Author's Notes: Sometimes the greatest battles fought is for an audience of one. This scene takes place during EP 3 although it is an AU even so, it may contain spoilers.

Disclaimer: Of course I own none of this. All belongs to G.Lucus.

He can't explain it. Though he wishes he could. But even if he did, no one would understand, but then what did he expect? Some demons are easier to conquer then others. Some are more subtle, conniving even. Yet as he stares at the exploding lava lake far below his feet, the one now known as Darth Vader think he finally understands it.

With the scent of recent death no longer lingering in his nostrils and his saber now sated, silenced at his side it is almost too easy to pretend the darkness was never there. But the spitting lava far below serves as a frightening reminder of what he is becoming.

He tells himself that it must be done; Padme has to be saved. But even then the soft voice in the pit of his gut warns him that all this may be for nothing. That she would never approve of his methods or his new powers.

He is torn between the demon that glowers in the pit of his gut, begging for blood, for vengeance against those who've harmed him, and the silent persistent voice telling him to end this madness. It leaves him feeling desperate, helpless and above all else painfully alone.

The tears come unwanted as despair floods his thoughts. If he couldn't control that darkness that had grown so powerful in his mind before, what chance would have now? Could he turn back and face the truth? No matter the cost? It screams no, filling his thoughts with doubt, false promises and fear. He'd have to face trial and most likely a certain death. But even so the quiet voice in his mind whispers words of hope, promising him that should he turn back, only good could come of it.

Yet despite all his good intentions, the truth he knows he must face the internal struggle begins to grow unbearable, as the thing in the pit of his stomach grows ever stronger.

But then from the blood red skies comes a shining light; a silver ship, carrying with it the silent answer to an unspoken prayer of desperation. The final push needed to end the struggle, to silence the nameless thing inside of him.