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Harry Potter and the Life Unlived


Vulpine Nox

Underlined is writing

Italics is telepathy

Bold is parseltounge

It was a quiet night as the war-wearied leader of the Light placed the savior of the wizarding world on the steps of number four Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. It was a quite little neighborhood and utterly normal. A half-giant and a professor of transfiguration watched, as their savior was condemned to the world of muggles. Though they disliked the child being placed with muggles their leader assured them that it was the best place for him. And they believed the Headmaster. It never ceased to amaze Raven that the mortals took his word for the truth. He knew better than to trust the manipulative mortal Headmaster. He watched as the old wizard disappeared into thin air, the professor was replaced by a tabby cat that quickly ran into the night, the half giant started up the flying motorcycle and glided off. The nerve of those people leaving his nephew to live with muggle mortals, not that he'd let them.

Raven walked up to the porch as soon as the odd group left, and too his nephew on the steps of the front door. The child had vibrant green eyes that looked at him curiously and a messy head of black hair. "Hello little one" he whispered and they both disappeared into the shadows.

Petunia Dursely collected the milk bottles from the front porch, complete oblivious to the fact that her nephew was now missing, taken by some unknown person. Neither she nor the wizard that left him would become aware of that fact for a great many years.

"Raven, why am I here?" asked a girl that looked about three. Which is odd to any normal person's standard, but accepted in the large dark mansion the silver-eyed child currently stood in.

"Your mother and father were killed by the false blooded" answered Raven in a voice full of grief. It was the only outward sign of emotion.

"Mother and Father are dead?" The girl sobbed sinking to her knees. Raven walked over to her and picked her up.

"It will be alright. I am here for you, I will keep you safe little niece," he said to his niece in a loving voice. "I have a surprise for yo-"

"You insensitive bastard, my parents just died and you are giving me presents" she shouted enraged and struggled out of his grip and sunk to the floor shaking with silent tears.

"No, Silver its nothing like that. I kidnaped your cousin. His parents were murdered as well, by Voldemort" picking her back up and hugging her tightly.

"Sorry Uncle Raven. Where is he?" She asked, wiping her away her tears as she hugged him back.

"Bugger, I've forgotten where I put him." He set her on a table and ran off in search of the boy calling back "I'll be back soon, don't leave the house." Silver hung her head in exasperation, he was the most absentminded Vampyre she had met. I mean really, losing a child that couldn't walk? Knowing him, he would have left her cousin close by. He always left his stuff close by, why would a child be any different?

Silver looked in several rooms and finally found the child in the room two doors down from her bedroom, which is where her Uncle had left her in a panic, and sure enough there was a small basket sitting on the table. She could hear his heart beating faster as she walked closer. Silver blinked in surprise, he could sense her approach. That was unusual, especially considering a mortal fathered him. She leapt onto the table gracefully and peered into the basket. Green eyes stared back at her, an uncommon trait of the Myst family. So he would be the son of Lily, sister of her father and uncle, the Missing Sister.

Silver felt his magic stir and reach out, cautiously poking at her aura. After a few minutes of it the boy smiled and gurgled "hungee". While waving his arms around she caught one of his hand and bit gingerly into his finger, testing his potential. She could sense magic in blood of any creature, as any Vampyre. He looked surprise for a moment but it passed quickly and looked at her confused. Silver eyes widen as she tasted his blood, he would be powerful.

Tears welling up in green eyes she quickly sent him a feeling of love and reassurance. She removed her mouth from his hand and healed hand with some mild blood magic. He was a Sleeper, a Vampyre with dormant blood that would waken about around his magical growth spurt. She bit into her own finger and stuck it in his mouth. Any Sleeper who tasted Vampyri blood turned into a full Vampyre. In most cases Sleepers had weaker Vampyri power than a born Vampyre or Turned Vampyre. His eyes opened wide as he tasted the blood and tried to bite her finger as she pulled it out of his mouth.

She sat back on her haunches and watched him much like a predator watches its prey. He started crying and a few moments later he fell into a deep sleep.

Silver jumped down from the table and pulled the covers off the bed along with the pillows and made a bed on the floor. She retrieved her cousin and put him on a pillow and promptly fell asleep next to him.

Shade was born, he who was sheltered from the light and blood brother of Silver.

