Harry Potter and the Life Unlived


Vulpine Nox

Underlined is writing

Italics is telepathy

Bold is parsel

'thoughts of those not telepathic'

Last Chapter

"No Elm, thank you, you may do what you wish for now," the pudgy elf popped away. Silver wiped up the last of the soup with a piece of bread, surprised how quickly she had finished off breakfast. She laid back on the pillow and went to sleep.

This Chapter

Poppy, as the matron instructed Silver to call her, released her from the Hospital Wing as soon as Silver had woken up from her nap. After giving her strict instructions to rest and not use magic for a week.

Neville met Sliver outside the Hospital Wing and greeted her shyly, "Hello Silver, I'll walk with you?"

"Thank you Neville, how has everything been?" Silver greeted him happily. Neville mentally scolded himself for being nervous.

"Good, I've been practicing spell by myself mostly, sometime with Shade or one of the others." Neville seemed quite a bit more confidant.

"Everyone's recovered then?" Silver questioned even though Shade had told her the happenings.

"Yes, there are many rumors that Ronald Weasley owes you a Debt of Honor," Neville paused, waiting to see if she would confirm the scandalous rumor. Progeny of the Light-sided blood-traitor Great House of Weasley, not that it was great anymore, owing the scion of the dark Great House of Myst. When Silver didn't speak he continued, "because you saved him from almost certain maiming and/or possible death." Neville took somewhat of a tone of a lecturer.

"I know what an honor debt is Neville." Neville blushed slightly, but said nothing. Silver gave him a moment to speak but he remained quiet.

"How is your other training going?"She asked.

Neville brightened at the question, "quite well, I've moved onto other plants."

"The focus and egg?" Silver questioned as they entered a back, little used staircase that led to the dungeons, away from prying eyes.

"I haven't worked with the focus yet, but I think the egg will hatch soon."

"Why would you think that?" Silver questioned, unsettling silver eyes peering at him.

"I don't know, I'm probably just being stupid." Neville faltered for a moment and tripped on one of the uneven stones that was slightly raised from the floor. He quickly scrambled back up and hurried carefully to catch back up to Silver, trailing slightly behind her.

"Nonsense, if you think it will hatch soon then it will." She turned her head slightly as she spoke to him.

"Then why did you ask me why I thought it?"

"To test you."

"Did I pass?."



They carefully crossed a wide hallway, often used by Slytherins and Hufflepuffs alike and walked on one of the lesser traveled paths to the Rooms through the dungeons. The rest of the walk was spent in a loud silence, at least for Neville. Silver wasn't wearing her shoes and her feet made little sound on the hard rock beneath their feet. Neville felt guilty that he was breaking the silence that most certainly existed to chastise him for failing Silver's test. The sound of his steps seemed to bounce everywhere, happily destroying the peace he felt being back at Silver's side. To soon for Neville they arrived at the Rooms entrance, a black stretch of wall totally unmarked, only his often faulty memory to remind him where it was.

As they stepped through the wall Neville shivered, unlike the barrier at Kings Cross which was just an illusion, which any muggle could walk through, the barrier, all the barriers to the Rooms were physical. There was always a mild ache a few minutes after passing through any of them, save the mirrors, and it as if to remind him that he wasn't there to enjoy himself.

"Is there anyone here Neville?"

"There shouldn't be, they are all getting ready to leave or are at lunch."

"Good. Elm." Silver snapped her fingers.

Neville was quite surprised to see a house elf appear.

"What can Elm do for Mistress?"

"Clean up all the rooms in this complex, but don't strain yourself. You have three days."

"Yes Mistress Elm will get to it right away. Can Elm do anything else?"

"Make a simple dinner for sixteen, no more than two courses. Also choose somewhere to sleep, one of the unoccupied rooms should suffice. That is all."

The house elf bowed and popped out.

