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The woman's wail echoed around the cold stone room. She screamed in pain and squeezed her eyes shut. Her fiery red hair was plastered to the side of her face with sweat as she struggled to push out the enormous bulge in her stomach.

"Come on, you can do it," encouraged a plump midwife.

The young, redheaded woman gripped the blanket tightly as she gave another push. Rain drummed steadily outside, pouring out from the angry gray clouds. A single candle flickered on a small wooden stool in a corner of the room, threatening to die out. A roll of thunder boomed, reverberating through her bones.

The woman gave a moan of defeat as she stopped trying. "I can't – do it," she panted.

"You can do this, don't give up now." The older woman gripped her hand reassuringly. Her shoulder-length light brown hair was tousled.

The woman shook her head as all the grief from her past finally caught up with her. All those years alone after Harry had left her to go in search for the Horcruxes. He had succeeded, of course, as she knew he would. She never once gave up on him; she knew he would return to her. And he did. That one night with Harry, that blissful night, had left her in this situation. Then, after all her years of waiting for him, he had been cruelly taken away from her.


Still, lifeless bodies lay scattered everywhere. Screams rose up from the burning village of Hogsmeade. Smoke hung as thick as fog. Many of the shops were reduced to smoldering piles of wood. Dark, hooded figures fired jets of green light everywhere. Their white masks looked grotesque in the blood red light of the setting sun.

Ginny shot every curse, every hex she knew at the cloaked invaders. Others fought along side her. She watched in horror as a jet of green light hit Ron, square in the chest, sending him sprawling to the ground. She saw Hermione call out and run to his side, sobbing. Another jet of green light hit her too, and she fell slumped over Ron's body. Ginny turned her eyes, full of blazing anger, to the Death Eater. The masked figure froze, blanching at the fierceness in her eyes. That hesitation was all Ginny needed before she knocked him out, damning him to hell all the while.

She heard Harry's voice call out to her above all the raucous. "Ginny, duck!"

Ginny did as he said. A flash of green light just missed her. In the corner of her eye, she saw the huge figure of Kingsley Shacklebolt fall. Ginny could make out the lifeless body of Tonks beneath a fallen Death Eater, her bright pink hair standing out like a beacon. Lupin lay next to her.

They were losing. There were more and more Death Eaters apparating in every second. Each loud 'pop' increased their dread and ate away ate their hope. Their hope of winning was gone. Their hope of defeating Voldemort was gone. The only thing left was just simply the hope of survival, but that too was rapidly disappearing. Suddenly, a familiar scream filled her ears: Harry's scream. He was on the ground, doubled up in pain. Voldemort stood over him, his scarlet eyes seething with hatred.

"No!" cried Ginny, but she knew it would be pointless.

Voldemort looked up and just for a second, through all the chaos of fighting people, their eyes met. Ginny shuddered as his wide, livid red eyes met her gaze, all the while torturing Harry. Voldemort lifted his wand, leaving Harry moaning on the ground.

Suddenly, Ginny heard a voice in her head: Harry's voice. Run

Ginny shook her head, tears welling up in her eyes. "No," she whispered weakly.

Run, said the voice more forcefully.

Tears now blurred Ginny's vision. Voldemort seemed to be saying something to Harry, but she just couldn't make it out above all the noise. She only heard the voice in her head.

Run! Ginny, I love- the voice was abruptly cut off as Voldemort raised his wand again. This time though, instead of Harry's scream, a blinding flash of green light erupted from the tip of his wand as she saw him mouth those deadly words: Avada Kedavra.

She watched helplessly,as if in slow motion, the jet of green light inch closer and closer to Harry. He was giving his life to save her. He was using all his time and energy using Legilimens on her, when he could be defending himself. Ginny saw the jet of light meet its target.

Then she did it. She knew she would regret this later. She was sickened by what she was doing, she should be there by his side, but instead, Ginevra Weasley ran.

The painful images of the past were suddenly broken as pain erupted within her again. She had to do this, do this for Harry. With an almighty push and a strangled cry, the baby was born. Its wail filled the room as the midwife gently washed it in a basin of warm water, wrapping it in a soft woolen blanket before placing the newborn on Ginny's chest.

"Congratulations," she said with a warm smile. "It's a girl."

The baby gave a few more cries before falling silent, looking up at Ginny with wide, innocent eyes. Ginny gasped as she saw her. A single tear rolled down her cheek. She looked so much like him, with the same bright green eyes and dark hair. Harry would have been proud.

"What will you name her?"

Ginny gazed lovingly at the baby, pausing a second before whispering, "Hope."

"I'm guessing she looks just like her father?" said the plump woman, noticing the difference between mother and daughter.

"Yeah," Ginny breathed.

Suddenly, she snapped out of her reverie. What was she thinking? She couldn't keep this baby. Voldemort was still hunting for people connected to Harry Potter. She shuddered to think what would happen to the baby if he found out she was Harry's daughter.

Ginny pushed the baby into the older woman's arms. "I can't keep her. Please, can you take care of her?"

Ginny could tell that the woman had gotten this reaction many times before. The midwife shook her head. "She's yours dear. You'll be fine."

Ginny sat up. "No, it's not because of that. Please, I can't take her."

The woman sighed. "I'm sorry dear, but I can't"

"You don't understand," Ginny said, her eyes pleading. "It's because of him. Voldemort."

The woman gasped and shuddered at the name. She looked at the younger woman and realised this was no joke, she was telling the truth. She nodded gravely, "I will take her."

Ginny breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you."

"May I ask what you name is?"

Ginny hesitated before answering. "Ginevra. Ginevra Weasley"

"And the father?"

Ginny shook her head. "I'm sorry, I can't tell you that."

The woman nodded. "I understand."

"Please, take good care of her?"

"I'll treat her as if were my own child."

Ginny gave a small smile, and with tears in her eyes, pushed herself out of bed. Her whole body ached from the labour, but nevertheless, she stumbled towards the door and disappeared without another word.

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