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"A house divided against itself cannot stand." Abraham Lincoln June 16, 1856

January 16, 2014. 1600 hours En route to battle field

4 LHX Comanche attack coppers were maneuvering over the forest tree line. they were heading for a major skirmish between allied CIS forces and hostile rebels. Apparently some scouts had stumbled across an old outpost in the wooded area maybe no more than 20 miles south of Willow Run Airfield which the CIS forces had captured and were now using as their forward airbase.

"This is Lynx 1 to all attack craft, we are approaching the target, repeat we are approaching the target."

"Lynx 1 this is air command, don't let a single one escape. They've caused us enough trouble already."

"Yes, Sir!… Alright you heard the man boys! All Lynx units proceed to the target, we are cleared to destroy everything so hit this place hard."

"Inbound helicopter squadron, this is Sergeant Collins of Omega squad, we have enemy snipers in the area but we can't determine their exact location due the thick forest growth obscuring our view. Can you take them out for us?"

"Will do Omega squad."

"Lynx 1 this is Lynx 3 permission to break off and use my infrared pod to find them."

"Roger that Lynx 3, permission granted, good hunting."

The third helo in the formation broke off, heading to Omega's last position. A small opening in its nose cone gave a faint red glow as the Forward Looking Infrared pod scanned the forest below for heat signatures.

Inside the cockpit the pilot filtered through the main screen.

"Ok where are you bastards," the FLIR pod scanned the area until it located two lone figures in the tree cover. "Found you… bye now bastards. Lynx 3, rockets away."

January 16, 2014. 1605 hours Rocket Impact Site

It was cold, it was dark, my breath was coming on heavy and hard. I felt like I was just hit by a semi truck screaming down the highway at 70+ mp/h. It didn't help that I had a face full of snow either.

Something nudged my head. 'Damn, what's found me, might be Farges or one of those Coalition morons.' I was nudged again. 'Okay I'm getting up!' Once more I was nudged… Now I was irritated. I adjusted my arms and pushed myself up spitting our the snow clogging my mouth.

"Damn it stop do- holy shit!"

My hand darted for my side arm and snapped it up at what had been poking me earlier. It was one of the largest gray wolves I had ever seen! probably weighed 200 pounds. It scarred the crap out of me, and I would have shot it out of impulse had the safety not been active.


The wolf however just stood there starring at me with it's beady little eyes. Then it turned around and took shelter underneath the cover of the collapsed trees.

I let out a sigh of relief, but I still kept an eye on the creature, no point in letting myself get attacked by the thing. It just sat there and watched me.


"Hm!" I looked around, but spotted nothing but charred earth and debris.

"Up here!"

a stick was then thrown at my head.

"OUCH! Hey!" I looked up, and 10 feet above me Farges was sprawled upside down amongst the branches of a pine tree.

"I could use some help you know."

"Ha! Yeah sure. I'm coming"


I dove to the side under the fallen tree, away from the wolf and pulled out my side arm, this time making double sure that the safety was off. Two coalition Marines entered the clearing, weapons raised, searching the area.

"Hey Omar, look up there!"

"Ha ha! Should we leave him here or just shoot him?" That grabbed Farges' attention.

"What, wait no! You don't have to do that, I mean what good would it do you? Honestly, c-come on you don't have to do that!"

I raised my hand gun and sighted the first man in the chest. My finger just barely touching the trigger, 'Just try it.' I thought.

Farges was panicky up in the tree, while the two guards consulted on how to deal with the situation.

"Omar, I say we just kill the bastard now and get the hell out of here."

The other, Omar, shrugged, "Alright, he was starting to annoy me any way." He racked the bolt of his rifle, "you er me?"


'To hell with this!' I thought. Bringing my weapon to bear on the called Omar, my finger just a hairs breath away from the trigger, then…

The wolf burst forth from the collapsed tree, snapping at the one behind Omar, clamping down on his arm holding his gun. He screamed in pain as the teeth sunk deeper into his flesh. His partner turned, raising his weapon to take a shot at the attacking creature. I was faster though, and let one shot rip through Omar at chest level, splattering his blood across the white snow. I fired one more round into the other soldier that was still struggling with the wolf, putting him out of his misery. The wolf, startled, scampered off into the forest.

"Phew." I looked up towards Farges, "You okay?"

"Looks like it!"

"Hey can you get down from there?"

I think so - Woa-"

Farges came loose from the tree and collapsed into the snow with a dull 'thump'. I cringed slightly, 'that ought to have hurt.' He pushed himself up, spitting out some snow.

