AN/ I don't own Doctor Who. This one-shot is set post 'Father's Day.' This is dedicated to my dad, Ken, who died of lung cancer on November 4, 1999. I love you and I miss you. Six years without you is six years too many.


Rose and the Doctor entered the TARDIS, an ocean of different emotions flowing through them both; grief, sorrow, relief. It was an overwhelming mix. Rose sniffled and turned to the Doctor. "I'm going to…" She swallowed, trying to maintain her composure. "I'm going to go to my room for a while, okay? I just gotta…sort some stuff out."

The Doctor squeezed her hand. He wasn't fooled, but he wasn't going to stop her. "Okay."

His companion headed off towards her room. The Time Lord sighed and rubbed a hand over his face. "What a day," he mused. He turned his attention to the TARDIS console, directing his thoughts and words towards his ship. "Need to go somewhere quiet so she…and I…so we can recover." The TARDIS obeyed without a fuss to his manipulation of the controls and soon they were floating in a serene patch somewhere in the vast realms of time and space.

The Doctor paused, leaning on the console, feeling the edge of it dig into his palms. He didn't care bout that. His thoughts drifted back to the monsters he had encountered that day. It had been terrible. He could still feel the Reaper's jaws on the back of his neck. He rubbed the spot, knowing that this little adventure was bound to fuel some graphic nightmares for him in the future. He also knew that however horrible it was for him, Rose's pain matched, if not exceeded his own at that moment. He was sure she would be able to bounce back though. He admired her resilience. She just needed a bit of time…and maybe a shoulder to cry on.

His mind made up, the Doctor began tracing Rose's steps towards her room.

When Rose left the Doctor's side, she had moved at a slow and even pace. As soon as she was out of his hearing range, her inner torment betrayed her and she sprinted to her room. She grabbed a pillow off her bed, took a few deep breaths, then pressed her face into it and screamed. Had her cry not been muffled by the pillow, it would have echoed throughout the entire TARDIS. Rose screamed until she ran out of air. Then she fell onto the bed and sobbed.

The Doctor appeared at her door. He went unnoticed by Rose as she had her back to him, lying on her bed. Her body shook with sobs. The sight of his companion breaking down nearly brought him to tears himself. He quietly walked into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. Rose noticed the extra weight on the bed but didn't bother to acknowledge it right away. Large, fat tears stained her pillow and made her mascara run. The Doctor placed a hand on her shoulder. At his touch she turned to face him. Their eyes met and although not a word was said, something passed between them. Rose whimpered and sat up. She leaned on the Doctor and he put a leather-clad arm around her.

A few minutes later Rose stopped crying. She took deep breaths, filling her lungs completely to calm down and find her voice. Not surprisingly, it was a bit altered from her blocked sinuses. "Thank you," she said.

The Doctor hugged her a bit closer. He knew the thanks was not only for the comfort his was giving now, but for taking her to see her dad. Even though it had resulted in a hell of a lot of trouble, it would ultimately benefit Rose and make her stronger. "You're welcome." His lips formed a small, warm smile. "Want some tea?"

Rose sniffled and smiled back. "Sure."