Two Years Later

Raven had been looking for the false blooded that had killed his brother and he found them after two years. The children watched as Raven killed all of the false blooded brood and their clan leader himself at the cost of his own life. Shade wouldn't learn about his parents until many years later.

Shortly after Raven died Silver and Shade were approached by an organization known as the Shadows, they were a legendary group that taught magic. They had been founded shortly after the fall of Atlantis on its remaining land.

Contrary to legend, Atlantis did not sink but was destroyed due to a magical explosion. There were five isles left after the explosion now called the Eternal Isles. Shadow Isle, Darkwater Isle, Wildwood Isle, Windswept Isle and Atlantis Isle outlining the circle of the explosion. All the water inside the circle of the islands is incredible deep and nearly straight down. The area around the circle was very shallow, maybe four feet at its deepest, for about twenty miles because the explosion spread out the land that was Atlantis and the land from the pit. The most drastic change was a magical Well was created in the center of the pit making it impossible for anyone to enter without having someone who knows where it is already show him or her. Only myths about the Eternal Isles exist in the Magical world. Which was why the children were very suspicious about the human that had told them about it.

They agreed to it after talking to each other about it for a while. Shortly after they were inducted and started their education.

Eight Years Late

"Shade, there are two owls at the window," said Silver in a lazy voice while lying on the couch and playing a game on her laptop.

"Ha ha very funny Silver as if wand wavers would be writing us," Shade snort at the very thought, not looking up from the book he was reading.

"Fine be that way," Silver's pale hand waved at the widow, not looking away from her game. It opened inward so it didn't hit the owls, which looked very affronted to have to wait outside Fox's Den. A large house just outside Shadow's Haven, the main city of the Eternal Isles on Darkwater Isle the largest of the Isles. It was given to Silver, known in the Isles as Silverfox, when she became a Master of Life Magics three years ago. Not that it was hard to get a Master rank, anyone with above average knowledge and power could get one. Shade won the title Master of Free Magics two years ago in a spar for the title after an old Master had died. He also received a house but for the most part he lived at Fox's Den with his bloodsister, who was looking at the owls expectantly.

One of the owls fluttered over to Silver nervously sensing that she was a predator. It held out its leg and shook the letter off and took off as fast as its wings could carry it. She took the letter while watching her brother chasing the other, much more panicked owl around.

"Bloody Hell it slashed me." Shade said sucking the cut on his hand that he had received from the owl, which had flown into the glass before escaping the irate boy.

"Well this is interesting we've been invited to Hogwarts. Do you think we will be able to go? Its been boring here since we've achieved Master status. Shade? Are you listening to me?" She threw one of her knives at him to get his attention and it cut his cheek.

He hardly seemed to notice, "BLOODY HELL" he shouted.

"Its not that big of a cut." Silver said in an annoyed voice. "Silver, according to this I'm HARRY BLOODY POTTER!" he shouted looking paler than normal.

"Well that's a surprise, at least you have a lot of influence in the wizarding world" Silver said cheerfully as Shade fainted. She ignored him and started to hack into the English government database looking for information on Lily Myst Potter, the Missing Sister.

"Goodbye Council and thank you." Came Silver's voice from the couch.

Shade groaned from the floor. "Please tell me you didn't tell the Council that we are going to Pigweed."

"You know very well its Hogwarts and yes I did. It's been so boring here lately a change of scenery will be nice."

Shade shivered, Silver was scary when she was bored and tended to cause massive amounts of mayhem and destruction to entertain herself. Scary as she was when she was bored he wasn't willing to give in so soon.

"Why do I have to come, can't you go alone?"

"I'd miss you to much and it would be suspicious if the Savior of the Wizarding World disappeared. You know we are supposed to find possible recruits. We have none trained as wizards on the whole of the Isles. 'Sides it be fun to mess with them and you know as well as I do that evil wizard that tried to killed you is still alive, revenge you know?"

"Fine, when does it start?" Silver rolled her eyes.

"Read your letter and here" she said handing him some papers "these are about Lily and what little I could find about James on the web."

"Thanks" said Shade. He had never bothered to look for information on his birth family, he was perfectly happy with Silver. They didn't look alike at all though, Shade was taller, around 5', had black hair with a slight green sheen that was just long enough to it tie in a ponytail and dark green slit eyes. He was pale like most Vampyri and looked around ten. All Vampyri aged quickly when they are physically younger than five. So they look like five when they are around two and their mind grows quicker than that. Shade and Silver were no different. Silver looker also looked around ten and was pale but that is where the similarities end.

