The Final Cut

By Sonfaro

Tai Kamiya felt the blades as they sliced deep. His mind screamed in pain, But he didn't say a thing. He looked over wearily towards the young woman he was enduring this for. He hoped that she appreciated his sacrifice. Because he very much doubted that he would survive long enough for her to thank him.

Matt Ishida was focused. He had to be. Tai was his partner; anything he went through Matt went through as well. But now that he too felt the blades bearing down on him, Matt was having doubts. This was neither Tai nor his idea, but it was the girl they both cared for so much that had placed them in this predicament. Matt gulped. This would be his greatest struggle ever.

Sora flinched as she watched her best friend and her boy friend undergo such pain. It seemed like the perfect plan at the time. Both Tai and Matt were up to it. Everything would have worked out fine. But now, Sora saw other wise. She saw that in this moment she could lose the very essense of two people she very much cared for.

Outside, there were mixed reviews. Yolei Inoue was furious at the boys for going through it alone. Cody Hida wondered how they were going to save their mentors. Kari held close to TK for comfort, both praying that their siblings would be all right. Ken made no comment, but was notably paler than usual. Davis was frozen in his tracks. One day he knew, it would be him too.

As the Barber made his final cut, everyone knew that their world would never be the same.