"Mulder, I was thinking that on all our trips home, we never get to see any sunshine. I am beginning to wonder if there is any sunshine."

"Scully, CONGRATUALATIONS! You not only read my thoughts but read then verbatim. The only person that has ever done that was Gibson. He would be impressed."

"I only said it because the last time we were on our way home you were talking about Bermuda Onions attacking people. I didn't want to go there again. Sometimes you just get carried away."

"You live in an attic, Scully! You never know when things happen. Like just yesterday, I was taking my morning run and I saw a dog that was walking on two legs."

"Two legs, MULDER! I have heard you say some DUMB things before but this really tops them all! I think that I am going to have your head examined. You may need to stay in the nut house for awhile. Maybe the rest of your life because I don't think any medicine could work on that messed up brain you have in your head."

"Scully, what brain?"

"Oh Brother!"

"No, seriously that dog was walking on two legs. His name was Herbert!"

"Oh, now he talks huh?"

"A talking dog, Scully? I think they will reserve the bed next to me just for you! I meant that I was running along and this guy Blake came jogging up with his dog, Herbert. Pronounced 'a bear'. He told me that they ran together every morning for 8 years. Then Herbert got cancer in his right front leg and left back leg and had to have them amputated. There for that would make him a two legged dog. What did you think I meant? That the dog was walking on two legs like you and me? Come on, Scully! I know that sometimes I am "out there" but even I know when to quit."