Silver took a hall that led to the Library, Neville trailed several feet behind, unsure of whether or not he was still wanted. The door the Library was already open and Shade sat a wooden chair facing the Silver's direction. Neville blinked and both were standing in front of each other, fingers intertwined. Until he walked up and looked, unable to help himself, it had appeared the two were kissing, when in fact either rested their forehead against the other's, their eyes open but unseening.

Feeling he was intruding he walked to the opposite side of the library and browsed the shelves for a book, attempting to keep his mind off Silver.

As soon their eyes locked their minds met, their world faded to black, or at least everything besides themselves. It appeared as if they were standing in a black void, only Shade and Silver visible within a few feet of each other and a dull light in the distance.

"I've missed you so much sister."

"As have I, brother."

"You are well? You were gone for so long."

"Of course."

"What did you find?"

"I met an imprint of Mother. I have missed her so Shade." Silver murmured quietly.


"What makes you think there is something else?"

"She wouldn't of called you unless it was something important."

"True, she told me that Voldemort was a danger and that he must be stopped."

"He's that much of a danger?"

"Apparently, now tell me how you've been. How's the club and Neville?"

It had been ten minutes and Neville was starting to worry, neither Silver nor Shade had moved and he had even waved a hand near their eyes, no response. He sat on a nearby table, a habit he had picked up from Shade, watching the two stare at each other. While he sat he pondered what Silver's test could have been, was she still testing him? It took him a moment to realize that Silver was calling his name, Shade hovering nearby.

"Are you awake in their?" Silver asked, an amused smile on her face.

"Sorry, I was thinking." Neville blushed, as he spoke.

"Its alright, did you want to talk?"

"If your not busy."

"I just have to visit the teachers in about an hour, have to get all my make up work. So I'm free till then."

Neville didn't speak for a long time, but decided to jump right in, "Was it really He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?"

"Yes," Silver said calmly, Neville wondered about her sanity.

"What does this mean for us, me?" Neville would follow Silver through hell and back, even if he didn't like it.

"Elaborate, if I said everything it could mean we'd be here for more than an hour."

"I meant, I mean-, I don't mean to be rude, bu-"

"Am I joining Voldemort?" Neville winced at both the name and the sharpness of the reply.


"No, I shall not, nor will my family."

"How can you answer that? I mean your not the Head of Family," Neville looked at her surprised, he had expected the worst.

"The House of Myst never joined Voldemort in the last war, I can't tell you why, I don't know myself, but I doubt that we will in this one. He would be quite angry with us, besides we, I, grovel to no one."

"Oh," Neville wasn't quite sure how to respond, he had been mentally preparing to learn the Dark Arts for the last week and now he didn't know what was next.

"Is that all?"

"Yes, I thought it would take longer."

"That's the thing with Silver, always to the point, unless she doesn't feel like it." Shade said, popping out from behind a bookshelf. "If that all Longbottom, Silver and I will go collect her homework."

"Of course Shade, I have stuff to pack anyways." Neville bowed slightly to Silver and left.

When Neville was at the door Silver's voice stopped him, "You get an allowance right?"

Neville cocked his head at the question, unknowingly mimicking Silver, "Yes"

"When your familiar hatches go to Ollivander's and get a new wand. Don't let your grandmother know, keep the other. Who's was it?"

"My Father's, how did you know?"

"You just don't hold it right."

"Thank you Professor Flitwick, I'll be sure to have it done by next term."

"You do that Ms. Myst, and you made quite the rune shield in Minerva's chess room."

"Thank you sir, Runes are my favorite branch of magic."

"I'm sure that Professor Vector would be interested to see you work runes."

"Really? I'd love to talk to him, but I thought Runes unavailable to anyone under third year?"

"Normally yes, but if when you turn in your work next term and it is at an acceptable level in all subjects I will speak to professor Vector about giving you a chance to prove yourself."

"That would be wonderful Professor, but I can't help but be curious why."

