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"I can not believe that you tried to slit a soldier's wallet!" Zuko yelled as he jumped over a fallen log. Canoi blushed, zigzagging through some trees. Suddenly they were at the edge of a canyon. Zuko didn't notice though, and kept running, until he noticed that his feet no longer had anything to run on.

Canoi blinked as her friend tumbled down the cliff, and then a nanosecond later remembered that she was an earthbender. She jumped down, making herself go vertical so she'd catch up, then softened the ground as they both hit. Zuko still banged his head on a rock though. Canoi groaned; it was bad enough that he was out cold, but did it have to be now, of all times?

She shoved him into an indent in the canyon wall, hopped in herself, and then sealed ninety percent of the entrance, just as the soldiers slid down the cliff face. She didn't totally shut it because they needed to breathe, but you still couldn't see in.

Canoi flipped Zuko over, and tried to check his vitals, but it was hard in the dim light. The good news? He wasn't dead. The bad? He was still out.


Zuko woke up and stretched, but he kicked something. Make that someone. He blinked in the darkness, and then whipped up a flame. He immediately yanked it towards his chest, if it was been an inch further it would have hit Canoi. And she was way too cute to be hit by a fireball…

Zuko blinked, where had that come from? He shook his head to dislodge any similar thoughts, and then shook Canoi awake.

"Five more-" she started, but Zuko cut her off.

"No. Now."

Canoi mumbled something else and rolled over. Zuko snapped, "Oh, to Agni with it!" He slumped against the rock wall, how were they supposed to get out of trouble if she wouldn't wake up, not that removing themselves from dilemmas had been an issue awhile ago……


"Where are you idiots!" screamed a much ticked eleven-year-old Zula. Zuko and Canoi cowered behind a column, scared to death of what would happen if the firebending prodigy found them. As they snuck towards Zuko's room, Canoi yawned and started to lean on Zuko as they walked. As soon as they reached his room, Zuko promptly grabbed a bucked of water and doused her. Needless to say, the wake up call was unappreciated, but at least Zula had no proof of then slipping a lizard down her back.

End of Flashback

Zuko gave a thin smile, no wonder he liked her. He mentally slapped himself, he meant like in a friend way, not like-like! Right?