Princess Nine: Year Two for the Princesses Part 1

After losing the playoffs to the Kisaragi Boy's School, the Kisaragi Girl's baseball team is back for their second year of playing. And they are going to meet some hot prospects they never had expected to meet.

"Shino's Oden Bar, this is Ryo speaking. Oh, hey Yuki! You and the girls want to meet me at the field as soon as possible? OK, that I can do."

"What is it Ryo?" asked Shino, Ryo's mom.

"The girls need me to go to the field and meet them there. They said there is some new first year prospect who was chosen to play for our team." Ryo said.

"You can go Ryo. Just come back before dinner."

So Ryo had gone to meet with her fellow teammates to watch this hot new prospect play.

"Hey Ryo. How's it been for you? Your summer, I mean." Koharu said loudly in her weird, scratchy accent.

"It's been going great. How about yours?" said Ryo

"It's Ok, I guess." Koharu gave a big smile.

"Hey Ryo, take a look at this prospect." the team's shortstop, Kanako, said. "Rumor has it, she had taken lessons from many of the top American players."

"Hey, you must be Ryo Hayakawa. I'm Laurie Davidson. I had just come from the United States all the way here to Japan." The new girl was a hyper active girl with tan skin, brown hair, and blue eyes. They sparkled like the sun shined in the ocean. So they were a delicate, light blue."You are right. I am Ryo Hayakawa. It has been a pleasure meeting you Laurie. Is it true that you are going to play for Kisaragi?"

"Yup. Pretty much."

"Well, that's an advantage for us. What positions can you play?"

"That's the advantage; I can do anything but pitch. So try not to get hurt, Ryo. But in the meantime, I am the team's extra hitter. I finished off last season with a .656 batting average and a .720 on base percentage." Laurie said.

Everyone looked at Laurie with shock. Not even Coach Kito was able to believe that.

"Trust me. I have been playing baseball since I was five, which was my first year of T-ball. I have looked up to many ball players such as Alex Rodriguez, watching their techniques and learning to use them well. Practice will make perfect. That's why you are THE PERFECT girl's baseball team in all of Japan."

"They mentioned us in America. Ooooh, some cute American boy could be looking at my pictures right now!" Yoko cried out.

"Cut the crap and let's focus on practice for God's sake!" Seira was always mad at Yoko for being an airhead.

"Will you two just quit fighting?" Hikaru said.

"I agree with Yoshimoto. Let's get to practice." Izumi had said this in her normal, mysterious way.


……..To be continued in part 2.