Author: Eternal SailorM
Fullmetal Alchemist - Bluebird's Illusion
Genre: Stand-alone, slight angst
Topic(s)/Theme(s): "Homecomng (Visiting One's Parents)"
Pairing(s): Envy/Pride
Word Count: 291

Sometimes it surprised him how much Pride disliked Hohenheim. Not that he ever said a word about it, but he could tell from the silence the levels of uncomfortable their father made the blond.

A visit from or to Hohenheim was tantamount to a family reunion... where one person never made a sound beyond the occasional noise of agreement or opposition. And he wouldn't even do that much if the prompting question came from their father.

He despised the man to no end, but he still found something to force out whenever he was around. Pride, for some reason, would clamp his mouth shut and keep Envy between himself and their father when it was possible; when it wasn't, he cringed at every touch and remained completely quiet.

Not that Pride was exactly talkative at any point in time, but he was rarely this taciturn. Despite what some of the others might think, he spent the most time with the blond, as in almost all the time; he knew there was something very like a language to the blond's silences. While Pride might not have the widest range of emotions he'd ever seen - and wasn't that an understatement! - he did a few here and there. Apparently, Hohenheim set off something wrong in one of them because the silence he projected in the older man's presence was distinctly uncomfortable.

But as long as they had to keep having these little homecomings, there wasn't much he could do except put up with Pride's antics around their father and let the blond cling to him day and night the entire time they were around the man - and usually a good week or so afterwards. It wasn't too much of a hardship.

03 November 2005

4 fics in 4 days, I think I'm on a roll. Thanks, The Enchanted Picture Book and razatip, for the great reviews.