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Chapter 1: Leap of Faith?

"Damn it!" Inuyasha mutters as he grips his bleeding arm.

"Inuyasha, duck!" A voice yells from behind him. He complies and hears an arrow wiz by where his head once was. The glowing arrow races towards it's target, but is knocked away as though it were a fly.

"Nothing's working!" Miroku yells.

The day had started like any other. Inuyasha had stole Shippo's breakfast, a simple stew Kaede had made. Shippo cried. Kagome sat Inuyasha. Miroku took advantage of Sango being distracted. Sango slapped him. Miroku got an early nap.

But once the afternoon had come, that's when the day was no longer ordinary. A youkai appeared on the outskirts of Kaede's village, searching for an innocent humans to satiate his blood lust. At first glance they could tell it's a large bear youkai and nothing more then a pest, but they underestimated it's power. The youkai had obviously been of high status in it's clan. It's strength was astounding at first, because it didn't have a shard. But now it was scary.

They had been battling for a half hour now, and nothing seems to touch him. His reflexes are like lightning fast, there for he can block and dodge anything they try.

Sango whips her hiraikotsu over her head from behind the youkai, taking advantage of him being distracted by her friends. It grazes his back, but is deep enough to have blood spill over the warm grass. He roars in pain before looking at Sango, his red eyes glaring daggers at his attacker. He lifts his paw to strike her down, claws catching the afternoon sun. But just as his paw begins to descend, Miroku pushes Sango out of the way.

Inuyasha sees an opportunity. He ignores the painful sting in his arm and lifts his sword. He leaps into the air, bringing Tetsuiga down on the creature's left shoulder. Again, he roars in pain before looking at Inuyasha. He swings his paws at him, but Inuyasha dodges each one with tiring grace.

Kagome backs up to get a better angle to fire her arrow. She hits something solid with her foot as she takes another step back. She looks down. It's the bone eater's well. She looks up. The battle had been purposely led away from the village, but they never realized what direction they'd been heading.

She looks around to get a definite of where her friends are.

Inuyasha is making fruitless attempts at striking the youkai with his Tetsuiga. Miroku and Sango are on Kirara, looking for an opening. Meanwhile, Shippo is on the sidelines. He doesn't fight that often in battles, but his transformation tricks are used whenever needed.

Suddenly, Kagome sees an opening. She knocks her arrow and releases it with a twang in a matter of seconds. It races off in a blinding pink light. Hit the mark, hit the mark! Kagome screams in her head.

It does.

The bear youkai roars in excruciating pain.

At that point, everything seems to move in slow motion.

The youkai turns to glare at Kagome. He swipes at Kirara and causes them to fall. Shippo sees this and transforms into his balloon to catch them, but the impact is so strong, he transforms back. All four lay about five yards in front of Kagome, unconscious.

He lunges towards the young miko.

Inuyasha sees the creature's focus change towards her. He turns and pushes off to reach her.

The youkai extends his paw.

Inuyasha approaches Kagome.

Miroku and Sango regain consciousness and begin to sit up. They see the bear youkai approaching them. Both franticly scoot back in desperate attempts to get away. Kirara awakens in Sango's arms. She would transform to protect her mistress, but not enough energy is in her to do so. Shippo remains unconscious in Miroku's lap.

Inuyasha reaches Kagome's side and is about to lift her to safety, but doesn't have enough time.

The heal of the bear youkai drags on the ground. Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kirara get caught between the paw and Kagome with Inuyasha at her side.

Kagome and Inuyasha hit the bears paw and are pushed back. They feel the wood of the well snap against their bodies. Next thing they know, they begin to fall down the well.

They see the neck of the bear behind it's paw for a brief second before it completely disintegrates from Kagome's arrow. The paw is still falling with them down the well and they begin to see flecks of the mystical blue of the time warp, but only for no more then half a breath.

Those who are conscious, slip into darkness from hitting the sides of the stone well.

Ow, my head. Kagome thinks as she feels a headache throb in the back of her skull. She moans and tries to open her eyes. Darkness. She sees nothing but deep, eerie darkness.

She blinks a few times and her eyes begin to adjust.

She now sees a roof. An old, rotting timber roof on the outside of the stone well.

Wait a minute. A roof? Kagome says to herself. She turns her head to look around her.

Inuyasha is laying with his head propped up against the stone wall, the rest of his body sprawled out on the dirt. Sango's legs overlap Inuyasha's and she's propped up against Miroku's shoulder. Miroku is in a similar position as Sango, but his head is leaned against her hiraikotsu. Shippo is in his lap and Kirara is in Sango's. Where as Kagome is laying next to Inuyasha, her head on his chest. All except herself appear to be unconscious.

Uh oh. Kagome thinks as realization hits her. This can't be good.

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