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Title: Letters Not Erased

Chapter: 1: Roles Have Switched


I don't know what the hell happened, but today started off really weird. I felt like I really did wake I up on the wrong side of the bed. I scramble down the stairs, and no one really seems to care that I've walked into the wall twice…

Well, I do know what the hell happened, actually. And as Sunako Nakahara innocently glides past me to serve breakfast, I remember it detail by detail.

It was a dream. A very, very wrong dream. I had waken up to the smell of breakfast, heavenly as usual. But it wasn't in this mansion, it was more like a really cool loft apartment. So I walk into the kitchen, and I see Sunako cooking, I walk up to her, and hug her from behind. She looks at me and she smiles radiantly.

She smells just the way I thought she would, like roses and lavender. She's a bit… Rounder, and older. Her chest has filled out, and she's still pretty thin, but her stomach seems to have more muscle behind it. She's even more beautiful than ever. It seems like she's glowing. I rub my hands on her stomach, and start talking to it. She laughs, and my attention is drawn to her again. I draw up to my full height, and kiss her softly. Then I say, "What should we name our baby?"

And then I woke up. I have no idea why the hell I had this dream. Sure, I've had dreams of Sunako before… But none like that. That one really made me think of what could happen if she really… If she… You know.

Whatever. I stumble into my chair, and she places a tray in front of me, then positions her other arm so that it almost wraps around me as she cranes to place something on the other side of me and leans in, not really noticing her intentions. I intake her scent. Roses and lavender. I start to blush now, as she is positioned over me, but then she's done serving me, and I find myself missing her scent…

It's been three years now, that Sunako has moved in with us. I still can't get used to her, and it makes me feel stupid, since she has gotten used to us already. But I lov- I mean, She's still Sunako, and that's cool. She doesn't care about what we look like any more. She has stopped hiding in the darkness, but she still loves it. Her heart still orbits around Jason and the like, and yet she doesn't mind looking at us directly any more. It's really strange for me to be comfortable around her. It's like we've kind of switched mindsets…


Sunako has lived with these beings for three years now, and she has finally gotten used to seeing them. It may have seemed impossible, but after everything that has happened, what with the mushrooms and being possessed, and pretending to date Kyohei, and so much more, Kyohei finally drilled it into her mind that she wasn't inferior, and if people thought she was, who cares? Because they really didn't matter. She had said she didn't care, but she had. Know she couldn't care less. She was acting indifferent to all the looks boys now gave her, and how girls now think she's pretty enough to hang out with Noi. She was the same caring person; she was pretty but never let it get to her head. She still cleaned the house and cooked better than ever, and what made the boys happy was that they had free rent, and what' s more… She was happy, being in her room and watching horror films, and then maybe going out to the arcade once in a while with the boys and Noi.

It was like she was back to how they all imagined she would have been before the 'incident.' What always got Kyohei's blood boiling when he thought about that, was the simple thought that is she was so perfect, why would that asshole call her ugly and screw up her life in the first place?

Then he thought more, and thought how she said she was like everyone else, now he looked at her. She was wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt, while practicing on a punching bag in one of the more secluded living rooms. So even though he hated it, he's kind of glad what happened to Sunako, happened to Sunako. It made her, her. It made her the perfect girl for him, and he has yet to notice it… Perhaps with a little help from our favorite lady killer?

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