"Quite simple Ms. Myst you show all the traits of a Ravenclaw, and I am always here for a fellow Raven. And you also lead that first year club, and if I'm not mistaken, it holds the highest grades in all of the first year. You've done quite a job Ms. Myst."

"Thank you Professor. I cannot take full credit for it though, Harry is my equal in it and we was wondering if I could get your official approval of it. A club approved of by the head of Ravenclaw would look good on our transcripts."

"I don't see why not, I'll give it too you next class."

"Thank you Professor."

Shade and Silver met with Professors McGonagall and Sprout collecting the missed work. As well as a promise of official sanction for the club, which they were both impressed with.

Professor Snape was a different matter though, he hated Shade with a passion since the begging of school, giving him detentions for the slightest mistake in his work. Snape never took points from his own House but that didn't stop him from being nasty.

They both overlooked his dislike and entered his classroom.

"What do you want Ms. Myst, Potter?"

"I came for my missed work, I thought the Headmaster told you, sir."

"It is on the desk, take it and leave."

"Thank you Professor, I was wondering if I could have your official approval for the club I started sir."

"I will look over it when I have time, now go, I'm busy." Snape sneer at Shade as he spoke.

"Thank you sir."

Dinner in the Rooms was a pleasant affair and Elm did a good job preparing the food. Silver gave an oath after, 'I swear on my life that I will never purposefully aid Voldemort, less I am freed from this oath by Harry Potter.'

The table seemed to breathe a collective sigh of relief, glad that Shade's actions hadn't be seen as a coup, or at least one Silver would acquiesce to.

The next day was spent, for Silver at least, wading through mounds of homework in the Library. She didn't want to have to do it over vacation. At least three quills could be seen writing furiously while Silver read books. she had modified the basic copying quite to be mentally controlled during the previous night in preparation for the huge amount of work, she had based the idea off a Quick Quotes Quill. No one disturbed her, but Neville and Shade lingered close by reading.

Before long it was time for the leaving feast and everything was packed into trunks. Long thought lost items were found along with very old food that no longer resembled food and possibly gained sentience. Gryffindor Tower had to be vacated for over twelve hours because something that Fred and George had been experimenting with had exploded violently and was letting off toxic fumes that turned things a blue green color. The entirety of the castle seemed to be in a hurry, even the staircases changed more frequently much to the chagrin of the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws.

Most of the animals Shade had bought the previous year had either become wild or died, the Forbidden Forest was a hard place to live. Shade's snake Silas had disappeared the previous month, presumable eaten. The only surviving snakes, three whom were non-magical and small, were the ones who decided to live in the castle eating the mice and rat population. The birds that had been bought were fairing much better, only a few were pick off, the rest were quite happy to live Hogwarts aery. All of the cats from the Isles had survived and were doing well. Shade had decided to return to the Alleys and get a hardier magical snake, he liked cats and all, but they were so- cattish.

The Headmaster gave a short speech before awarding points to both Slytherin and Gryffindor for their participation in the Stone incident. Slytherin won the house cup for the ninth time in a row, much to the disappointment of the other houses.

Silver hurried down the front steps of the Entrance Hall, followed closely by Shade, and the sorted sisters. They quickly signed Filch's sign out paper, allowing the teachers to keep track of who came and went, and were given a notice not to do magic over the holidays. They then got into one of the carriage pulled by a strange emaciated horse that had a aura of death around it. As soon as they were all seated comfortable Silver knock on the wall behind her head, "Take us to the train please." The horse gave a snort and started trotting down the road towards the train. Silver leaned against the wall heavily and gave a great sigh.

Are you alright Sil?

Yes Shade, I have not fully recovered my strength yet, so I remain tired. Sil?

A nickname, Silver is your really your real name you know.

Then I will call you Ree.

Ree. ?

Unless you would rather be called Hair?

Ree is fine with me.

The carriage lurched to a stop and the sister got out followed by Shade who helped Silver off the high step, "such a gentleman Ree," she murmured with a smile.