Silver had white hair down to her ankles that she wore in a braid most of the time and silver slit eyes. She was around 4'7. She was born with black hair but it turned white when she came into her necromancy powers, all necromancers have white hair due to their handling of Death. None of her family had ever been necromancers. Since the death of her mother and father she was Head of the Myst family and Heiress to the Silverblood line. Her grandmother was the mother of the Vampyri race and she was the only direct birthline. In essence she was the leader of the Vampyre race, but she had never claimed that title. She had no reason to, the Vampyri were doing well, not fighting among themselves and the surviving false bloods were fairly weak in comparison to what they once were.

She had never bothered to check her investments on the Wizarding side of the family, the Myst, but she made plenty of her own investments in the stock market. She had a few science research facilities and other companies. She even started a crime ring once, in London, when she was bored. Last time she checked it was doing fairly well. She laid back on the couch and search through London police records looking for her now not so little crime ring.

"The Headmaster is sending out an escort tomorrow to Number Four Privet Drive to help me with my shopping. Where shall I tell them to meet me?" asked Shade after he finished reading through the papers and rereading his letter.

"Pick a shopping mall somewhere, tell them that the mortals that you are supposed to be living with had to go shopping." Silver answered absentmindly, busy with gauging the progress her ring had made in the three years since she had created it.

"Silver, what about our apprentices?"

"Hmmm? Oh the Council will probably transfer them."

"Oh, okay."

"And a novice is coming with us her name is Sear." There are six levels in the Isles, Master, Adept, Apprentice, Novice, Accepted, and Potential.

"Never heard of her is she any good?"

"She is supposed to be brilliant at Weaving and Arithmancy." There are five main Magics, Instrumental, Free, Life, Weave, and Runic. Instrumental uses some sort of instrument like a wand, orb, staff, and the like, to channel magic through. Free magic is magic controlled by the will. Life magic includes Blood magic, which are all Magics concerning the body and Necromancy. Weave magic uses "threads" of magic woven in a pattern to cause an effect. Runic magic is the use of Runes.

"Is there anything else?" Shade asked.

"We are going to Diagon Alley separately tomorrow and then we are going back the next day to really explore it and buy anything of interest to the Shadows. School starts on September 1, so we have a week to prepare. Did I forget anything?"


"Than I am going to go pack" and Silver walked into her room and started to pack her stuff.

"Where is the escort, they should be here by now." Whined a small bespectacled boy that looked to be nine.

"How should I know, maybe the owls died on the way back to the school because you summoned them from twenty miles away?" Hotly replied a young girl with short black hair and silver eyes.

"Its not my fault the dumb things was stupid enough to leave without a reply. And why do I have to be shorter than you?" The green eyed boy whined.

"Stop being difficult, there is someone huge coming this way. I'll follow you to Diagon Alley. Don't do anything non-mortal." Silver slipped into the crowd and disappeared in its masses. When Shade turned around he was meet will the stomach of a very large man.

"'Ello Harry, me names Rubieus Hagrid, but just call me Hagrid, everyone does." Shade looked up and found a mass of wild hair and a short beard, black beetle eyes were staring at him intently, "are ye ready ter go?"

Shade mentally rolled his eyes and though to Silver 'no I'm not, how dare you interrupt my time with this beautiful green bench, can't you see we are having a private moment?' A snort of mental laughter from Silver and get going we don't have all day.

"Are you from Hogwarts" Shade made his voice very timid.

"'Course laddie, yer sure have grown last time I saw yer when 'Fessor Dumbledore left you with the Durselys. Blimely would you look at the time we must get going, just foller me." Hagrid walked into the crowd and Shade followed him closely, becoming very annoyed when people pushed up against him.

The trip was rather uneventful and they soon arrived at a dingy little pub called The Leaky Cauldron.

"The usual Hagrid?" asked the bartender.

"Not terday Tom, I'm on official Hogwarts business." Hagrid replied happily.

"Bless my soul its Harry Potter," whispered Tom "a pleasure to meet you Mr. Potter." He said in a slightly louder voice. The pub quieted and then-

"Hello Mr. Potter-"

"So nice to see you Mr. Potter"

"He's so little, James was never that small."

