Post Enlightenment.

You know the drill. None of CJ belongs to me. :(

He wants her and I don't have the energy to fight for her. Not right now at least. She was never really mine to begin with. She told me she loved me and god knows I love her but we were never really 'together'. I met with Detective Simmons again maybe meeting with her will help. Something has got to change I have lost my friends and my soul mate. Jordan looks at me without recognition and I hate myself for this. She hurt me yes but what I am doing is no better than her past mistakes.

Before he knew it he was at her door knocking.

"Coming!" 'Stop that I have to go get the food'. He heard her say to someone.

"How much do I owe…… Woody! Um, I wasn't expecting you."

"Um yeah, can we talk, I…"

"Where's that food love?" JD said coming up behind her without a shirt.

"When you ask for a go of it you don't waste anytime do you?" Woody asked shaking his head.

"Woody please." Jordan pleaded.

"No I shouldn't have come this was a mistake. Goodbye Jordan."

"No! Go to the diner down the street I will be there in ten minutes."

He walked away she didn't know if he would do as she asked but she would wait all night for him; the truth was she would wait forever for him. This was not something she would have done in the past but Woody was different he was the first man she ever really loved and most likely the only man she ever would.

"I guess I know where you and I stand." JD said.

"He's my best friend. I won't walk away from him."

"He is more than a best friend love."

"Yeah he is." She finished dressing. "Can you let yourself out?"


She saw him through the window sitting at a booth looking at his hands. 'Go in.' She told herself.

He looked up when the bell rang announcing that someone entered the diner. She smiled and he gave her a small smile in return

"Hey there, Farm boy." She whispered when she arrived at the table.

"Hey." He managed to choke out. Before he knew it he was crying and she was next to him holding his body while he sobbed.

"I'm lost but I think I am starting to find my way out." He said once he stopped sobbing.

"You are Wood, you're finding your way back."

"Do something for me, Jo."


"Wait for me to come back?"

She smiled and kissed his head. "I will wait as long as it takes."