The train was almost empty, only a few students had arrived before them, few students were willing to board twenty minutes early. The students would rather come at the very last minute and be crowded by the throng of students. Shade and the sister followed Silver who made her way down the train until she reached the larger compartments seating around twenty.

Silver addressed Anea, Anora, Raine and Cat, "Leave your trunks here and go find a compartment for yourselves, I don't want to see hide nor hair of you until we arrive at King's Cross, understood?"

The sister all nodded in unison, "Dismissed," their siblings quickly slipped through the open door after putting their truck on the luggage racks.

"Shade if you would be so kind as to ward this compartment, anti listening and super locks, only the club members should be able to get in."

Shade withdrew his wand gave it a few sharp snaps, jabs and waves all while murmuring under his breath. He put his wand away and ran his fingers along the window and the door on the corridor side of the compartment. The windows grew frosted until they opaque and the door gain several hearty locks. Out of sight, on the other side of the door a sign appeared, CLUB MEMBERS ONLY in Shade's familiar scrawl. Shade wiggled his fingers at the middle of the compartment and a pretty grey wood table with an engraving of a quill appeared, but leaving enough room for everyone to sit down and still have a space at the table.

"You sent out the summons letters didn't you?" Shade asked after he sat down opposite Silver.

"Of course, they should be here momentarily." A knock broke the silence that had only lasted a few moments.

Shade withdrew his wand and made a sweeping motion towards the door, the glass turned transparent, only on the compartment side. Most of the club was waiting in the hallway, Shade twisted his wrist and the locks came undone and the door slid open. The Slytherins and Ravenclaws shuffled in, still chattering about the end of school. Just as they were settled, probably ten minutes later, Neville and Susan hurried in with a muttered apology for being late. The train lurched to a slow start before everyone was settled Shade waited until they had all fallen silent before he said anything.

"Hello everybody, we have a lot of thing to cover so lets get started. Firstly I would like to elect an official Head for this club, we are fairly unorganized."

"I second the motion and nominate Harry Potter." Blaise murmured. Blaise Zambini had only entered the club recently, two months ago, tired of Draco's moaning. He quickly fit in and was great friends with the other Slytherins in the club.

"I nominate Ana Myst." Tracey Davis said quietly.

"Anyone one else," Silver paused "No? Is everyone happy with the nominees?" There was a chorus of Ayes.

"Then I forfeit, Harry Potter is the new club Head." There were a few surprised looks but everyone joined in the quiet applause.

"Alright, first order of business we need to assign other positions, for training management I think Silver is the best choice. Lets vote."

"If I may interrupt, where are your sisters Silver? They should vote as well." Susan questioned with slight anger.

"My sisters will, in all likelihood, not attend Hogwarts next year. They will be attending another school with the rest of my siblings."

What are you talking about Silver!?

"They won't be coming back?" Neville blurted out then blushed at his outburst.

Silver ignored Shade and answered Neville, "Yes, Hogwarts isn't as safe as it used to be. But they will still come back on Holidays to visit us here."

"I'm sorry to hear that Silver, but we still need to vote, for Silver to become Head of Training," a chorus of 'Aye's', "Against?" There were no 'Nays'.

"The floor is open to suggestions." Shade said, not wanting to seem to commanding.

"Now we need a scribe, who has neat handwriting and is organized?" Theo spoke next.

Morag MacDougal raised his hand, "I write decently enough and I am going to take up the family business and become a solicitor." There was no disagreement so he withdrew a scroll, quill and inkwell from his satchel and began writing quickly. He looked back up at the table, pushing up the glasses that always seemed to slip down his nose, "We need a Treasurer as well, Bones seems trustworthy."

"I accept if you would have me, we need someone to talk to the teachers if there is a problem." They was a round of 'Ayes' and Susan Bone became the new Treasurer.

"I talk to the teachers often, about schoolwork mostly, but they all know me as a diligent worker. We need someone to keep track of all the possible candidates for our club, a recruiter." Lisa Turpin was accepted as the Club Speaker.