"Your eyes are you mother's Mr. Potter."

Silver sent waves of humor to him through telepathy as she was watching him from a shadowed corner of the room, she had slipped in during the confusion After much greeting the finally made their way to the back of the pub but not before stopping before Hagrid greeted a peculiar man in a purple turban

"'Ello Professor Quirell. This is Harry Potter, Harry this is Professor Quirell Teacher of the Defense Against the Dark Arts." Harry gave him a nod and looked back to Hagrid.

"Ppp-leasue ttt-to meet you." Stuttered the man.

"We're shopping for Arry's school supplies terday. Nice to see you Professor we gotta be off." Hagrid lead him to the back of the pub, out a small back door and tapped on a few brick on the back of the alley way.

"Welcome Harry, to Diagon Alley." Hagrid said in what Shade assume was his dramatic voice as the brick parted to reveal a crammed alley of shops and wizarding folk. A sudden peculiar pull on his magic made him peer around in shock

'Silver did you feel that?' He asked hurriedly, luckily Hagrid had taken his shock as amazement of the Alley.

'That was the calling of a bloodsibling,' he continued.

I felt it as well, so whoever it is must be related to the Myst line. I'll see what it is and you will stay here, Silver said stilling his protest. Act stupidly, as if you know nothing of the wizarding, world, make sure that Hagrid notices. It might make Dumbledore's machinations easier to recognize. Stay safe.

Their mental link went quiet and Shade replied 'Stay safe sister.'

A fist swung at Silver, and someone whimpered, as she appeared where the bloodcall had originated from, she caught it easily and looked behind her at where the whimper came from. A girl was holding her arms in front of her face and looked surprised when the fist didn't come. Purple eyes peeked out from underneath her arm and the girl gave a squeak and toppled backwards.

"Never touch her again, mortal." She spit as she turned her attention to the owner of the fist. Staring at the purple-faced whale of a man, while putting a painful amount of pressure on his hand. The man, walrus is a better description for him, with no neck and a bristly moustache, pulled back his hand and sputtered for a moment.

Finally said in a loud voice, "Who the hell are you, how dare you intrude in my house you freak. Leave now and I won't call the police." He continued on with the threats while Silver looked around, she was in a kitchen the people had apparently been eating lunch. Behind the enraged man was a tall stick like woman, his wife apparently, a very fat dirty blond boy and two stick like girls. Behind her were two sets of twins, one set with raven black hair and one set deep red, and the blonde haired girl that was going to get hit. All of them had dark purple eyes, the eyes of the Myst family, and were Sleepers. That was quiet a surprise, to her knowledge she had no immediate live Aunt or Uncles on the Myst side of the family. She wondered if Walrus and Stick were related to her Aunt Lily, which was the only possible way the girls behind her could belong to the Myst family.

"Did either of you know Lily?" Walrus man ignored her and kept bellowing about freaks, while Sticky stiffened.

"I asked you a question." Silver said in a cold tone, letting off a bit of bloodlust that the mortal would sense unconsciously. It was so fun to scare mortals.

"Yes," said Sticky hesitantly "she was my sister."

"That's impossible, your family must have adopted her," rolling her eyes at the mortal ignorance.

"I doubt it how else would I have those freakish children over there? Vernon, thank god, is completely normal," answered Sticky in a disgusted tone.

"Did you have an affair?" Silver asked, quite amused as Vernon stiffened. Looks like I might have more family than what is here, she though to herself.

"Of course not, how dare you!" Sticky sputtered.

"Then Aunt Lily was adopted and a spell was cast on you in way of thanks. It gives the genes and magic of our Line to you and your husband. Your first child was nonmagical, correct?" The blood gift spell was the only way that these girls could be related to her. She also forgot to mention that it would be the same for the firstborn.

"Of course Dudley was normal, you're her niece?" asked Sticky.

"Magic on us? How dare you, you filth. Remove it immediately." Vernon the Walrus said in a raspy voice.

"Its already gone, absorbed by the children behind me. If you have had children since them that look like you, and yes I'm Lily's niece. Now it is obvious that you are not suitable parents and as such I will take the girls behind me with me. You will never see them again and everyone else will forget about them."

"They're leaving and not coming back? Good, but don't expect any money from me. Their stuff is upstairs," he said in a pleased tone.

