Omg, I'm done! Can we say "yes!" I know you people probably never want to hear a story involving Cameron again. But it was something i had to get out. I hope you enjoyed meeting her and seeing my "fabulous" writing ability. You know, if Dick Wolf ever needs a new writer, he should feel free to give me a ring! Really!

Chapter 9:

Elliot sat in the waiting room at the hospital. Most of his friends and colleagues had been injured. How did one girl cause so much damage? How did she pin him down? He wasn't huge but he wasn't exactly a little guy. How did she get him like that?

Olivia walked up to him, he looked up between his fingers. "You don't look very happy." he said. He figured it was a stupid sentence. Huang, Casey were bloodied up pretty bad and Cameron could very well die.

"I checked out Brenda. She'd been in therapy." Elliot finally lowered his hands.

"So she was crazy."

"Not at all. She didn't have any symptoms that matched any mental illness."

"Ok I'm confused, if she wasn't crazy, why did she kill four men?"

"Her therapist said that she wanted something to be wrong with her. She made friends with girls who lived hard lives and they told her everything. She wanted to fit in."

"So I almost got killed because of a girl's jealousy?" He stood up and got right in Olivia's face. His face was blank. Liv didn't say anything. Elliot nodded and walked away.

Munch walked up to a room holding a bouquet of tulips. "No, I don't need to be held overnight! Oh go screw yourself I'm fine!" he chuckled to himself as he listened to Cameron freak out on her doctor. He walked in as the doctor pushed out mumbling under her breath.

"I thought I was bad." Cameron smiled. "How do you feel?"

"I just got shot."


"The arm, the shoulder and the stomach. That one hurt like a bitch."

"It missed everything. Lucky me, right?" Munch nodded. He pushed the flowers at Cameron. "Aww, thanks. That's so sweet of you." she grabbed them and sniffed. "Why?"

"I thought it was appropriate. I got 'em in the gift shop." Cameron smiled.

"I'm glad I'm so loved." She put them on the night stand next to her. "How you doing?"

"I'm ok."

"Good. So did they tell you what was wrong with Brenda?"

"Olivia told me it wasnothing."

"Get out!"

"Nope. Nothing wrong with her." Cameron started actually laughing.

"Well, I don't feel bad anymore. I'm actually kind of pissed. Are you saying that I was shot by an everyday loony?" Munch nodded. "You gonna be ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"If you ever need someone to talk to."

"I'll probably go to Fin. OR Cragen."

"As long as you ignore me."Both smiled warmly.

It was later that night and Cameron was putting on her bloodied street clothes, planning on "escaping" from the hospital. Huang quietly entered. Cameron jumped.

"Oh, jeez, you really need to learn to make more noise when you walk." She buttoned up her jeans.

"I just wanted to know how you were doing."

"Great, I'm in incredible pain andI'm sneaking out of a hospital. Ishould ask you the same thing."

"I wasn't talking about that. I heard you were attacked recently." Cameron stopped, her head fell back.

"Olivia told you."

"If you ever need anyone to talk to-"

"I don't. Really I'm fine."

"Cameron an attempted rape is just as bad as rape. It led Brenda to murder-" Cameron walked quickly so she stood right in front of Huang.

"Attempted rape and rape are not the same thing!" she practically shouted. "Brenda was psychotic who thought everyone should feel sorry for her! She thought a hand on her knee is an attempted rape. So excuse me if I don't take it so seriously!"

"Cameron you need to talk to someone."

"No I don't! I'm not gonna freak 'cause some kid tried to take something that I don't even have anymore! And for the record, rape is a hundred times worse than attempted rape! Ask anyone!" she walked towards the door. Understanding dawned on Huang.

"You were raped." Cameron stopped, her entire body tensed. After a few moments she turned back towards Huang, the tears already forming in her eyes.

"You go to hell." and with that she walked out of the room, leaving George alone with his thoughts.

The End.

Phew! I thought that would never end. Well I did it! So how did you like it? Who's mad because I didn't resolve Elliot and Olivia? But I did explain that line in the prologue that everyone seemed to have a problem with. Are you happy now? Well tell me what you think!