Chapter 8: Celebrations

7:30 p.m. -- Venezuela

A huge crowd was standing outside of the Mayor's building and we were standing right behind him on the top of the stairs.

"It is my pleasure, to award these 5 medals to these 5 members of WOOHP for stopping the hurricane that was on its way here!! And I would feel appreciated if some of you would say a few words of advice to this crowd," The mayor or Venezuela announced and 5 of his employees placed the medals around our necks.

Sam stepped up to the microphone and I went up with her.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Mayor," Sam said through the microphone proudly.

"But it wasn't just ourselves that stopped that hurricane -- me, Mathew, who's my boyfriend and one of my best friends, along with Clover, Alex, and our boss, Jerry, as well as Dr. Quincy. It was Mathew's idea about putting the cold air in the hurricane, which decreased its wind capacity."

"And I shouldn't get all the credit," I added.

"All 5 of us deserve an equal amount of the credit. So, as we bid you all farewell, you'll know what to do next time something like a hurricane happens in this great country of yours: just wait for us because this man right here, our boss, Jerry will fill us in, and we'll be here before you could even give us a buzz over the phone."

Just then, the WOOHP jet made a landing right by us and we waved our hands good-bye as we boarded the plane for our home in good old Beverly Hills. The crowd gave us a standing ovation and Clover even blew a few kisses to the crowd.

"Man, just seeing that crowd giving us a standing ovation made me feel like a sports hero or something," I said to the girls while we flew home. Jerry was flying the plane with Dr. Quincy sitting beside him.

"Yeah, you don't see that with us everyday," Sam responded back to me.

10:00 a.m. -- Spies' Villa

After a long mission, the four of us were out relaxing by the pool. Alex and Clover were getting ready to lay down on their beach chairs and sunbathe while Sam and I were already cooling off in the pool. I was in the water, and Sam was standing on the diving board, getting ready to dive in. We were all decked out in our same swimwear.

"Boy I feel great after that mission," Alex said as she set her towel down and sat on her beach chair.

"Do you guys think that there was another way to stop the hurricane other than the cold air being put into the hurricane and decreasing the wind capacity?" Clover asked us.

"I don't know, Clover. I highly doubt that there was any other way," Sam answered.

Just after that, she dove into the water.

"I agree," I said.