"Go pack!" he barked at the girls, "You have five minutes." The girls scrambled out of the kitchen and she heard their feet going up stairs. During the silence Silver went into each of the non-magical mortals minds and created a block that would prevent them from ever telling what happen to their daughters and that they had never taken care of Shade.

"Can I get you something to eat?" Petunia asked after a few minutes in a nervous voice, afraid that the opportunity to get rid of the freaks would no longer exist is she was not courteous. Silver smiled letting her illusion on her fangs drop, showing them completely.

"I wouldn't mind a bite, but it has been five minutes and I have other appointments. Thank though." Silver replied as she was walking towards where she heard the girls go up the stairs, cackling madly mentally. Petunia fainted dead away, Vernon turned a pasty white and the whale and his two sisters ran out of the room.

Opening her link to Shade she sent him a feeling that everything was okay along with all her feeling of humor. Silver walked into a little room crammed with two bunk beds and a single bed, the girls, her cousin she reminded herself, faced her and all had old backpacks on crammed mostly with book and clothes.

"Who are you?" asked one of the black-haired twins.

"Call me is Silverfox, I am a relative. What are your names?"

"I am Raine, the oldest," replied the blonde one. "Ivy and Iris, the ones with black hair, are the next oldest, Rosie and Lily, the read heads, are the youngest," Raine said pointing to the redheads.

"Call us Roses, Ms. Silverfox. We can't remember who is who cause we share memories. Why are you here? Where are you going to take us?" asked Rosie and Iris in unison. They would have continued but one of the black haired twins snapped, "Roses, no abnormal stuff remember?"

"Don't bother, it's normal to be curious and no Ms. just Silverfox. I am here because I felt Raine's cry for help. We are going to my house first if you want to come. I will answer more questions later, but for now, we have things to do. Are there any others that you feel especially close to, others like you?"

"There are other girls like us," said Raine cautiously.

"They even have purple eyes, cept for one," chirped Roses.

"We are supposed to meet them in a few minutes, in the park. Why do you want to know?" Raine continued.

"Because they are family, apparently your father had affairs and children from them."

"Vernon is no father of ours, and I'm not surprised about the affairs. How are they related to us exactly?" Questioned one of the dark-haired girls, or whom Silver assumed to be Ivy.

"The spell that was used on your birth mother is our families Blood Magic. It was my, our grandmother's way of thanking the family Aunt Lily was adopted into, giving many of our gifts to the next generation. Later I will help you find all of the gifts. The spell most likely carries the genes of my Father, my Uncle and Aunt Lily's. That would make you something like ½ sister except that the spell strengthens with time, it's like you have four parents. Petunia and Vernon's genes only count as ¼, and the strongest win out. With the extra time, the spell 'parents' became more powerful than your actual birth parents thus they are dominant. The girls that were the result of an affair with Vernon will have less Myst traits because the spell weakened when it was transferred. The spell can only be transferred once, but they will still be half sisters but the purple eyes almost always win out. And because the spell was cast by a woman you are all females, the spell also has a tendency to produce identical multiple births," Silver explained.

"I studied genes in school and none of what you told us is possible," said Raine in disbelief.

"That, dear sisters, is the essence of Magic. I will take you away from here only if you do exactly as I ask, do you agree?"

"Yes"-replied five voices.

"Good, come here everyone, hold hands and open your mouths." It is the head of the clan who the Sleeper belonged to responsibility to waken them. They did it quickly, they would do anything to escape this place. She caught their mind momentarily and held them in place while she deeply cut her pointer finger on a tooth and put a drop of blood in each mouth before they realized what happened. She released their mind, grabbed the hand closest to her and teleported them to Fox's Den.

A few moments after the blood hit their tongues they snapped their mouths shut almost simultaneously. They looked around wildly before sinking to the ground weakened and fell unconscious as they started to Waken. Waking was a short process taking usually ½ a day.

Before she left for the park she once again made bed a bed out of blankets and pillows on the floor and put her sisters on in and teleported out, but not before heavily warding her sisters.

She reappeared at the edge of the park, checking that no one saw her. She made her way into the park, the very center of it she saw a very upset group of girls. One set of brunette triplets, two of twins one black and one flaxen haired and one single red- haired child, talking anxiously.

"They should be here by now!"

"I know that."

"Where do you think they are?"