"Longbottom seems timid, but he is the best choice, a Gryffindor. The only other real choice would be Tracey, but she is muggleborn and Slytherin."

"I agree, my lack bloodline a magical bloodline would put off many and being Slytherin would put off the rest. And Neville has had a good turn around since he joined. All for Recruiter Neville?" Tracey had come to terms with being a muggleborn in Slytherin and could now not curse people for badmouthing her, not that she did. But Neville really was the better choice, Silver had completely change her classmate, he could do magic and everything, lending credit to their club.

Neville was surprised when he was chosen for a recruiter, but quickly accepted, "We should have recruiters in every house, Theo would be a good choice for Slytherin, if he accepts."

"I do, but you should be the head recruiter, Neville Longbottom, Head of Recruitment. I am to lazy to be anything but an underling. We should have sub-training people too, giving Silver underlings, what is the world coming to?." There was quiet laughing after Theo finished.

"I will need help, June will be in charge of the magical training and Daphne in charge of the physical training. Both of them for all the houses and I will work with those who might have problems with something in particular."

"What about Cwen, Tracey and I? What will we do?" Tonks asked stubbornly, thinking that they had been forgotten.

"You could hardly do any of the jobs that were just assigned Tonks. Or are you forgetting that you graduated?" Shade smile sweetly at her and one got the feeling she would be blushing if she didn't control it.

"Of course I remember, I am just making sure."

"You are becoming an Auror aren't you? You can keep us informed of what you learned and how you learned it. It would be invaluable to any student who wanted to become an Auror. And you could alert us to any suspicious activity." The compartment fell into an uncomfortable silent for a while, until Susan spoke.

"Cwen could be our club Buyer, it would cut to much into her private time and would be an ideal job for her."

"I accept, if there are no objections?" No one spoke up.

Cwen peer at Tracey, "What are you good at?"

Tracey fingered her wand in her pocket before answering, "Before I came here I used to go to my Mother's art gallery with her and sell things, my mother made. So I suppose I could sell things, and somewhat manage a business."

Silver clapped her hands together once and smiled widely, "Blaise could be the Wizarding World consultant and Tracey the Muggle Word one. Excellent, I been meaning to mention that we should start inventing selling things. I sure you've all seen my quills," a murmured agreement, "I am sure we could make a killing selling those to students. And I am sure that you all can think of something that need improvement. Tracey could prepare these things for market and sell them to stores and the like. We could pay people for their idea and/or invention and market them for triple the price."

The compartment broke into excited chatter, Morag writing madly, trying to keep up. The students only quieted when the trolley lady stopped by their compartment. Coins were withdrawn and exchange for large amount of candy and sweets. Only Tracey and Susan, who had exchanged seat to get closer to one another, didn't buy any candy. They were to busy talking financing to each other. The candy inspired another round of discussion. Before the conversation lulled again Tracey received one hundred galleons from Silver, roughly four hundred and eighty dollars, to go out and buy as many different candies, sweet and other goodies as she could and another fifty, again from Silver, two hundred and forty dollars, to stock up on the popular kinds so they could resell them to muggleborn next semester. Tracey eyes were wide with the amount of money she had gotten.

Susan spoke up, "As most of you are aware the magical world buy's its produce from the muggle world for the most part, if we could start a magical farm and grow produce it would be a big hit with Purebloods. We could charge double or even triple the muggle price, it would be a intelligent endeavor." There was again a burst of conversation but it didn't nearly last as long.

"We should also pay dues once a month for anything basic we want or need for the club, a galleon sounds reasonable in my opinion." Susan said thoughtfully

"I second the motion." A voice said among the talking.

"Agreed?" Shade questioned, the students voices rang out in agreement.

"Alright, I want Tracey and Susan to work with each other over the summer on the sweets. Tracey the day after you get home by all the favorite sweets and junk food and send them to Susan. Susan you will figure out how to create each treat and then you will improve it if possible, can you two do that?" Both Tracey and Susan nodded solemnly at Shade and went back to whispering at each other.