"Damn! That was actually kinda fun." He started to laugh but was stopped by the sudden appearance of several more soldiers that had begun firing on our position.

"Oh shit! Move!"

I dove for my rifle, jumped behind the downed tree while fumbling for a grenade.

"Farges take cover!" I primed the grenade, counted to three, "Fire in the hole!" and let it fly.

Two seconds later the grenade detonated, peppering the trunk of the tree with shrapnel. I pulled myself out from behind the tree, Farges was jogging toward me.

"Damn man be more careful with those things. I just barely made it behind cover."

"Heh. Sorry bout that."

One of the helicopters roared overhead, blasting the snow all around us.

I activated my radio, "Hey! We need some one to take out that chopper!"

"Oh hey sergeant, it's Popovski. Yeah I'd love to do that if I only had a fucking anti air cannon!"

"Hey try the M1's missile battery! That the AA artillery you were talking about!"

Two more helos soared overhead chain guns blazing.

"Damn!" He yelled over the radio. "I'm on it!"

One minute later three missiles sot upward, turning most of the formation into bright orange fireballs.

"Yeah! Look at those bastards go!" Shouted Farges, while the last of the Comanche's fled away from the lethal anti-air battery. This battle was passing by way too easily, there were Choppers, but hardly any infantry or support of any kind. 'What's going on?' Then I saw them.

"Don't start celebrating yet! Enemy infantry on your left."

"What? Oh come on." He groaned, then moved closer under the cover of a fir tree to get a better view.

"Looks like about thirty of them. Damn they've got heavy weapons. Looks like rocket launchers."

I nearly shouted over the radio. "Everyone, a platoon of heavy infantry to the East by the road. Repeat, heavy infantry with anti vehicular weapons. I'm requesting reinforcements."

"We copy that - Agh Shit! Grenade! Take cover!" There was a short pause followed by an explosion. "Repeat we copy, this is Lt. Ash, we are encountering stiff resistance on our end, I think they've been trying to flank us! We're too busy with these hostiles to help you…"

The corporal looked at me, his face grim, and anxious.

"Sergeant, alright, I can send Bravo squad your way, but that's it. Lt. Ash out!"

"Yes Sir!" I said just before joining Farges with my rifle at the ready. I crouched low by the second fir to his left. He whispered.

"3 of them, they've got eight rocket launchers, 2 thirty cals., a sniper, a few SAWS, some M-4's with 203's attached. Damn heavy stuff if you ask me. He have any support?"

"Yeah, one team, that's it."

"That gives us what… three to one odds against us? Well then, let's get to work. wait fer my signal."

"Alrigh- hey wait! I'm the sergeant here! You wait for my signal!"

"Oh right, fine, sorry."

I rolled my eyes in annoyance, "I'll take out the thirty cals. you take out the rocket wielding ones. 3-2-1 go!"

I fired an airburst grenade, it detonated 90 yards away, right in the middle of them all. Shrapnel caught five of them. The shockwave knocked another 4, and the flames finished 7 more.

"Hey come on man that's not fair!" Farges whined.

"Who said anything about being fair?"

"Popovski, where the hell are ya!"

Bursts of gun fire from the tree line 30 yards north of us responded. The already disoriented troops scattered… well some of them did. About nine of their original number managed to escape into the woods and conceal themselves in the forest undergrowth.

"Hey I thought you said there were more!" Popovski shouted from behind me.

"Um, there were more."

More gun fire confirmed that just moments after I had spoken. Bravo squad dove for cover as bullets plowed the ground just feet away from us. Geysers of snow and soil rose and created a haze between our opposing forces, a "fog of war" I guess. The only way that we could be sure we were shooting in the right direction was from the muzzle flashes that spurted and flickered in the haze, giving us an idea of where our targets were.

"Get some grenades up here!"

"Popovski more over!"

"What the hell'r you doin?"

"Just move over."

I shouldered my rifle, switched the targeting mode to Impct. Grnd. and let the remaining three grenades in the clip fly in quick succession. Three explosions followed, and the incoming fire subsided.

"I think that got 'em. How's that for you!" I cheered.

"Right." Popovski responded then gestured four of his men forward to search for survivors.

"We got nothing sir!"

"Well then, nice shot Kid. Now-"


An immense explosion was heard behind us. It was in the direction of our HQ. I turned to see a pillar of smoke rising from the tree tops.

I keyed my radio, "What's going on Lt. Ash? What's the HQ's current status?" No response. "Shit!" I keyed my mike again. "Burnham! Bacero! Anyone, respond!" Only static greeted my ears…

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