"Do you think the letter caused this?"

"They are safe from the Durselys," Silver spoke from the shadows and stepped into the clearing. She had turned into her favorite form, an ageless child that had pure white braided hair down to her ankles and silver eyes. She was wearing a black long sleeved shirt and baggy black pants, her scythe was strapped to her back diagonally with the blade at the bottom.

"Who are you?" Asked the red head.

"I am Silverfox and you are hurt," said Silver frowning. Sensing the girl's pain, she walked forward and put a hand on the girl's cheek, using blood magic to heal the bruises on the girl's back. The girl's eyes widened as a feeling of warm flowed down her back.

"Thank you Silverfox, my name is Katrina but call me Cat. The triplets are Jade, Onyx, and Terra. The black haired twins are Ala and Astra and the ones with golden curls are Anea and Anora. Why are you here?" Cat asked softly.

"I am here to find my other sisters and now I have found them."

"We are your sisters? How?" Silver gave the same explanation to the eight sisters in front of her as she had the five before.

"I,-we-don't believe you. Magic can't exist and we are certainly nothing special," said one of the curly flaxen haired twins after Silver finished the explanation.

"Dear sisters you are all quite special, did you not receive a letter from Hogwarts?"

The twins stiffened. "How do you know about that? Did you send it, it is a cruel joke to play and it got Cat beaten."

"I did not send it, the Headmaster of the school sent it, why won't you believe me?" Silver asked starting to become annoyed.

"Because I, we have always wished for a good family, but is to good to be true, so you must be lying." The twin said quietly.

"It is alright to be frightened and you do not have to come with me, but all of you will get Hogwarts letters eventually. Your magic is to potent to go untrained." Silver said softly.

"You mean we will be forced to come?" questioned Cat.

"I wouldn't put it past Dumbledore to come to see why eight Mysts are living apart from each other and why they refused the invitation to his school. He would trick your mind into wanting to come."

"What do you mean eight there are thirteen of us fourteen including you?" asked one of the brunette triplets.

"The others have agreed to live with me and agreed to attend Hogwarts. I will take them to the schoolwith me when I attend. If you chose to come with me you will obey me because the Myst family is always well behaved and well trained in the arts (which was true, but they would obey her because she was the Blood Mother), and I will become your guardian and teacher. Do you agree?" Silver said happy that she was finally making progress.

"What will happen to our families, not that we like them, they are all scared of us, but we still, care, for them." asked one of the black haired twins.

"I will make them forget you or you ran away or disappeared or were killed it's your choice."

"They will not be harmed by Dumbledore?" asked one of the triplets.

"No he would send you another owl with some sort of tracking spell on it, to find where you lived and if you still refused he would come and 'convince' you to come. Currently he has no idea where you are as it is the deputy head's job to send out first letters, but if you refuse or don't reply it becomes his job to investigate. You are safest if you come with me to Hogwarts, and to do that you will come live with me and be under my tutelage. I ask again, do you agree?"

"Do we have to decide now?"

"This minute. I have many things to do and very little time." The girls discussed it among themselves for a few seconds.

"We all agree," said Cat.

"Then line up, hold hands and open your mouth." She once again caught her sisters' minds and held them while she put a drop of blood in each mouth and grabbed a hand and teleported to Fox's Den. After they were unconscious she place them on the virtual nest of pillow and blankets.

"Shade is going to be in for a surprise when he get back," she murmured once again disappeared, but this time it was to sate her thirst.


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Shade I might start calling Harry (a horrible name) and Silver, Ana (said like Anna).

I know the Sisters are confusing/Mary Sueish and they will play a tiny microscopic part in the story so you don't really have to keep track of them. Ignore them completely, just know that they exist and that S and S are protective of them. But here is what they look like.

From the Dursely family

Raine- first year, straight platinum hair purple eyes.

Iris and Ivy- twins second year, straight black hair w purple shine purple eyes.

Rose and Lily (Roses)- Twins third year straight blood red hair w purple eyes.

From the Other families

Cat- first year, straight red hair purple eyes.

Jade, Onyx, and Terra- triplets second year, curly brown hair purple eyes except for Jade sea green eyes.

Ala and Astra- twins first year, platinum curly hair purple eyes.

Anora and Anea- twins third year, curly golden hair purple eyes.

There will be more explanations about Eternal Isles later.



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