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"A house divided against itself cannot stand." Abraham Lincoln June 16, 1856

January 6, 2017 Outskirts of Detroit Michigan (Post war)

Here in this wasteland of deserted buildings that was once my home town, I revisit a time from my past. A time filled with hardship, misery, death, and destruction. A time felt by this nation only once before. Times have changed, and so have the surroundings.

I remember how my neighborhood used to be. The school just across the street from my parent's house was once busy as could be, and stores were always within walking distance. The neighbors were always nice, 'well, mostly,' and the area flowed with a sense of relative safety and security. There were people, trees, and life everywhere you could see.

Now rubble litters the empty streets, and silence fills the heavy, dust clogged air. My once quaint suburban neighborhood is now leveled. My home, grade school, nothing was spared from destruction, save for the church that still stands albeit for the hole in its western wall. I trod over the fractured concrete that was once a road, and look up into the dark, choking smog that once used to be clear blue skies. The bitter cold wind whistled, stirring up some more dust into the air.

I then took the time to listen as the wind whistled by, then it slowed, bringing a period of utter silence. This silence only reinforced the eerie feeling that the wasteland overwhelmingly produced. I walk these empty streets, the neighborhood now a dull gray. The once lush city park is no more. Only splintered stumps of trees remained, as if they were the grave markers of the dead in a cold and lonely cemetery, A jumbled mass of twisted metal that was once a children's playground, stands as if it were a monument to this desolate city.

I climb to the top of a nearby hill in order to get a better view of the surroundings, buildings were leveled everywhere within ten miles. It seemed that the world had come to an end. My gaze wanders off to the east. What was once a bustling cityscape, was now an immense, empty, glassy smooth bowl in the ground off in the distance.

There was lifelessness everywhere, not even the birds dared to enter here. As if it were a cursed and forsaken land that death himself seemed to rule over. It was cold, desolate, lonely…

Everything used to be so simple at one point in history. It seemed so long ago when there was at least some peace in this world. But now there is nothing but the stench of destruction. As I pass through this deserted city, pocket marked with craters and demolished buildings, my mind wanders…

Three years ago, constant pressure on the nation's economy led to more and more riots and uprisings. Anti political groups were becoming more aggressive, and rumors of a secret coupe against the government were passing through the states. Others, like my uncle, who seemed to always talk about these things, were worried of a greater, more menacing threat that seemed to be looming ever closer to our unsuspecting population. A threat that would bring ruin to us all.

This never really concerned me at first; apart from the coupe there had always been something going on in this country, I just didn't pay much attention, although I probably should have. But that all changed…

I remember how it all came to pass, the war that tore this once magnificent nation apart. A war that began, not from a foreign power, or terrorist group in the shadows. This was a war of feuding states. This was a war within the country itself. And this war succeeded in nothing but the death and destruction of its own people. Blood was shed amongst those once united, and allies turned on each other in a state of panic and chaos, leaving nothing but a shattered union. This was the Civil War anew.

And with it came the loss of homes, families, friends. The death of millions in acts of senseless violence. The destruction of many parts of the country, and the once proud fabric of patriotism that it at one point held so dear.

And when the U.S. was in complete disarray, an enemy lying in wait in the shadows attacked and threatened to conquer the tattered remnants of the once united states.

Three years ago…

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