Meesa no own avatar the last airbender



Four years ago, in the Fire Nation, there was a young Earthbenderwho had been handed to the Fire Lord with the promise that she wouldn't be harmed and that the other earthbenders in her town would not be protected.. She had one friend, Prince Zuko. The prince's sister, Princess Zula, did not approve, and lied about the earthbender to her father. Two years after she had come, the earthbender had come, she was sent from the Fire Nation. She left two days before her friend's greatest tragedy. The Agni Kai. Now, believing that the boy she knew is gone, she wanders the Earth Kingdom, a wandering girl named Canoi.


As always, the Craven Bar in the earth kingdom was doing good business. Suddenly, a man rushed in panting. He yelled, "Firebenders sighted of the west shore; it's a small ship, but it could still hold over thirty men!"

Kauri, the barkeeper, turned to a guest, "You should get out of here, young earthbender. I'd hate to see one so good fall into Fire Nation hands."

The girl growled, "Fire Nation," and grabbed her bag and stalked out. Kauai sighed, 'That one's got a particular chip on her shoulder when it comes to the Fire Nation. All I can get out of her is that one of her friends was destroyed by the Fire Lord himself. Must have been an important friend.'

The girl ran through the woods, changing her outfit as she did so. Her light grey and dark green swapped themselves with black and pale brown, and she tied a black cloth around her head so the only her eyes and hair were visible. She swept her long brown ponytail up into a bun, and to complete her look, pulled on a trophy, the shoulder and breastplates of Fire Nation armor, painted in Earth Kingdom colors. She had become The Shadow, one of the best thieves in the world.

'Except for the Blue Spirit,' she thought, 'that guy really deserves the title King of Thieves, even if he stole it from me! After all, I've never done anything like snatch the avatar right out from under an admiral's nose! That is true thievery!'

She gently hopped up a slope, using earthbending to get to the farther ledges, and sat down at the top. She looked at the town, the Fire Nation ship didn't seem to be causing any trouble, so she pulled out two wanted posters fro her sack. One was her own, two thousand gold pieces for her capture. The other was of the Blue Spirit, at ten thousand gold pieces.

'Wow, some rich guys want him dead,' she thought. She created a closed room from rock and changed back into her normal clothes, 'After all, I don't think they're bender hunters,' she thought, 'and my wanted poster says I'm a bender anyway. May as well fake being a stupid girl.'

Within moments, The Shadow had transformed into her not-so-mild-mannered alter ego, a girl by the name of Canoi.