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Chapter 4-Cloths, Chores, and Water Fights

"Yowch! It bit me!" Sango glares at the elastic garment.

Laughing, Kagome reassures her friend for what feels like the umpteenth time, that the elastic isn't possessed. "Look." Kagome holds up the bra up, showing her the elastic back. "It's stretchy, it's meant to expand and fit you. It's elastic." She shoots the bra to her friend. "It doesn't bite, and it definitely, won't kill you."

About ten minutes later, Sango is finally dressed in modern cloths; a light, summer dress with a dark, forest green background covered in beautiful, pink oleander blossoms complete with the trim and a small tie around her waist in a matching pink.

"Do you like it?" Kagome asks as Sango looks in the mirror.

"I love it! It's beautiful!" Sango exclaims. She twirls in front of the mirror, admiring the beauty and comfort of the clothing.

Kagome too is in a summer dress. Her's is a light lime green with golden leaves and blue butterflies supporting a golden tie as well.

"Gah!" A loud thud shakes the second floor.

"Sounds like Inuyasha isn't having any luck with my dad's old cloths…" Kagome says with a grin.

"For the fifth time, you put these on, then the jeans!" A younger voice says.

"Like this?" Miroku questions.

"NO!" Both Sango and Kagome swear they can hear a regular thud against the wall.

"I don't think Miroku and Inuyasha are going to be ready any time soon." Sango says. She begins to snicker when another loud thud is heard.

"No point in waiting." Kagome says. "We'll be here for a long time."

Both girls head downstairs snickering at the sounds coming from the opposite room.

When they reach the kitchen, they see Shippo perched on a counter next to a pot where Kagome's mom is adding some sliced chicken.

"Shippo, can you add the curry powder?" She asks. "Only a palm full."

Shippo looks at the spices and picks up sunflower yellow one. "This one?" He asks cutely.

Smiling, Mrs. Higurashi nods.

Shippo adds the powder and watches the mixture turn the same shade of yellow as the powder.

"Looks like you have a partner in crime." Kagome says from behind them.

"Kagome!" Shippo jumps into Kagome's arms and gives her a hug, more like a half hug because of his tiny arms. "Your mom is teaching me more about herbs and cooking. She says I'm the best assistant she's ever had!"

Kagome returns the hug with a big smile.

Shippo looks at her and Sango's outfits. "You guys look pretty." He says.

Sango's cheeks flush a little. Sure she had been waiting for someone to say that, but Shippo wasn't the one she was wanting to compliment her. Too bad it was unlikely he would say that without lifting his head out of the gutter.

"Ah! Kagome, Sango! I need your help cleaning the shrine grounds, we have an elementary school coming for a field trip tomorrow." Kagome's grandfather steps through the sliding door with a smile. "I need the shrine house full of items from the feudal era organized, the floor cleaned and the display cases cleaned. Also, please hose the grounds down to get rid of the dirt and leaves."

Kagome groans and rolls her neck back to look at the ceiling. "Gramps," she wines.

"Sure Mr. Higurashi (I know they would pronounce it Higurashi-something; but I don't understand all that. If any of you guys can give me a list of the meanings I would greatly appreciate it!)." Sango says.

Kagome groans louder at her friends agreement. "Fine." She grabs Sango's hand and leads her to the shrine house holding the feudal era items. "You're going to really regret agreeing to do this." She says. Opening the doors, she looks at Sango; and for a second, she could have sworn the girl had a heart attack.

"Finally, I'm dressed and out of here!" Souta puts his face in his hand.

"Your shirt is on backwards." He mumbles.

Inuyasha growls and puts it on straight.

"YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" A female voice yells.

All three of the boys race to the open window. Standing in front of a good sized shrine house, are Kagome and Sango. Sango is gapping while Kagome practically pulling her hair out of her head.

"GRAMPS! YOU DISPICABLE BEING! THIS IS CRAZY!" Kagome yells. I knew this place would be a mess, but this is crazy!

