We had shared so many things together. So many laughs, cookies, hugs, and kisses. We shared stories, recipes, memories, and blankets. But we never shared enough, and I realize this now.

Do you remember that day? The day we were first together? It started out so happy, we cuddled and hugged. Everything seemed perfect; we even had our own little corner in the cave. No one knew, and that was alright. It was something else we shared. Our little secret. We swore each other with a kiss. No one was to ever find out about us. It just seemed right.

Only hours after we met in the cave did it all start. It was a normal battle between the teams. Who knew it could end so badly. I was on post as the guard for the red base, and you were on post as the sniper for the blues. We weren't ever supposed to meet in battle, but that day we did. Simmons was injured and I had to go out into battle. Things just didn't line up right, because I later found out Tex was sniping today. Why the hell weren't you sniping today?

The clouds hovered overhead as Grif drove on. I gripped my gun and took deep breaths. I had never been in a real battle, just silly little fights that broke out in the canyon. I also never shot a man. A real breathing human being. I never shot one...until today.

Why weren't you sniping today?

Now I sit here, holding your head in my lap. Your eyes are glassy and tears streaking your face. I could feel my own hot tears running down my cheeks. I slipped off my helmet and looked you in the eyes. Those beautiful crystal blue eyes. I remember the first time I saw those eyes. They were very curious and bright. Now they look at me, dead and empty.

I can feel them, as they stand around in silence, too ashamed to look at us. I never thought there would be a day in which I wish I was alone. I wish I was alone with you in that cave. I wish we were there right now. But here we sit, the grass damp with your blood. My shoulders shook with sobs of agony and pain. With sobs of lost love.

The clouds grew darker and the rain started to fall. My hair fell into my eyes, water dripping down my face. Your tears were lost among the droplets of water that covered your pale skin. Your eyes started to close, and I leaned in for one last kiss. The last kiss from the one I truly loved. The last kiss from the only one I will ever love.

As I stole your last kiss, I started to wonder why the heavens were crying for us. I shivered in the coldness it brought down from the skies. I felt the water seeping through my armor, and I wondered why things had to end this way. I wonder why I never said what I always meant to say. Now this is my last chance, and I hope you hear my words.

"I love you, Michael Caboose."

In the dying light I held you,

I watched and cried and knew,

Things would never be the same,

When our last moment came.

The moon rose as the day died,

And all that could be done was tried,

I felt the tears fall from my eyes,

When we never got to say our goodbyes.

You held on with all your might,

We shared one last kiss that night,

I realize now why it rains when people die,

The heavens release when Angels cry.