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Last Wills and Testaments

Hinata's Generous Inheritance

"So who's next?" asked Naruto.

"Me!" yelled Lee "I wanna go again!" he was happy after being comforted by Gai, who happens to have just left along with Kurenai and Kakashi.

"You already went thick-eyebrows!" yelled Naruto back.

"So? Can't I make another will?" asked Lee.

"No you can't." said Shikamaru simply.

"Why not?" asked Lee pitifully, nearing to tears.

"Because we said so!" said, well, everyone.

Lee wallowed in his tears in a corner not so far away. No one minded him.

"So who's next?" asked Naruto, again.

"I know!" said Kiba.

"You know something?" asked a 'seemingly' shocked Ino.

"Shut up! You don't know anything!"

"Well, I know that I know more than you." said Ino grinning.

"And yet you can't get yourself a boyfriend." grinned Sakura, which pissed Ino off "Don't worry Kiba, your IQs aren't that far from each other."

"Yeah, you got that right!" said Kiba "Wait, what's that supposed to mean?"

"So what's that idea of yours?" asked Chouji, before anyone gets into a bitchy fight and before Kiba joins the bitchy fight, which would be so gay.

Kiba regained his composure "Why not let Hinata go next?"

Hinata blushed "N-no, it's o-okay K-kiba, you can let Lee go again."

Lee smiled when he heard what Hinata had said and regained his energy.

"No!" said everyone, again "Go next Hinata!"

Lee once again drowned himself in sorrow in the corner, but nobody seemed to notice.

"So Hinata, do you want to choose a lawyer already?" asked Kiba, getting a really big grin, hoping to be Hinata's lawyer.

"Uhm, I-I d-don't think you r-really need a l-lawyer for these things." said Hinata, blushing.

"But I want to be your lawyer Hinata!" exclaimed Kiba, which frightened Hinata "Please! Make me your lawyer!"

"Don't harass her Kiba!" said Naruto.

'He's protecting me.' thought Hinata, blushing madly.

"She would never pick an idiot like you to be her lawyer!" said Naruto.

"Says the other idiot." sighed Shikamaru "If you really can't choose Hinata, pick Shino instead since he's your teammate."

Hinata nodded "Uhm, Sh-Shino can you b-be my l-lawyer?" she asked hesitantly. She wanted to ask Naruto but she thought that would be so obvious, if it wasn't already.

Shino nodded.

"Go ahead Hinata, you can start with me." Kiba gave a wide smile "So what are you going to give me good ol' teammate ol' pal!"

"Eew Kiba… eew…" said Ino "Don't talk like that, never again. You're so greedy."

"Look who's talking." mumbled Shikamaru.

"Did you say anything?" Ino shot Shikamaru a glare.

"No, nothing, nothing at all. That would be too troublesome." sighed Shikamaru.

"Can you guys quit it with the lawyer thing, it's not necessary." said Saskue, arms crossed as he was leaning on a tree.

"Yeah! Sasuke's right!" said Ino and Sakura at the same time, then glared at each other.

"But lawyers are cool!" said Naruto.

"I doubt you even know what a lawyer does." said Neji.

Naruto stared "They're uhm, you know, people... who do lawyer-y stuff."

"Wow!" said Tenten sarcastically.

"Yeah, they're people, who do the last will and testimonials of people."

"Testimony!" said Lee proudly before Sasuke could correct Naruto so he can feel superior.

"Testament." said Sasuke emotionless.

"Testament!" said Lee and Naruto at the same time.

"Well, whatever they do, it doesn't matter, it makes this game more interesting!" said Kiba.

"Whatever." said Neji.

"Okay Hinata, you should start." insisted Shino.

"Oh, o-okay. To my sister H-Hanabi and m-my cousin N-Neji," she said nervously "I will leave to t-them the H-Hyuga M-mansion."

"At last, somebody who can give out meaningful possessions!" exclaimed Tenten.

"I don't like sharing." said Neji flatly, this made Hinata nervous.

"That's okay Hinata, when you're gone you're not the one who'll have to deal with that problem." said Sakura, not that reassuringly.

Hinata fiddled with her fingers "To Shino and K-kiba, I leave t-to them, h-half of m-my inherited m-money… o-or what will be left of i-it."