Inuyasha leaps out the window and stands next to Kagome. He takes one look at the building and his jaw drops. Inside, there are boxes everywhere; some tipped over with the contents spilling out, others stacked in random places and some are filled with items that look like the mummified imp hand Kagome got as a 'gift' for her 15th birthday. Also, the cases are all mucked up from who-knows-what plus a vary, thick layer of dust.

"What the hell is all this!" Inuyasha says.

"Feudal era stuff." Kagome doesn't look at him, only the contents in the shrine house. "We're having a bunch of elementary school kids coming tomorrow, and we have to clean this up."

"Keh! Good luck with that!" He turns to head back to the house, but the collar of his red tank top is grabbed by non-other then Kagome.

"Oh no, you're helping us. And once Miroku gets out here, he will too." Kagome growls.

"And what will I do when I get here?"

Sango grabs Miroku's shoulders. "Help us clean this." She turns him so he can see the shrine house.

He gapes at the mess, but then composes himself and gives a sly smile. "This is nothing to be bothered by. It'll take only a few seconds." He sticks out his right hand with his left hand on the beads.

All three practically tackle the monk as soon as realization hits them. But Sango is the closest; she quickly grabs his hand and thrusts it up to face the sky, but gets dangerously close to the monk's face.

"Why Sango, if you wanted a kiss, all you had to do was ask." Miroku says smoothly.

Oh, Miroku got a kiss alright; but not the one he had in mind.

"Must you hit me so hard?" Miroku asks as rubs his soar cheek. "After all, it is my cursed hand."

"Right…" She says so slowly. "Just help us clean." Sango shoves a broom in his hand and turns back to the shrine house.

About two hours later, all the display cases are cleaned, the floor is swept, and only one box is left to be put in it's place.

"Done!" Kagome says as she shoves it in place.

"About damn time!" Inuyasha wipes some dust off of his cheek.

"Wait, didn't your grandfather say something about a hose, Kagome?" Sango asks. She tries to wipe the dust off the summer dress she's wearing, but no luck. She gives an exasperated sigh and folds her arms.

"Oh yah. That's nothing to worry about!" Kagome exclaims. She heads out of the shrine house and grabs the hose on the side. "All we have to do is spray water over the cement to get the dirt off." She explains.

Miroku sees a hose on the side of the house and picks it up. "So how does this wor-" He squeezes the handle and water spews all over Sango.

"Sango…You know I didn't mean it." He backs away slowly as she glares at him through her wet hair.

She grabs the hose Kagome is holding and douses the monk.

Kagome laughs as they spray each other repeatedly…That is, till Sango managed to duck and Kagome got soaked. Wasting no time, she yanks the hose from Sango and sprays Miroku.

Inuyasha watches from the sidelines as his friends repeatedly spray one another. They had originally started spraying one another out of anger, but now it was merely to goof off.

Kagome laughs as she hit's the monk square in the face; succeeding in getting all the dust off his face.

"You guys have no idea how stupid you look." Inuyasha says with a smirk.

All three turn to face him. Miroku's purple shirt is practically suction-cupped to his chest and his jeans are practically falling to his ankles from the weight of the water. Sango and Kagome's dresses are also drenched with the sleeves sitting on their biceps ratter then their shoulders. But non-the-less, all are clean and free from the thick layers of dust that had been covering them not to long ago.

Their blank faces quickly turn to grins of malice.

Backing away slowly, Inuyasha tries to think of an escape route from the hoses.

No luck.

Kagome squeezes the handle and says happily, "Now it's the dog's turn for a bath!"

Inuyasha falls to his butt from slipping and being pummeled by the hoses, nearly squishing a dozing Buyo and Kirara laying out in the sun. Getting up swiftly, he grabs Miroku's hose and fires back at the young miko.

The once free-for-all water fights turns into a 2 on 2 and the girls take shelter behind a tree.

I guess living here won't be so bad. Sango thinks as she dashes behind a shrine house. As long as I have all my friends here with me, nothing can go wrong.

Sango didn't know how far from the truth she was.

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