A Garden for Harry

Harry nervously paced the living room floor, his hands shoved deep into his pockets, his face perspiring with the effort it was taking to simply not run down the street yelling.

"Relax, Harry!" Hermione urged him, her fingernails shredding under her teeth. "Babies are born every day."

"Right," offered Ron, the handkerchief in his hands twisted into a mass of knots. "Glynnis'll be fine. I mean my mom's in there with Attivus and Sirius and my mom's had all of us so she's knows what's what and Attivus delivered us just fine and I'm sure everything's going great."

Arthur Weasley surveyed the three teens from over the top of his Daily Prophet and stifled a laugh. They were all trying to be so brave when they were all scared silly. He was about to suggest they go outside when shrill cry from the bedroom down the hall had all but him stopping cold.

Harry turned white and only Mr. Weasley's quick reflexes kept him falling flat on his arse on the floor. "There, there, it's alright," he assured the young man as he eased him into a chair. "My Molly screamed like a banshee with each of our kids and it didn't mean a thing. It's perfectly normal for a woman to..." He was interrupted again by another cry from down the hall, and then another which sounded suspiciously like Sirius.

"I can't take much more," Ron mumbled.

"Why don't you all go outside for a nice breath of fresh air?" he did suggest at last.

"Dad, it's after midnight," Ron reminded him with a scowl.

"Hey!" Hermione stood up abruptly. "It's the 31st. It's Harry's birthday!"

"So it is!" cried Mr. Weasley, grateful for the change in subject. "Happy birthday, Harry."

"Yeah, happy birthday," seconded Ron wearily. For a long while they sat or stood, not moving, just waiting. Finally, the bedroom door opened and someone came down the hall. All eyes were glued on the doorway.

"Harry." Sirius called softly.

Harry bolted to his feet. "Dad! Mom, is she alright? Is everything okay?"

Sirius approached his son and took him in his arms. "Everything's fine. Would you like to see her?"

Harry nodded. "Is it a boy or a girl?" Hermione asked as they walked away. Sirius only turned to her and winked. You'll see soon enough," he replied cryptically.

Harry let Sirius lead him down the hall to the room. "Mom's really okay?" he asked as they neared the door.

"See for yourself," Sirius said as he pushed open the door. The room was suffused in soft light. Mrs. Weasley stood by the bedside, and grinned at Harry as he came in. Attivus was washing his hands in the basin and, he too, beamed at Harry when he entered. Glynnis sat propped up on the bed, looking tired by happy. "Harry!" she called softly, and she held out her arms to him. Harry went gladly into the strong warmth of her embrace. She held him for a moment, then motioned he should sit next to her. "I want you to meet someone," she said with a tearful smile. A small wrapped bundle was placed in Harry's nervous arms. He peered down at the wrinkled, pink face that just showed through the swaddling. Dark eyes looked up at him intently, focusing instantly on his face. "Harry, this is your sister, Rose."

Harry studied the tiny features and he swallowed hard. He had a sister. "Hello, Rose," he whispered. The tiny baby cooed at him and Harry's heart melted. He smiled at her. "And this," Glynnis said as Sirius maneuvered another bundle into Harry's arms, "is Lily." Harry stared at this new infant, named for his mother, her eyes also open and staring up into his face. "'Lo, Lily," his voice caught on her name and he swallowed again, this time unable to stop the tears of joy that ran down his cheeks.

"And this," Sirius announced as a third wrapped bundle was put into Glynnis' arms, "is Iris."

Harry simply stared at the three babies. "Three?!" he squeaked. "How ...?"

"It seems that when Glynnis wished she could have more children, her body worked overtime."

"I guess so," Harry gasped. They all laughed at that. Then they were quiet, letting the not so small family get acquainted.

"I have three sisters," he whispered sleepily. Iris, the baby he held now, only yawned up at him and blinked her bright eyes. Harry nestled against Glynnis, who held Lily, and Sirius on his other side who held Rose, and quickly gave up his fight to stay awake. "And you," said Glynnis quietly as kissed him, "will be the best big brother ever. I love you my Harry, my son."

The End

Author's Note: For all of you who waited so patiently and who urged me to continue, my thanks; to those same people I also offer my apologies. This story didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to, still, I think it's satisfying enough. I will not be writing any more HP stories until after the fifth book comes out. As you may have noticed, my stories only cover the holidays, not the school year, and I've done the summer after the fourth book and the Christmas holiday after. I need to wait for book five to find inspiration for another summer. However, I very much enjoy hearing from my readers and will welcome any story suggestions you have. Who knows? I could be inspired to change my mind! But for now, please enjoy the concluding chapters of "Apprentice of Evil".