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Title: Time, Truth, and Sacrifice

Author: Alia

Rating: R

Pairing: none (at the moment)

Summary: A serial killer runs through part of the wizarding world, but with Harry Potter on the job, things will go fine…right?

Warnings: slash, mpreg, angst, character death, mentions of non-con

Disclaimers: Just give me some more time, until then it doesn't belong to me and I will never make money from this.


Author's notes: I managed to murder two plot bunnies with this story and at the same time combine the ideas and make them a hell of a lot better than it was before. And you guys owe me for this one. This summer, I had this idea at 4 in the morning on my mom's birthday, then I had to write it down before I forgot anything important, THEN I had to get up at 7 to babysit. Not Fun.

Time, Truth, and Sacrifice

Kingsley Shacklebolt stormed down the corridors of the auror division, anger and frustration vivid on his face. /How long is this going to go on/ Another one had just been found and Shacklebolt had had about all that he could take.

"Wait a minute!"

Kingsley paused for a moment as Chase Wickham, a French auror from the French Ministry, rushed up to him.

Chase slowed from his jog to a heated step. The blond man smiled wearily at Shacklebolt. "I suppose you just got the news?"

Kingsley had to stop himself from growling in aggravation. "Yes! That sick bastard did it again! I was going to call a meeting."

"Don't bother. Dillingham has called the meeting. I came to fetch you and your team." Dillingham, like Kingsley, was head of the French team that was investigating the cases on their soil. Since it was discovered that both countries had the same problem, they'd begun collaborating.

Kingsley turned around to follow him. "Are we returning to your Ministry?"

"Actually, no. We're going to the crime scene first."

Harry, Ron and Tonks turned to the door of their office the minute it opened. Kingsley and Wickham entered.

Kingsley frowned. "Let's go. There's been another one."

Ron grimaced. "Bloody hell." These cases were just disturbing to the young auror. "This is number what?"

"Nine," mumbled Tonks who reluctantly stood from her chair. She didn't want to have to go through another one. The cases they were working with were appalling and had begun giving her nightmares. Tonks often found it strange that after the war, it would be her job that would terrify her, but there was reason for it.

Harry remained silently although there was a bit of absence in his features. /Another murder with the same MO and circumstances. What the hell is going on/

Wickham sighed at their slow pace. "Can we please hurry? Our aurors are going over the scene now."

Ron suddenly turned a light shade of green. "Chase, please tell me that we're not going."

Wickham smirked and Ron groaned with nausea.

Harry grabbed his auror robes and threw them on over his shirt and slacks. "Let's go."

A few hours later, eight aurors waited patiently at the long rectangular table for their team heads to begin. Kingsley and Dillingham glanced at each other before both turned back to their men.

Dillingham began saying, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this marks our ninth murder exactly." He raised his right arm and pointed over his shoulder to the wall behind him.

Nine large photos lined the wall from left to right, each with a number above their heads. Each photo contained a man, all of them of varying ages. Below the photos, a long table sat against the wall. Beneath each photo was a pile of papers and pictures.

Many of the aurors looked at Dillingham rather than the table and wall. No one wanted to see the grisly photos of the victims.

Dillingham then pointed to another wall in the conference room. A large checklist covered most of the wall. Kingsley, who'd just hung up the photo of the latest victim and placed a stack beneath it, walked over to the large checklist, wand in hand.

"This last victim has the same circumstances as the others. Can everyone remember what that was?"

An auror named Rollin began the check off. "The victim, like all the others, has been a victim of rape four months previous to death." Shacklebolt flicked his wand and a check appeared beneath the new name on the checklist.

"The victim bore a mark his rapist carved into his lower back," grumbled Ron, who was disgusted by the entire thing.

Tonks was next. "A pregnancy resulted from the rape. Three months after the rape, the victim, in turn, aborted." None of the pregnancies had been kept.

"The victim was a dark haired man. A loner."

"The victim lived in a small wizarding area of the United Kingdom or France."

Dillingham nodded angrily. "Keep going."

"One month after the abortion, the victim goes missing."

"A week later, the victim's body is found. The killer manages to gain enough attention for the body to be found."

"The victim has been sexually assaulted, mutilated, and had a similar carving placed on the abdomen." Harry stared straight ahead as he said it. He could see the markings on the photos behind Dillingham. Each carving was exactly the same.

It was in a flat temple shape, two vertical lines with a horizontal crossing the top. Another horizontal line fell a third of the way beneath the first but staying within the vertical lines. Inside the boxed area, from the top line down was a large Y with an extra arm in the center. From the second line to up and over the first was a large X.

Kinglsey finished the last check before turning to them all. "This has to stop! People are getting frightened that some insane serial killer is running through their towns and neighborhoods." The media wasn't helping much either. They were only just managing to keep the details out of their reach.

Wickham shook his head. "What can we do? We've tried every type of trace magic we have to try and find the killer."

Dillingham nodded. "That is true, but we have forgotten something. We should start looking for victims that our killer is after."

There was quiet before the aurors all began talking at once. Shacklebolt raised a hand and said, "One at a time!"

"Do you have any idea how difficult it would be to find every dark haired loner in a small community?"

Dillingham glanced over at Auror Julie Buxton. "True, but did you forget that each victim has been raped?"

"What if they didn't report it?" Dillingham and Shacklebot looked at each other then back at Ron.

Shacklebolt sighed. "Did you forget that most rapes that are identified are automatically reported? From what we know of the rapes, they were all rather brutal. It would be extremely difficult to hide the harm done, especially with the pregnancy."

"I have someone bringing down files now for any rapes in our areas. We need to be very thorough. I don't want to see another body, do you understand?" asked Dillingham.

"Yes, sir!"

Tonks asked, "Have we gotten any further on profiling the killer?"

Ron leaned over to Harry as everyone began to talk about the difficult job. "Do you think we'll find this guy or any victims?"

Harry had an uneasy feeling about the entire situation. He glanced at Ron and gave his friend a weak smile. "You worry to much. We'll get him." /But how long will that take/


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