Title: Betrayal of Trust

Category: this is a EC with Raoul bashing

Rated: M for violence, language and sexual assault

Summary: Raoul's not the man Christine thought him to be, Erik finds out, can he help his angel before its to late? EC Raoul bashing

Chapter 1

She sat scrunched up next to the balcony doors watching the rain fall from the night sky. Tears coursed down her cheeks, she wiped them away with the back of her hand and flinched when her hand grazed her right check bone. A bruise was beginning to form where he struck her. She barely paid heed to it. Just another bruise to add to the collection that adorned her body. In the morning she would cover it with makeup and act like everything was fine. That was the way things went after an he hit her. If she mentioned it to him, it would only angry him and cause him to hurt her again.

So much angered him now in days. The way she wore her hair. The dress she would choose to wear to a dinner party. The dinner she prepared for him each night. The topics she would try and engage him into conversation. Nothing she did could please him. Even at night, he would come to her room, expecting her to lie with him before they married. The first time he came she strongly protested. Being a devoted Catholic, she new it was wrong to lay with someone before marriage. When she didn't give in to his demands that was when he first hit her. Of course he apologized immediately and just held her that night, clamming how much he loved her. Things after that night were never the same. He started to become cold and arrogant with her. Making snide remarks when ever she jump when he touched her. The second time he came to her at night was after a particularly bad day. Everything she did that day seemed to frustrate him to no end. He retired to his study and brandy early in the afternoon, not even coming out for the dinner she prepared for him. She was awoken to him laying next to her, has hand roaming her body. When she pulled away from him he screamed, the brandy on his breath evident "Why? Why do you turn me away? We are to be married in four months time, what's the difference what we do now to what we do then?"

"Its...its not right" she whispered softly "The bible says-"

"Damn what the bible says, you are to be my wife and legally bind to do what I say"

When his hand started to push up her night dress she pulled away. Then he hit her, much harder then the first, with the back of his hand. The blow to her face caused her lip to split. "Enough with this foolish nonsense, you will give me what I want or pay the consequences" he seethed in her face. Once again he went to pull up her night dress and when she struggled again he slapped her twice across the face and forced her arms above her head. Holding them there against her struggles he managed to pull up the night dress up to her waist and then proceeded to unbuckle his pants. Her struggles were useless, and her cries went unheard as the servants did not sleep at the house as it was custom for them to leave a six every night. He took what he wanted from her and passed out on top of her when it was over, squashing her chest painfully making it hard for her to breath. With the remaining strength she had, she managed to push him off of her and slip out of the bed. Stiffly, she walked to the balcony doors and curled up in front of them where she cried the night through. The next day he did not apologize nor did he express concernfor her injuries. He barely mentioned what happen at all expect for the remark of obeying him next time so things would not have to be as difficult.

More nights followed like the first. Each with him, coming drunkenly to her room, demanding that she lie with him, and taken her regardless of her protests. Some nights he would leave right afterwards, other nights he would stay, sometimes waking up and raping her again during the night.

This rainy night, as she sat staring out the balcony windows, was one of the worst. The day itself was harrowing. It was Sunday, the servants were always off on Sundays. After attending church, she rushed home to be there when he would wake up from his drunken stupor. If she was not there to prepare him coffee and give him medicine for his headache she would pay dearly. She should of known then, when she first entered the house and felt a sudden uneasiness, that this day was destined to be violent. Shrugging it off, she hurried to the kitchen and prepared the coffee and fetched the medicine from the cupboard. She rushed upstairs, knowing that he would be waking up at any time and if she wasn't there...well she didn't want to think about that.

Quietly she entered his room and with fearful shock, found his bed empty. A lump caught in her throat. Swallowing, she placed the coffee and pills on the beside table and turned towards the washing chamber. "Ra..Raoul?" she whispered softly. There was no answer. "Raoul darling, are...are you in there?" Slowly she walked to the chamber and slipped inside. She found him there, kneeling in front of the wash basing. His elbows resting on the on the table, his head in his hands. She grabbed a clean wash cloth and dunked it into cool water then rushed over to him. Kneeling next to him she placed the placed the cool cloth at the base of his neck. He snatched it away from her hands, giving her a vemoness look in the process and placed the cool cloth over his face. After a few moments Raoul sat back on his heels and asked with anger in his voice. "Where were you? I needed you here" "Its Sunday Raoul. I was at church"

"So church is more important then taking care of your fiancee"

She shook her head and bite down on her lip. "Of course not. I apologize my love. It will not happen again"

"Your right it won't happen again. I forbid you to leave the grounds without permission and that will include going to church. Now help me back into bed. I want my coffee and pills. My head is killing me"

Quickly she rose to her feet helping him to his feet in the process. She settled him into bed then sat down next to him and held out his coffee and pills. He snatched the pills from her hand and swallowed them dry. After a moment she handed him the coffee. He took a slip and immediately spit it out. "What the hell is this? Its cold as ice.?" he screamed and through the cup across the room, smashing it into the wall. "I'm...I'm sorry, I'll go and make you-" She never got to finish her sentence. Raoul's hand seized her around the neck cutting off her air. "Your so goddamn useless" he screamed. "You can't even make a simple cup of coffee" He pushed her to the bed and squeezed harder. She started to cough and tried to pull his hands away. Just when she was a the verge of passing out he let go and sat back into the pillows. "Now" he said covering his eyes with his forearm "Go make me a decent cup of coffee." Tearfully, she scrambled from the bed and rushed down the stairs to make the coffee.

The day was continued much of the same. He would painfully pinch her when the paper arrived late, hit her when she prepared the wrong type of sandwich for his lunch. Then around four in the afternoon he locked himself in his study with his brandy. He didn't bother coming for dinner, which she knew by now meant and would be coming to her that night. She stayed in the library as long as she dared, terrified to go to her room, for she new he would follow soon after. What she didn't expect was to find him waiting for her in her chambers. He seized her throat for the second time that day, squeezing the bruises from the last encounter, and forced her backwards to the bed. "I've been waiting for you for ten minutes" he whispered dangerously. "Why have you made me wait?" He didn't wait for her to answer. "Undress quickly, I have waited long enough" he said and unbuckled his trousers. She managed to get her dress and corset off before he lost his patience and grabbed her, throwing her unceremoniously onto the bed. He showed no mercy as he took her, causing her more pain then he would ever know. When he was through, which was thankfully quick when he was drunk, he grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. "Now my love, I am going out. When I return, if I don't find you here, waiting for me, I shall be forced to send out The Guard." Her eyes filled with terror at the mention of The Guard. The Guard, a band of ruthless men, hired by rich men to find and punish specific people. She had already had a encounter with the guard. After the first time Raoul raped her, she ran away while he was at work. The Guard found her that night and after a little 'rough handling' as they called it, torched she would remember it as, they returned her to Raoul where she was severely punished. The Guard was the threat that held her prisoner to the house, to Raoul.

With a kiss to the cheek, Raoul rose from the bed and pulled his trousers back on then causally walked out the door whistling. She laid in bed until she heard him leave the house, then painfully cradled out of bed and over to the balcony doors. With tears coursing down her cheeks, Christine Daae watched the rain fall down against the window.

...to be continued...