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Chapter One-Betrayal and Rescue

Rain poured down heavily, but Kagome took no notice of this. She ran blindly through the forest, trying to escape, trying to forget. Her bow and arrows were slung on her back, hitting her as she ran. It hurts, but it is not as painful as to what she is feeling inside.

She slowed into a stop as she reached the Goshinboku, before she collapsed, crying. Why, Inuyasha? Why did you have to choose Kikyo over me? She stood up, and placed a hand on the scar in the Goshinboku. She had freed Inuyasha from the tree four years ago. She still remember it as clear as a sunny day. However, only the current problems consist. That only led Kagome to more tears.

Flash Back

Kagome felt the ever presence of Inuyasha watching over her and smiled. Shippo has fallen asleep before she did, and she was glad that he did. She closed her eyes and fallen into a light sleep.

Inuyasha smiled slightly as he watched Kagome fall asleep. At least now I get to see Kikyo without anyone seeing me. He sniffed the air to check if everyone was asleep, then he bounded from the tree to where he knew Kikyo waits.

Kagome awoke a few minutes later, not sensing Inuyasha's presence. She furrowed her brows, and got up to where a slight movement caught her eyes. She saw Inuyasha moving. Kagome shrugged to herself, and followed. When she reached a clearing, she hid behind a bush. She saw it then.

Inuyasha had Kikyo in his arms, kissing her lovingly. However, that was not what made her heart shatter. She had heard what Inuyasha told Kikyo. Not being able to handle it anymore, Kagome ran toward camp, unsure if Inuyasha heard her or not. He probably was so busy with Kikyo that he didn't notice me. As she reached the camp, it had begun to rain. Kagome took no mind of this as she grabbed her shards and weapons, and left toward the Goshinboku, Inuyasha's words still ringing clear in her mind.

"Don't worry, Kikyo. Kagome will be out of the picture, and you and me will finally be happy together. You could replace her in our group, since she always seemed to need to go home." Kikyo smiled, and asked, "How are you going to tell her?" "Well…I shall tell her the minute I get back to camp, but now, I just want to say with you. I might as well stay with you forever, koi."

End Flashback

Being pissed now, Kagome left the Goshinboku, and headed toward a stream. Absent mindedly, she picked up before tossing it into the stream.

Somewhere else in the forest, Jaken sighed. Lord Sesshoumaru has gone off on his own again, leaving Rin in his care. "Hurry up, Jaken-sama. Rin is thirsty." "Okay, Rin." Jaken led Rin to a river, where she took a drink. Even in the rain, Rin is still as happy as ever. "Hurry up, Rin. We don't have all day-" Jaken was suddenly cut off, as he fell to the ground with a plop. Rin turned to look to see what had caused Jaken to be cut off so sharply. When she saw what had befallen her guardian, she opened her mouth and screamed.

The scream reached Kagome, and she ran toward where she had heard it. Just as she approached the site, Rin had been cut on the cheek, and running away from the lizard youkai. Kagome's anger flared as she reached for her bow. Her fingers nimbly strung an arrow to the string and she aimed it at her target. She let it fly, and it struck the demon.

As she prepared another one, the lizard youkai swung his tail at her, sending Kagome crashing into a tree. The lizard then wrapped his tail around Kagome, entrapping her between his tail and the tree. The lizard's scales are going to kill me, Kagome thought with fear as the pressure tightened.

She felt her blood drip from her stomach area and she shivered from the blood lost. "Heh, stupid ningen. Think you can defeat me?" The lizard sneered. Just as Kagome felt that she going to die, a bright light appeared and she was freed from the lizard's grip. It enveloped her with warmth, and for a while, Kagome was thankful for that. The surrounding area was also bathed in the glowing pink light, and Kagome saw that the lizard youkai was purified into nothing.

She walked up to the strange lady. Rin was never one to be timid and shy. Just as she approached, she saw that the girl was bleeding. "Hello, Rin is Rin. Is this lady okay? What is this lady's name?"

Kagome smiled slightly at the girl's innocence. "Hai, Rin. My name is Kagome. I'll be okay." I hope, she thought to herself. Her vision blurred, and she was having trouble breathing. She coughed and just laid there, tired. She saw black spots, and she closed her eyes, tired of everything. Her bow and arrows laid near her, forgotten.

Rin frowned when she saw that Kagome had closed her eyes. She was really worried about her. Something rustled in the bushes, and Rin turned to see Sesshoumaru and Jaken walking toward her. "Sesshoumaru-sama, Rin is here!" Calling out to her fatherly figure, Rin stayed by Kagome's side incase the girl awakes. The rain was slowly coming to a stop.

"What happened, Rin?" Came Sesshoumaru's question. "Rin was thirsty, and asked Jaken-sama to take Rin somewhere for a drink. A big bad youkai came and something happened to Jaken-sama, and then Rin ran from the youkai and Kagome-sama came and rescued Rin."

At the mention of Kagome's name, Sesshoumaru looked at her lifeless body. So it's my brother's wrench. If she is his, why is she here, instead of being with him? That is no concern of mine, is it? With that thought in mind, Sesshoumaru turned. "Rin, we will leave now." "Is Kagome-sama coming with us?" "No."

Suddenly, Rin grabbed one of Sesshoumaru's legs. "Please, Sesshoumaru-sama. We have to take Kagome-sama with us. We can't leave her, she protected Rin." Rin looked at him with tears in her eyes. She had been greatly upset when Sesshoumaru said that they will leave Kagome behind. Secretly, she had high hopes of Kagome going with them because Kagome had, after all, saved Rin's life.

Sesshoumaru looked at Rin. His cold eyes shifted from Rin's watery eyes to the Kagome's lifeless body back to Rin. His eyes softened slightly, and he resisted the urge to sigh. He nodded before his eyes hardened again and called for Jaken. "Jaken, bring the ryu youkai to me." Jaken nodded, bowed low, and scampered quickly to find Ah-Un.

When Jaken returned with the dragon, Sesshoumaru walked over to Kagome and picked her up. He laid her gently on the dragon's back, with Rin sitting near the girl. Jaken took the reins of Ah-Un and waited. Sesshoumaru turned forward and started walking, with Jaken and Ah-Un and his passengers in tow.

End of Chapter One

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