A grimace crossed her face. "I hope you fit, you're so... so... so much larger than I thought to be possible."

He chuckled. "Don't worry, I will. But if you don't want to continue, I understand. It'll hurt, but not for long, and never again after."

Though still a little unconvinced, she shook her head. "No. I want to do this. I want you, Hatori. Please..."

The man sighed contentedly at her, and ever so softly kissed her lips. Soon they had both deepened the kiss with their unkempt passion, and Hatori took it as his chance to fill her.

Very slowly, he entered. Tohru's body tensed as she felt the invasion, breaking off the kiss. Hatori was in no rush to fill her, afraid of hurting her further. When he hit her maiden head, he kissed Tohru again, kissing all over her face as he came out just a bit to ram himself through, figuring it best to not prolong the tear of the organ for her. Her face continued to be covered with the butterfly touches from his lips, throughout her cry of pain and as she settled around him, allowing her body to get used to his size. Hatori did not move until she urged him on.

Nothing was rushed to begin with, both of their bodies slowly rocking to the rhythm of the other. It didn't take long before they both began to pick up the pace, losing any rhythm they had previously held. A storm of pressure was building up inside of them both, and as Tohru let out another cry of extreme pleasure from the erupting orgasm within her, Hatori cried out as well, spilling everything he had to give into her body.

As the waves of pleasure slowly disipiated, Hatori pulled out of Tohru, rolling to her side, no longer able to keep himself suspended above her as he had been doing. Exhausted but content, the couple stared dreamily into the other's eyes.

"I love you, now and forever," Hatori whispered, softly kissing Tohru's forehead.

"Mm, hmm... only longer," Tohru replied, and after pulling the covers up and over themselves, the two fell into a contented sleep, as close to the other as it would be possible.

- - - - -

Akito, who had been pacing his room, stopped. "What was that..." he asked himself, staring around himself. Nothing came to mind that might have caused the strange feeling in his stomach, and though it lasted only a moment, it bothered him.

"Oh, well." There are only a few more days until the banquet, and how I'm to drink 'the healer' in front of everyone without a revolt will need some planning. "Kureno, get in here and help me." he ordered.

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