Kiba punched the air "Yes! Alright!" Kiba danced what looked like his victory dance of some sort "I'm going to get some money! I'm going to get some money."

"Kiba, have you no shame?" asked Shino disbelievingly, the rest looked at Kiba disbelievingly "How I wish I could disinherit you as my teammate."

"I'd have wish the same thing for Naruto, and sometimes with Sakura as well." said Sasuke, Ino laughed "The same would go if Ino was my temmate." Sakura laughed harder.

"Hear, hear!" said Shikamaru "How I wish."

Ino hit Shikamaru.

"If that were only possible, Lee would have been long gone, so would Gai." said Neji, and once again, for the third time in this chapter, Lee sulked in the corner, yet no one cared to notice.

"How I wish I could be transferred to Shino's team." said Shikamaru, rubbing his head.

"You greedy little oaf!" Ino once again hit Shikamaru in the head.

"An oaf with an IQ of 200, how ironic is that?" said Chouji as he munched more chips from his endless supply of junk food.

Sakura nudged Hinata while the rest bickered. Hinata looked at Sakura.

"Hey, this is your chance to express to Naruto how you truly feel about him." said Sakura grinning.

"Huh?" Hinata blushed like mad "W-what do y-you m-mean b-by that?"

"Oh come on Hinata, everyone knows your crush on Naruto." then Sakura looked at Naruto "Well, except for him of course, he the densest person on earth. I have no idea how he even passed being a ninja."

Hinata fiddled with her fingers.

"Of course that doesn't matter." said Sakura nervously "What matters is you like him."

"B-but how d-do I do t-that?" asked Hinata, still blushing "I-I can't e-even talk t-to h-him properly."

"Easy, just say that you're giving him you're heart, you know, figuratively speaking." said Sakura.

Hinata quietly nodded.

"Okay Hinata, you may continue." Shino insisted.

"Uhm, o-okay." she stuttered as she spoke, nervous on how she was going to express how she truly felt, "To Naruto,"

"Alright!" cheered Naruto, all the more did Hinata blush, "I'm part of the will too Kiba, IN YOUR FACE! And look I'm solo, you have to share with Shino."

Kiba was getting ready to punch Naruto.

"Could you be any lower?" asked Sasuke silently "You have no ounce of shame left in you, do you?"

"Whatever!" said Naruto "I'm still part of the will! Go on Hinata, you may continue."

Hinata nodded shyly "I l-leave with y-you,"

"Go on Hinata, you can do it!" cheered Sakura silently.

"I l-leave with y-you," she blushed insanely.

"Yes?" asked Naruto.

Oh the suspense, they thought.

"I-leave-with-you-my-heart!" Hinata said oh-so fast and then fainted. She was so red and her nerves couldn't not take any more pressure and she fainted. Chouji and Lee brought her to the clinic.

"What did she say?" asked Naruto.

"She said she was leaving you her heart you dimwit." said Shino simply.

"Her heart?" Naruto repeated "But why would she leave me her heart?"

Most of them slapped their foreheads as Kakashi and Gai arrived once again.

"Go on Naruto, think." Kakashi insisted "Despite my better instinct telling me that your incompetent brain cannot even decipher what she meant by that simple line, I should trust you and have faith in you as your team leader to be able to realize what Hinata meant."

"Hmm," Naruto thought really hard "Don't tell me…"

"Go on." Kakashi insisted.

"She gave me her heart because,"

"Yes?" anxiety filled Sakura, maybe her teammate wasn't all that dense.

"It's because…"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, he too thought maybe Naruto would have some hope left… some.

"I have a heart disease!"

Everyone stared blankly at Naruto.

"Heart disease?" Shikamaru questioned.

"Yeah, she's giving me her heart because I need a heart transplant!" Naruto exclaimed "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"You've got to be kidding me!" said Neji incredulously.

"Nope, there's Naruto for you." said Sasuke, realizing that there was no hope at all.

"My better instincts were indeed… better. Naruto's just…" Kakashi began.

"Stupid?" said Sakura.

"Hopeless?" said Sasuke.

"Dense?" said Shino.

"A moron?" said Neji.

"Utterly incompetent." said Shikamaru.

"All of those and so many more." said Kakashi as he sighed.

"NOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Naruto screamed and ran around "I'm gonna die!!!!!!"


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