Yay! I have been hinting about this story on my other stories and on my bio page and it's finally here! (I know that this wasn't supposed to come out until after 'Through Different Worlds' was over, but I can post the first 3 chaps(fanfiction outline)without ruining either stories. I also felt like I had to repay everybody for not being able to update 'Worlds' in like a month because of issues I am having so this will be up along with the 1st chap soon.) Phoebe and Onalia are returning to our deminsion after venturing through a magical mirror to Heatherfield, and Will and Irma have returned as well. This is a sequel so if you don't know what I'm talking about, read thefirststory that I have written called 'Through Different Worlds' and catch up if you really want to read this story about the new Guardians in our world right now…and about Phobos's mysterious kids…. Check out the girls' bios on my profile page before reading! Well, only if you want to know about each of the girls like their personality, look, Guardian outfit, etc. It might really help. (I didn't feel like putting it all on the first chapter because I feel that it makes it boring because I hate having to read those before going on to the rest of the story. It's really your choice.) ;)

Note: Since I can only post those chaps while I'm still working on 'Through Different Worlds', I will not be able to update any further until that story is done which may be a while. Just hold tight for the rest of the story and I promise, you won't be sorry you did. This is going to be unlike any other new generation story. Enjoy!

Phoebe, Onalia, Wei, Eva, and Rachel- The new Guardians of the Veil!

P.O.W.E.R.- The New Guardians Unite!

Prologue- Where It All Began

Thirteen years ago. Phobos had a plan.

All was ruined when Elyon's nanny took her through the Veil, using his Seal.

Phobos was angry, the city felt his wrath.

All the energy and power flowing through this land would be stolen.

People would suffer without the food, water, and shelter that would soon be taken from them. Everywhere, people would be frightened to do anything to displease the prince, or else suffer a terrible fate.

Thirteen years ago. Phobos's soldiers advanced through Meridian.

Houses were burning, children were screaming.

The soldiers marched forward, looking for anyone with information. Phobos was beaten.

He couldn't cross through the Veil to get his sister.

No one knew what had happened, no one could say.

Men came out and started to fight the soldiers to protect their families.

Battles were braking out everywhere.

Phobos knew that he could do nothing else until the Veil was torn.

Thirteen years ago…

Phobos walked through the barren streets of Meridian. There was still a hint of smoke in the air and the clashing of swords sounded in the distance. Phobos spread his arms out wide and the ground shook. He felt power surging through him. The skies got darker, the color was being drained from this world. Phobos breathed in all the energy he was taking out of Meridian. Things were starting to look hopeless for the city. If he couldn't have his sister, he at least was going to have Meridian in his power, until the Veil would tear, and Elyon would be brought back to him. Everything was going to be his!

Phobos could taste the people's fear and confusement. Anger, frustration, emotions were running high, and he felt them with every step he took. He would live to feel their pain, to know their desperation. Not that he would care, he wasn't planning on doing anything to stop it. Feeding off their power, off their energy, would be imensely satisfying. At least, for the moment…

He kept walking with his eyes closed. Breathing in, he let the power guide him. There was so much power, and none of it would belong to anybody else, no one.

He almost tripped over something and cursed. Something had almost made him fall on his beautiful face in his moment of power and glory. He intended on destroying whatever it was and started looking around his feet. It wasn't long before a wailing sound came from a bundle of wrapped blankets about a foot away from him. Phobos frowned and walked up to the bundle curiously.

It was a baby girl. She was crying and squirming in the blankets. Phobos had had enough of that racket. He was going to shut her up for good. Once he raised his hand that was shimmering with magic, the baby stopped crying suddenly. Her wide brown eyes were looking up at him with curiousity.

"Dada?" she whispered in a high voice. Phobos was sure that it was the infant's first word and was appalled and raged that she'd think such a thing.

"I am not your father, child!" he spat while raising his hand again. She kept staring at him quizzingly with her deep brown eyes.

"Phobos?" she said quietly. Phobos looked at her with a strange look on his face. How did she know my name, he wondered. She's just a baby. The girl's parents were either dead or would be soon since they were most likely in the battles away from this place, probably to protect her too. Phobos picked the baby up and looked hard at her coldly. The baby yawned and closed her eyes as she snuggled deeper into her bundle of blankets.

Phobos started to think hard about his descission. Hmm, he thought. I could use her. She could help me and be trained in combat. When it is possible to go to Earth, she could bring Elyon to me! And when the Oracle anoints more pesky Guardians to defend the Veil, she could capture the Heart of Candracar as well! Phobos smiled and looked around. No one would ever know.

He cradled the baby and went back to his castle. Little did he know that a small boy was hiding around the corner, watching him take his sister away. The boy stepped out from behind the building and watched his baby sister being taken from him. He didn't know what to do. He knew that he needed to get back to his sister.

"Phobos." The two year old whispered softly before looking ahead at the walking man in the distance.

Phobos kept walking with a joy inside him that no one could stifle. In his castle, Phobos would not leave, but stay there forever and isolate himself from the people of Meridian. When at his throne, he put his thumb apon the girl and felt some power hum through his hands into her. She wiggled a little but then was still.

"Yes." Phobos said gleefully. "You will grow and use your power for evil, you will use it to serve me." He looked back down at the sleeping infant in his arms.

"My daughter."

Yes, I know 'wow'. I'm not exactly sure how old Elyon was before she was taken away to Earth through the Veil, but I'm guessing it was between a couple of months after she was born, or to where she was around one year old. (If anybody knows just say so in a review. Maybe I need to read the books again…) The baby girl was born around the same time Elyon was, and she just turned fourteen, which will totally be explained in later chapters. The little boy who was her brother is around a year older than the baby girl and will be fifteen now. Believe me, them and their history will be explained throughout the story. If anybody thought that the baby girl with the 'wide brown eyes' was Will, then I'd have to tell you no, that wasn't her. Anyway, in the next chapter, I'll show everybody what happened a year ago when Phoebe first moved here(note that this will be a 2 part chapter.)And in the third, we get back to the actual story where Phoebe and Onalia and Will and Irma finally pass back through the mirror into their own worlds,after a painful goodbye. What will happen now?