Middleton was in flames, it's buildings crushed and it's residents dead.

The perpetrator stood atop a small hill looking down upon his handiwork, a small smirk gracing his face. He remembered them, their screams of pain, and then the silence... it had bought a twisted sense of joy to him .

The boy drew in breath before speaking his face indifferent, and yet still oddly happy.

"Hello Kp"

"Hello Ron", replied the world famous cheerleader who was clothed in a dark red full body suit her long ginger locks waving in the wind.

"Ahhh I see Wade upgraded your battle suit , trying in vain to find a way to stop me aye?", replied Ron, a look of contempt upon his normally friendly features.

There was no reply.

"It is quite futile though… nothing can stop me now, and once I rip Middleton's remains from the earth nothing ever will...", chuckled Ron Stoppable, his face full of glee and mirth. It was as if what he was planning was nothing more than a practical joke.

"I'm going to have to stop you.", said Kim, a small pit of butterflies suddenly appearing in her stomach. Ron had killed a entire legion of GJ agents himself after all, who hadn't even broke a sweat from what she had seen.

"You cant Kp and you know it!". They were harsh words from the towns destroyer, but at the same time they were true. She had no real chance against Ron.

The 15 year old killer turned and sighed his red cape draping over his left mechanical arm in a theatrical fashion, the Rodigon Knight's satellite was one of the most powerful weapons known to man, and even that had been crushed by Ron in minutes.

"So now I give you one chance from the very remnants of our friendship. Leave and allow me to battle ….him.", said Ron his eyes narrowing slightly at the thought of his nemesis.

"The children told me Ron, they told me what you're going to do, your power can't be used this way it will…..". Kim was suddenly stopped mid-sentence by Ron's chuckling.

"So you met the brats? I shall deal with them later, after my ascension to the most powerful psychokinetic in the world! With that Ron's chuckling turned into full blown laughter.

She had had enough. It was too much to bear knowing that her best friend had slaughtered her family and was now acting as if he was what she stopped .

The first move was hers, a simple flying kick which was halted easily with TK shield. But the shield was then turned upon her, becoming a bubble which crushed her body into nothing more then blood, bones, and gore.

Ron sighed pushing his once flat now spiky blond hair out of his eyes, he didn't want to do that. But sacrifices had to be made in the name of progression . "Now…….", spoke Ron turning towards the space-centre.
"…..we shall duel and then the true god will be known. I shall be the victor and no one will ever remember the name……Akira..."