"If anyone else has ideas they will send them to Tracey and she will compile them and send the lists to Morag who will keep all our records. Tracey will also send out some ideas that can be implemented immediately, those involving potion work mostly. You should get basic muggle medicines as well Tracey. Zambini you're good at potions as well?" Blaise nodded, "Blaise will assist Susan when he can and will mostly brew the recipes that Susan has already figured out. We will use the students at Hogwarts as testers next semester, see what they do and don't like then we will work on selling them to the general public."

"Nev you will get Susan and Blaise all the potion ingredients that they need and you will start a farm that is large enough to feed the entirety of the Lesser Houses for several years. Tracey, you will get him Agriculture, Poultry, Bovine and Suidae magazines to order from, hopefully tomorrow. Neville, by far this is the most risky enterprise, are you willing to finance it?" Shade asked. Neville sat pondering it for several minutes and cast a mental question towards Silver.

It is your choice Neville.

"Yes, it would only be a slight blow to the House of Longbottom if it failed," he replied

"Good, you should purchase some land and start the farm there, you will need employees, and they will probably be muggleborns. The unemployment office should have many who are willing. Buy maybe an old town or something similar, then they can live on site. Will your Grandmother object."

"She might but it would be to good of an opportunity to pass up, I will have to remind her that I am the Heir of the House of Longbottom." Neville said sternly, already imagining the conversation, he shook his head as if to rid it of the thought.

"But I do want to talk about recruiting, we need to decided how we are going to handle candidates for our club. I figure that the person that nominates a candidate becomes their sponsor and another club member is chosen by the sponsor to become their mentor. The mentor is in charge of seeing that the candidate's grades remain high and the sponsor is in charge of discipline and privileges. Does it sound alright? I thought of it on the fly." Most of the club members were mildly surprised at the well thought plan.

"It sounds good to me, all for?" Shade questioned and the compartment rang with 'Aye's'.

Neville smiled brightly, "In that case, I nominate Gryffindor Hermione Granger to become a member of this club first thing next year. On the grounds she is a hard worker and intelligent. Anyone else who has a possible speak up now, name and why they should be let in."

"Hufflepuff Hannah Abbot, she is a hard worker, friendly, very loyal and a very good possible for the Hufflepuff recruiter sub." Susan had finally stopped whispering to Tracey and caught the tail end of Neville's protocol.

"Ravenclaw Terry Boot, typical Ravenclaw, a jack of all trades but a master of none." Morag spoke as he shook out the cramp that had formed in his hand.

"Ravenclaw Mandy Brocklehurst, she has a great grasp of politics and is very friendly, not as book smart as some but gifted with dueling."

"Gryffindor Fred and George Weasley, poor grades but great creative minds. I'll mentor both." Silver said, some of her fellows looked at her incredulously.

"Gryffindor Lee Jordan, he is my cousin, child of Marcy Levine and a muggleborn Jake Jordan. He could sell goblins gold for twice the price its worth." Blaise said.

"Ravenclaw, Cho Chang, she is a third year and is very powerful, not to intelligent but still powerful. I know I can't mentor her, so get June to do it." Cwen said and June glared at her slightly. There was a mutter conversation between the two sister before June spoke, "I'll do it, I'm sure Shade will assist me if I need help." June said, it seemed Cwen had bribed her with something. Shade nodded to June to assure that he would help her if she needed it.

It was silent for a moment and everyone was staring at Neville, who spoke, "But shouldn't you Shade?"

"You're the Head of Recruitment Neville, it is your floor."

