Always is Motion

Summary: A series of events will lead Obi-Wan Kenobi down a path that will change the future of the GFFA.


Twenty-five year old Aila Bennet was still asleep in bed on a frigid November morning. The temperature had slowly dropped below freezing over the past few days, and the weather forecasters were calling for the area's first snowfall. As a result, Aila would be out shoveling snow by herself later in the day. However, currently she was nice and warm under her covers, lost in pleasant dreams.

She was abruptly woken by the sound of her alarm clock ringing. She grumbled as she turned to it and hit the snooze alarm before dozing for another few minutes. The alarm went off a second time nine minutes later, and she quickly slammed her hand on the snooze alarm one more time. However, after the third time the alarm went off, Aila could not fight it any longer, and begrudgingly crawled out of bed.

She quickly turned on her television and tuned into the local news.

"Scientists claim discovery of wormhole, but details are limited as to what that means to our planet, more on this during the nightly news. Now here is Scott with the weather." The news anchor stated.

The young weatherman stood before a weather map that clearly showed a large amount of precipitation heading for the area. "Well folks, this is it, the first snowfall of the season. It looks to be a significant storm; we could be setting snowfall records. Expect 8-12 inches to fall overnight. Some northern areas could see up to 16 inches."

Aila groaned as she turned off the television. She lived in a northern area and with her luck would see 16 inches. She was not looking forward to shoveling her driveway by herself. She laughed to herself as she thought she should have followed her mother's advice, and found herself a boyfriend/ husband. Perhaps he could help with this hated chore. She could have hired someone to shovel it for her, but the local guy always leered at her and creeped her out. Although she hated the chore, she would rather do it herself than have some dirty old man stare at her.

Aila sighed as she walked to the bathroom to get cleaned up. It wasn't like she wasn't looking; she just did not meet anyone who interested her yet. Many men had shown an interest to the attractive, longhaired brunette. She had a nice, slim figure, long legs, and many people knew that financially she was well off.

She had inherited a small fortune from her grandmother several years back and had invested the funds in some highly lucrative ventures that were paying off nicely. As a result, Aila was able to leave her cumbersome day job and pursue more enjoyable activities.

Aila loved to help people, and set up several charity foundations with some of her excess cash flow. When Aila was not overseeing operations of these organizations, she lounged around at home, or went out to splurge her money with her friends.

However, Aila never went overboard by spending her money frivolously. She knew the importance of saving, and carefully monitored her investments and cash flow. She had not had a lot of money before her grandmother's death, and she did not wish to have to revert back to her previous lifestyle because of carelessness. Life had been hard before, and now she got to do things she loved.

Unfortunately, financial independence attracted a lot of people who were more interested in money than love, as Aila soon discovered. She longed to find someone who loved her for her personality and spirit, and not just her financial assets. However, she had yet to find one. Aila's mother claimed it was due to her caustic and sarcastic nature when socializing with people. Her mother claimed that if Aila would be nicer, she might be able to attract her future husband. Aila always shook her head at this argument. She was only sarcastic to keep the weirdoes away from her, but her mother just did not see this.

After taking a quick shower, the blue-eyed woman quickly got dressed and found her car keys. She needed to go to the store and pick up some supplies. With the impending storm, she wanted to make sure she was fully prepared for anything.