A Shaman's Halloween

Summary: Halloween through a shaman's eyes. POVs. R&R!

Genre: General

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: Shaman King © Hiroyuki Takei

Author's Note: My redone and less stupid Halloween fic. Read & Review!


I love this holiday! It scares most people but it makes me laugh. Since I'm a shaman I see everything this night has to offer. You wouldn't believe how many spirits fly around freely. It's amazing. What a night to go out dressed as a pumpkin ne?


They say evil has a special night. Halloween is it. The dead roam freely and it's always funner with a full moon. The beauty of the night really shows on a day like this. The ultimate shaman has turned into a vampire tonight.

Horo POV

What a beautiful holiday! You can never be considered too old for this. Everyone says you should stop trick-or-treating at age nine, but that's stupid. Besides what other day can you go out and ask for candy in a costume? No other day but Halloween. Being Frankenstein really changes your point of view.


A night to horrify the people around you. Perfect for a Tao... Well according to me anyways. My father always said it was stupid. He made me train all day, making it twice as bad since it was Halloween. But now that I'm fee of him I can enjoy the holiday I've always loved. Why have I loved it? Because it's the only night I can change my entire persona and be someone or something else for a night. I'm dressed as a cat tonight.

A/N: My redone fic. Is this better? For those who didn't catch on Yoh was dressed like a pumpkin, Hao like a vampire, Horo like Frankenstein and Ren like a cat. Read & Review!