"Oh, um, does anyone have any objections? No? Alright, Hermione Granger is invited to join, with me as her sponsor. Hannah Abbot is invited to join, with Susan Bones as her sponsor. Terry Boot is invited to join, with Morag MacDougal as his sponsor. Mandy Brocklehurst is invited to join, with Lisa Turpin as her sponsor. Fred and George Weasley is invited to join, with Ana Myst as their sponsor. Lee Jordan is invited to join, with Blaise Zambini. Cho Chang is invited to join, with June Moon as her sponsor. The sponsors are responsible for informing the candidates of the invitation to join this club. We really need a name, does anyone have any ideas?"

"Spell Club?"

"Advanced Club?"

"Club for people who aren't Idiots?"

"Club of Equality"

"Inter House Club?"

"Chimera Club?" Tracey suggested.

"Oo, that's nice." Lisa commented.

"In the wizarding world chimera are widely disliked and regarded as dangerous."


More names of clubs were throw around and deemed unsatisfactory, until Tonks who had been staring at the table, bored, murmured under her breath.

"Tonks says the Grey Quill Club," Cwen said just loud enough to be heard over the name guessing, she was once again reading a book.

"I wasn't being serious, I just saw the engraving on the table and spoke aloud." Tonks said rapidly thinking it was stupid. She had much better ideas for name and none of them fit the club right.

"Good name,"


"Appropriately neutral,"

"I like it."

"Says we like books,"

"It might be taken that we like writing. I don't like writing."

"Now we need a crest to go with it."

"I'm fine with it as long as I don't have to write."

"Zambini show us some ideas.

"Hold on a moment, we need to vote, any against or neutral about it?" Lisa said. 'Nay's' rang out, "Its settled then, from now on our club is called the Gray Quill club." A small cheer was given then they start arguing over what their crest would be, Lisa interrupted them again when the design included at least ten different kinds of animals.

"We want the design to be simple and elegant. We have agreed that it has a gray quill, that should be the center piece. We should also have a book, as we value knowledge. Are we agreed so far?" Once she received nods of ascent she continued, "We also value experience, so a wand maybe, and something else to show that we don't just rely on magic, a weapon. Sword, axe, staff? What?"

"A sword, for strength." Tonks said loudly.

"No, it is to large and would make the wand look like a staff. A bow and arrow maybe?" Cwen said.

"Still to large and we do appreciate subtlety, so a dagger. And to appease Gryffindors' pride, it takes bravery to get so close to an enemy to fight." Daphne said.

"And what will appease Hufflepuffs' honor?" Susan question her sweetly. Susan was a Hufflepuff with a Slytherin streak.

"We will always be loyal to the club and, if our ideas come to fruition, we will make jour enemies yearn our loyalty." Daphne replied.

"And what enemies would those be? Have you made some for us so soon?" Susan questioned innocently.

"The unseen ones and the ones we will no doubt make with all of our power." Daphne said smugly. It was odd, but Susan Bones and Daphne Greenglass had become the best of friends a few months after joining the now named Grey Quill club.

"Bicker later, so we are settled on a grey quill in the middle, a book, wand and dagger?" Everyone nodded at Lisa, "Blaise a illusion please." Blaise leaned forward on the table and rested his arm on the table, a image of the proposed crest wavered into existence. After some disagreement the plain book with no title sat on the right of the quill which was very large and the wand above the dagger on the left, both pointing upwards and to the left. The background was black and the crest was finished with a white ring encircling everything.

Blaise sketched the design onto several papers and gave them to Cwen who would get them made into patches and stickers and to Morag who would file them away.

"Is it true that we can't do magic over the break?" Lisa asked the room.

Cwen answered, "You and Tracey can't because your muggleborns and the Ministry would detect it in a instant. In magical homes spells can't be differentiated between parent and child.. There are magical detection and tracking spells on your wand from the Ministry but if you are in a magical place it goes off constantly, that's were the tracking spell comes in. If they know you are in a magical place, where spells are used, they ignore all alerts unless you leave the place."

"That is so unfair!" Tracey complained loudly.

"Just because they can track spells doesn't mean they can track all magic, you can do potions still. And I expect you all to keep up on your practice exercises." Silver said to everyone.

