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Shadow Games
Chapter One - Shadows Reborn
(If Ein's age is ever defined, please notify me!)

That was eleven years ago. Ein was 14 then, and accused of murder - the murder of a twelve year old girl by the name of Venus.

Ein stood at the large conveyor belt, thinking about his past. He knew that Venus had never actually died. Nor had he laid a finger on her. The policemen just thought that she had been killed because there was "blood" on the walls of her room and she was not there. Ein; however, knew that she did not die, but came up with a fantastic scheme for running away from her abusive home. He knew this because he had been her closest friend.

He was accused of killing her for obvious reasons - he had the "bloody" knife in his hand when Venus's parents came to get her. She was, of course, still there, pretending to be dead so no one would wonder when she all of a sudden "disappeared." The "blood" was really red tainted liquid, but science in Pyrite ten years ago could not differentiate (meaning the science was really really bad :P). Ein was reported to the police immediatley, and they chased him and planned to kill him.

Of course, they didn't, because Ein was still here today.

He knew that Venus got away safely after her so-called "death", as well. She was working with him to create shadow pokemon and take over the world.

Ein shook off his thoughts of his former self. All that mattered now was doing the procedure he had invented correctly.

He placed a poke-ball on the conveyor belt in front of him, and turned on the belt. The pokeball was taken into a large machine. A female voice spoke from the machine:

"Pokemon: Raikou. OT: Ein. Status: Heart open. Would you like to close the door to this pokemon's heart?"

Ein grinned.

"Yes. That is exactly what I would like to do." He said.

"Certainly. Undergoing procedure." The computer said.

Ein heard a noise that sounded like a cry, and it abruptly stopped. The machine opened. Where a normal pokeball used to be, a black and red pokeball sat. Raikou had sucessfully been transformed into a shadow pokemon. For the second time.

"Young Wes will not interfere this time," Ein said to himself. "Heh heh heh. He thinks Cipher was stopped. Not so."

"Ein? Ein?" A female voice was speaking behind him.

"Ah, Venus. Late, but you have arrived," Ein said, smiling.

Venus giggled. "Yes, I know I'm late. I'm sorry..."

"Heh heh. That's OK. Evice will be pleased. I've already converted all of the snagged pokemon back to shadow ones. I trust you recived Suicune safely?"

"Yes, yes, I did. We'll make them pay. They did us both unforgivable wrongs." Venus said. There was a flicker of hatred in her eye as she said this.

"Of course. Now, come with me to the LAUA Transport. We best be off to Pyrite... this time to do what we should have done with the shadow pokemon long ago." Ein said. He had an equal level of hatred in his eyes.

((LAUA stands for Land Air Underground Aqua))

Venus and Ein ran towards the exit to the lab. They each had a secret weapon more powerful than almost any pokemon in existance. And they both knew it.