-a fan fiction written by Meeko Melodie

Meeko: Hey people! I'm back with another Ryo/Rika story! Yay! And this will be a Christmas fiction too! Double yay! Hopefully, this will be good; and if anyone is wondering what the title "Blasslila" means, it's actually German for "Lavender". Well, enough of my yapping, time for chapter one!

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Summary: For three years, they had lost contact. She thought time will wash away the confusing emotion; he regrets what he did three years ago. She has never left his mind; her lavender irises, always haunting him at the back of his mind... Now, three years later, one nightly encounter brought them together again. What will become of them? RikaXRyo

Chapter One: Memory Lavender

"Hey, Akiyama, what did you think of the test back there?" his friend caught up with the proceeding elder teenager. He shrugged carelessly, not really caring about the test one bit. Not that he didn't care about it before; it was just why should you think about such sober things right after you got out of said 'sober thing'? That was Ryo Akiyama's theory anyway. Seldom people shared similar philosophies as he did; 'that was probably why the number of students becoming depressed increased,' he thought in slight amusement.

"Where're you going right now?"

"Got to get to work," he replied, already walking towards his means of transportation – the public bus. His friend waved goodbye and strode off to the opposite way; Ryo watched as his back disappeared in the distance, then he left as well, walking right past the bus stop without hesitation.

'The weather is too good not to take a walk,' he decided and continued his way under the late afternoon sun of autumn.

He started his first taste of university life two months ago, and was quickly used to the rushing timetable between schoolwork, exams, and his part-time job in a bar in downtown Shinjuku. Ryo decided it wasn't too stressful for the first term, as many of his older friends had informed him, or maybe they just had different views of the levels of stress all together. Ryo Akiyama wasn't your average study buddy one could find randomly on a street; after all, he was the tough, kick-ass Legendary Tamer. Not that the title mattered much in his school transcript.

Walking steadily on the deserted sidewalk, he listened faintly to the crisp crunch that he made whenever he stepped on a dry, dying leaf; its being flaked into small pieces with the contact and later got carried off by the flying wind. Those yellowing leaves all around him waltzed in the moving air as soon as a strong gust of bitter breeze started; only a few stubborn ones managed to hang on limply to the balding branches.

He breathed in the sharp, cold air and it almost got caught in his throat.

Still striding, Ryo suddenly took note of a patch of bright color within the dying brownness. He rushed towards the source and stopped short when he knew what it was.

At once, he cursed himself for being so damn curious; he cursed that damn, sneaky emotion beneath. But too late, the memory triggered by the image from his betraying mind would not leave him at peace. At least, not for a long while.

That color Ryo saw was a pale violet: a few stems of wobbling lavender. A majority of the tiny flowers had already withered away; in fact, Ryo was surprised that there were still a few brilliantly lush flowers survived. He knelt down and reached out with one hand, gently stroking the soft pedals with his forefinger.

However, he snatched back in alarm as the few living flowers had fallen, under the touch of his fingers. He witnessed, with a hint of misery, as the rain of pedal swirled toward an unknown destination.

Ryo sighed with desperation, and closed his eyes.

x – X – x

The wind of early summer should bring some type of coolness to the citizens; the fact was: the air was hotter than ever, wind or no wind. And when the suffocating weather was present, it made mothers even more impatient than usual, or just generally any persons with temper.

That list of people could go on and on, but you wouldn't miss the name hat was just born to be on the sheet, and that was Rika Nonaka.

Apparently, the sixteen-year-old, happy-go-lucky teenager either didn't know of the list's existence, or choose to risk his precious life over it. Whichever it was, the fact did not stop Ryo Akiyama from calling the said girl during one of those annoyingly hot summer days.

He turned up at the meeting place a bit early, which was fine by him because as much as Ryo told himself umpteen times in his head, he was still damn nervous about the whole thing.

Sure, he might have numerous of experiences before in the boy-girl relationship department, first hand, but he never needed to lift up his finger or put in any effort on his account; literally translating, he meant that he had never confessed to a girl before. At all.

Hey now, don't laugh. Just because a guy had experience in this department didn't mean he had to have super skills at the subject of love confession. And Ryo Akiyama was the perfect example for that.

In his head, he kept running through the possible appropriate ways of telling Rika the truth, but they all sounded wrong in there. Guess he would just have to wing it at the last minute, huh?

That 'last minute' seemed to approach more quickly than Ryo had intended as he saw a figure with long, bright, fox scarlet hair nearing.

"Hey Wildcat," he greeted her casually. The violet orbs that he grew so fond of glared stoutly at him as Rika said in her usual sardonic tone, "what do you want, Akiyama? And stop calling me that!" Ryo just loved seeing her get pissed off at him like current situation; don't even start to ask why.

"Calling you what?" he never gave up a chance to tease the flame-haired girl once in a while.

"You know what it is," she rolled her eyes hopelessly. He chuckled; her glare hardened even more.

"Sorry, Wildcat, but I really don't know what you're talking about," he smirked. Rika glared some more, but seized the action after one minute, fully aware that she could never beat him. Besides, glaring too often was bad for your eyes.

"So, what is it, Akiyama?" she chose to ignore the nickname instead, leaning nonchalantly against the nearest tree trunk, "I don't have all day long, you know?" She waited, playing with the wool string of her hooded sleeveless sweater.

Ryo knew this question would come soon after their little bicker; Rika Nonaka was a very straight-forward teenager.

Well, so was he.

"Rika," he stepped forward, his voice was deep and laced with seriousness all of a sudden; even Rika could tell the considerable change of atmosphere. She looked up and met her cerulean irises; he sustained that steady gaze.

"I think I'm in love with you." There you go. Short and sweet.

'Or not,' he changed his mind. Ryo saw Rika's purple eyes, first blinking blankly, than a shock took place, shortly replaced by a nameless expression that Ryo couldn't really decipher.

"Ryo Akiyama," she started slowly, "did you just tell me that you're in love with me?"

"I think," he felt the need to add that two words, for some reason.

"You think," she repeated, somewhat blandly.

"Wow, Akiyama. I got to say, I'm impressed," she was saying this but a dangerous glint flashing warningly in her eyes, "tell me, is there a camera recording all this? Or maybe there's a hiding crowd in the bushes behind me waiting for me to believe all your bullshit?"

"Damn it!" he could not stand it any longer. Why couldn't she understand what he's trying to admit? Did she not trust him? Or did she think he was just doing all this to play a sick joke? Frustration was calling out to him, claiming his body as its own and he was trying hard to gain back his rightful control of his inner emotions, "Rika, this is not bullshit!"

With another step, he was right in front of her with a few dangerous inches in between their faces; his hauntingly bright eyes leveled with her pale lavender ones and his hands were on either side of her head, trapping the girl in between.

To say Rika was shock at Ryo's reaction to her words was definitely an understatement. She had never ever seen this side of Ryo Akiyama before and as much as she hated to admit it, she was scared shitless before this stranger.

"This is the truth, Rika," he told her softly, his voice a deep, enchanting timbre and warm, labored breathes ruffling her locks, "the fucking truth." It was almost as if Ryo had become another person.

The stranger lowered his head, and placed his lips on hers; her eyes widened.

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