The Jinenji thing I mention in here is from the episode 'That Jaken Who Became Sick'. Episode 93 or something. It was cute.

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Happier Things ---

"Sesshoumaru-sama, what is love?"

The question came innocently enough as if the child were asking about the weather. She was sitting on Aun's saddle, braiding flowers into a crown to wear on top of her head as their troupe traveled onward underneath the bright summer sun. She didn't look up at the demon as she contemplated her own question, and he did not look down as he contemplated an answer.

"Where did you hear such a word?"

Threading several of the flower stems into another part of the simple chain, she wondered if they would have time to stop and gather more flowers to add color to the blue and pink she already had. Sesshoumaru's question hung in the air between them.

"Jinenji-san's mother asked me if I-"

"Who is Jinenji?" he interrupted.

"The hanyou that Jaken-sama sent Rin to visit when he was poisoned by the bugs that one time," she explained.

The taiyoukai was quiet as he reminisced about the time he had nearly lost Rin on the mountainside. She had been very lucky that he had heard her screams from nearby.


"Love is an emotion," he answered.

"Does love make you happy?"

He nodded once.

"If love makes you happy and Sesshoumaru-sama makes Rin happy, then Rin loves Sesshoumaru-sama!"

The demon lord raised an eyebrow at the proclamation. Whatever conclusion he had expected her human mind to come to, that wasn't it. He said nothing and continued to walk.


Pursing his lips together, he hoped his silence would give way to her silence as well. He felt the impending question coming before it even left her lips.

"Does Sesshoumaru-sama love Rin?"

From several meters ahead Sesshoumaru could hear Jaken chuckling at the predicament. If there were a stone readily available the imp would have sported a lump on his head. But the beating would be saved for later.

Looking down at his ward, he wondered how she had found happiness in a life of hardship. She didn't have typical human toys, no stable home, and her family was long dead. Yet she always smiled at his sharp stare and giggled at the way he walked away from dangerous situations.

"This Sesshoumaru is pleased," he responded.

That earned him a bright smile and a temporary reprieve from the girl's constant questioning. Sometimes she was quiet when she was happy with the situation.

Feeling overly giving, he decided to surprise the girl with a short visit to the field of wildflowers ahead. He knew she enjoyed them. Secretly pleased with the state of things, he thought it safe to assure himself that he enjoyed her.

Love indeed.

---- ----

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