Explanation of YNWA

A few of you have asked some questions about the story, so here are my explanations.

Why is Faith such a tragic character?

Faith was the only girl out of the Merediths and Blythes who actually went overseas and experienced war at a much closer proximity than the others, i.e. Nan and Di. She would have seen blackouts, food shortages, desperate girls turned whores, wounded men waiting to be taken back to the lines after recovery. When Jem was reported 'wounded and missing', she had nobody from the two families near her. She was bearing the burden as best she could alone in England, not to mention she left for England with the knowledge that Jerry had been seriously wounded at Vimy Ridge, and must have been very worried for him until they could send word to her.

Couple all this with the slightly altered facts in my story, that Jem did not return for five years, and I think it's safe to say that Faith would have gone through a personal hell. She was joyous, high-spirited, and always loved a laugh, but war does things to people.

Therefore I have placed Faith in a more sober light in my story, exploring how war might have ravaged her character if she had seen some of its horrors up close and had suffered with Jem's disappearance and eventual death.

Why not a Walter/Una/Shirley?

I like Una, but she didn't have the 'dramatic' flair that Faith could bring to the story. Neither did Shirley.

Is there hope for Walter/Una?

I started on a sequel quite some time back, with Partridge coming back to the Glen and seeing something up with Walter/Una, but unfortunately I changed the plot so much that I forgot it, and gave it up! So I guess YNWA will have to remain a one-timer.

Why does Jem remain in Europe for so long?

This part I'm not very sure, because I wrote the story without doing any checking on historical facts regarding POWs in WWI. I guess I'll try and get away with it by saying he was quite badly treated, suffered a great deal, probably lost his memory at one time, whatever it takes ;)

There's a song titled 'You'll Never Walk Alone'!

Yes, it's the club anthem of Liverpool Football Club, and made its first appearance in a musical called Carousel, that was staged around the same timeframe as the story. Therefore, there's a loose reference to it in Chapter 2, when Partridge thinks "why had they printed that inscription that sounded suspiciously like the one in a recent musical or something?" Knowing Partridge, he can never be clear on matters like these!

Well, I hope these explanations has clarified a few matters, and thank you all very much for your feedback!