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Last Will and Testimonies of the Naruto Cast

Naruto's um… estate

Team 7, team 8, team 10 and Neji's team were in some random clearing in some random forest. They were supposed to rest from the missions they just had earlier that day when they saw each other's team there as well. They were quite bored with nothing to do at that time, so Naruto had this idea.

Naruto: Hey, I know let's play or do something. I have an idea.

Sakura: Oh yeah, what do you propose we do then?

Naruto: Why don't we discuss our last wills and testimonials!

Sasuke: Testaments.

Naruto: Testaments. It would be really fun.

Kiba: That sounds like fun, why not? Just to pass time.

Neji: Fine, since we all have nothing better to do right this moment.

Kiba: So who of you would want to go first?

Naruto: Okay, I'll go first, who wants to be my lawyer?

Lee: Me, I want! I want! Pick me, pick me! I'm a wonderful lawyer! Pick me! Please!

Naruto: Uh… Shikamaru! You can be my lawyer.

Lee: Oh come on. That's not fair.

Tenten: Lee stop acting like a baby.

Shikamaru: Fine, if I must… this is so troublesome. But anyway, better do this than some other troublesome mission.

Naruto: Okay um... um... uh... How do I start?

Sasuke: Loser.

Shikamaru: Who do you want to divide your possessions to?

Naruto: Okay, I, the future Hokage of Konoha, the ninja of great brains and bronze—

Sasuke: First of all, you don't have the brains, and second, you don't have the bronze either.

Naruto: Oh shut up! Again, I, the future Hokage, the ninja of great brains and bronze--

Neji: Also with great pride and stupidity--

Naruto: Also with great pride and stupidity... hey!Will both of you prodigies just shut up!

Shikamaru: Will you get on with it?

Naruto: Okay, I, the future Hokage--

Ino and Sakura: Get on with it already!

Naruto: Fine, cranky people. I will and/ or want to equally divide my estate—

Sasuke: You don't have an estate.

Naruto: Oh shut up! Okay, continuing, I want to divide my estate to five people, namely Sakura-chan… um… Shikamaru… Kakashi-sensei—

Neji: Are you sure Kakashi-sensei will even be alive when you die?

Naruto: Will you guys stop butting in? You're getting really annoying.

Sasuke: Like you aren't.

Naruto: Whatever, I'm very humble and sweet.

Everyone rolls their eyes.

Sasuke: Only an idiot will belive such crap.

Lee: wow Naruto, I didn't know you were humble till now, good for you.

Neji: There's one idiot for you.

Naruto: Continuing, before I was rudely interrupted, Kakashi-sensei, Hinata-chan and Sasuke-teme.

Hinata (in her thoughts): I'm in his last will and testament.

Shikamaru: Okay…

Lee: Hey, I'm not there!

Naruto: Of course not, why would I put you in some precious thing such as my last will and testament.

Shikamaru: Precious, sure whatever… can we get on now?

Naruto: And if any of them refuses, may my wonderful and precious possessions be given to some desperate loser. So, is it good so far?

Shikamaru: It's fine, go on.

Naruto: Okay, may my very precious and special possession of all be given to Sakura-chan.

Sakura: Oh, why thank you Naruto.

Naruto: You're welcome Sakura-chan. I give to you my wonderful Ramen stock, I have around a thousand of them, and I'll give them to you in case something unpleasant happens to me.

Ino: Nice, you'll surely get fat there, Forehead girl.

Sakura: Shut up, Ino-pig!

Ino: Why you!

Naruto: Girls, girls, don't fight over my possession.


Shikamaru: Can we move on now, this is getting more and more troublesome.

Naruto: Okay, moving on. May my beautiful apartment uh… I mean house be given to Shikamaru.

Sasuke: Don't you mean shelter.

Naruto: Will you just shut up! Stop butting in; this is my last will and testimonial.

Sasuke: Testament.

Naruto: Testament… there you go again!

Shikamaru: I am very thankful for your apartment uh… I mean house, but can we please get on with this. This is getting too troublesome.

Naruto: Right, where were we?

Shikamaru: You're apartment be given to me…

Naruto: Right… okay, may all my debts in Ichiraku and/ or any other store I've been to be given to my very trustful jounin instructor, Kakashi-sensei.

Sasuke: I'm very sure Kakashi-sensei will be happy with what you have given him, I'm sure when he finds out he'll be jumping in joy.

Naruto: Of course! Why wouldn't he?

The rest of them rolled their eyes.

Naruto: Who's next?

Kiba: Hinata-chan.

Naruto: Oh right… Hinata-chan. I hereby pledge my frog pouch to Hinata-chan.

Kiba: What? That's it?

Naruto: Do you actually think I'd trust my precious, one of a kind frog pouch to you or anybody else?

Kiba: Guess not. Not that I'd want it either.

Naruto: True. Someone with brains such as your wouldn't understand such wonderful stuff in forms of inanimate animals.

Kiba: Yeah that's true……… hey!

Hinata (in thoughts): He trusts me.

Shikamaru: Okay, so your frog pouch be given to Hinata right? Okay then, which of your um… estate will be given to Sasuke?

Sasuke (in a low voice): This will be bad.

Naruto: Ohh, I love this. May my dirty clothes, gross and used socks, snots and armpit hair be all given to my team mate, Sasuke.

Sakura and Ino: Eww, that's so gross.

Tenten: Dude, what's with that?

Naruto: With that, I shall end my last will and testimonial.

Sasuke: Testament.

Naruto: Testament.

Sasuke: You call that equally divided? Anyway, I refuse the equally divided part of Naruto's uh… estate, as he says, that was given to me. I appeal that those be given to some desperate loser who's willing to get any of those possessions of Naruto.

Chouji: Hey, is Lee considered a desperate loser?

Shikamaru: Dunno.

Neji: I'm pretty sure Kakashi-sensei, would do the same if he was here.

Kakashi puffs out, out of nowhere.

Kakashi: I also appeal that those be given to me. be given to another desperate loser.

Kakashi disappears.

Naruto: Hey, that was fast.

Shikamaru: Okay, Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei both refuse, thus, Naruto's possession will be given to some desperate loser. Hey, is Gai considered?

(Shikamaru was writing everything down in a piece of paper)

Tenten: Maybe.

Kiba: Hey, who's going next?

Chouji: Let's eat lunch first, then we can continue this.

Neji: Yeah, sure, whatever.

Kiba: Good idea.

Naruto: Yeah, I'm hungry.

Ino: Aren't you always?

Shino: …

They all went to get some lunch.


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