The compartment fell back into chatter about different invention ideas and their conversations remained interrupted until there was a firm knock on the door. The door which was opaque on the outside and transparent on the inside showed one fidgeting Ronald Weasley standing outside, alone.

Shade got up and opened the door manually, "Yes Weasley, can I help you?"

"Eh, yea, do you know where Ana Myst is? I know your friends with her and Cat said to look in this compartment." Ronald spoke and it was apparent to everyone that he felt awkward.

"She's here, one minute," Shade leaned back slightly into the compart, "Silver you want to talk to the youngest Weasley?" Ronald didn't here her reply but Potter moved aside and motioned for him to come in. Once Ronald entered the door slid shut behind him and locked, making him more unsettled. He took mental inventory of the students that were seated in the near full compartment. Potter, Myst, Slytherin, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Slytherin, Slytherin, two maybe 7th year Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff girls, Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw, and Neville?

"Neville? What are you doing here?"

"I am a member of the club Ron." Neville, among with most of the others look amused at the youngest Weasley's disbelief.

"Club?" Ron mimicked

"Gray Quills, didn't you notice me missing a lot?"

"Yea but, wow Nev," Ron snapped out of his reverie and turned to Silver. "Eh hi, I just wanted to thank you for the healing and shield and yea. Bye" Ron whirled around quickly, unlocked the doors and hurried out. Blackberry sauntered in before the door slid shut behind her and leapt onto the table. She carefully sniffed the pile and gently grabbed a blood pop between her teeth. She walked around the table and sat down in front of Tonks, who was making cooing noises at her. Tonks straightaway began petting and complementing the cat who was leisurely removing the wrapper with one claw and hold the stem of the pop with the other. Once the wrapper was removed Blackberry bit down hard on the lolly, whose outer layer cracked off. The cat, who had gain quite the audience now, spit out the sweet outer covering and put the lolly in her mouth, sucking on it.

"That's one smart cat, if I hadn't seen her grow up I'd think she's an animagus." Cwen commented to Tonks, who ignored her and cooed over how smart the 'ittle kitty' was. But blackberry was hardly little anymore she had grown to twice the size of a normal house cat but still retained a domestic cat's bone structure, she looked as if someone had spelled a normal cat larger.

After Blackberry had finish wowing her audience Shade spoke up, "If there is nothing else, I officially declare this meeting closed." Morag gave a sigh of relief and started to massage his hand. After an hour more of conversation the members of Gray Quill slowly dispersed to say goodbye to their friends. Once everyone was gone, even Neville, both Shade and Silver laid down to take a short cat nap, within twenty-five minutes they were at the station and their siblings were knocking at their door.

Shade got up and navigated his way through the crowd of students and parents and once he left the portal he swiftly vanished into the muggle crowds.

The sisters and Blackberry stood they within the circle that Silver had drawn while waiting for them to take down their luggage. Silver gave them a message before she started humming slightly and activated the circle, all the girls disappeared in a flash of light. Silver rubbed off several of the symbols on the floor with her foot and replaced them with others. She drew another ring around the circle and added several more symbols. She then stood in the middle and tapped her foot on a rune, she seemed to flicker then disappear along with the pattern beneath her.

Shade sat impatiently on a bench in front of the rod ironed fence that encircled Fox's Den. This was the agreed meeting place, but still Silver and the others had yet to arrive. The pounding of aquala feet met his ears, he stood gracefully but hurriedly. But the sight that met his eyes made him snarl. Thirteen aquala stood in front of him when it should have been fourteen, Silver wasn't with them.

"Where is she, the appointment with the council is in a few minutes." He growled

Raine looked bewildered at his anger, "She said to tell you she had business to attend to, and to go to the meeting with the council."

Shade called Silver mentally, now was no time to be fooling around, but there was no answer, it was as if she disappeared. His breath hissed from between his teeth. Nothing, it was as if she died again.

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