Okay. Sorry for the incredibly long, long wait. It was unfair and I'm sorry. Now, I had a really hard time writing this because I wanted there to be…interaction, with the Frye's, and I COULD NOT make any of it come out right. So I'm, again, sorry, but I cut out a lot of things that probably would have been nice to see. And that likewise would have probably made her family to being more "real" and relatable. But I hope you DO like what I managed to squeeze out. It's still the vision I saw when I first thought this up, so…


P.S. at one point I did use 'probly' because I wanted it pronounced that way. Just letting you know so you don't think I'm stupid. :) Cheers.


After a few minutes the cheerful laughter and general conversation died down, and Ma Frye invited everyone who'd shown up back to their place for dinner. Only a few of Kaylee's aunts and uncles made it in time to see the actual proposal, but the crew was assured the rest that was comin'd be 'round by mid-day tomorra'.

Meanwhile they'd go about setting up the pretty flowers and such that Simon had somehow managed to buy with his saved up earnings from working on Serenity. There was a few things needed fixin' up, and seats was bein' gathered from all sorts a places. Even grabbed a few from the smallish church in town.

Serentiy's crew blended in with Kaylee's prairie bred family as they all came together for dinner. A couple a smaller tables and what looked to be a bench had been pulled out to make up a longer table. Snickers rose from the ground a few feet away where the children were sharing their meals on a tattered old cloth. River was sitting with 'em, whispering some story.

She smiled as her eyes passed over her parents and her brother and his family, and then all the rest who'd come to see her surprise. Uncle Wilbur had poor Simon workin' through dinner with a "Hey boy, you're a doc, take a look at this here cut – been itchin' something fierce." Could'a sworn that boys face turned green. Probly more to do with the food he was tryin' to eat that the cut.

Her Ma and Pa seemed happy enough, glad they wasn't askin' as to how Simon – a well bred, rich boy from the Core – had come about landin' on Serenity. Though, she couldn't help notice the shifty gaze of her brother fallin' on Simon time an again. She kicked him under the table and when his head snapped 'round she gave him a look lettin' him know she seen him, and he ought-a knock it off.


The next mornin' Dierks rose up with the suns and blazed a trail out to Serenity, where he woke every last male on-board. Jason'd be around soon and they had some things to do 'fore the ceremony.

For the most part Jason'd stuck by his daddy's side, and unfortunately for Simon, Dierks had stuck to him. Askin' questions any pa would ask – where ya from? How'd ya meet? You love her like she's the whole of the verse? Simon had been as truthful as he could without saying much of the specifics, not that he thought they'd mind how he'd fooled the Alliance.

Didn't fail to notice the looks Jason kept sendin' him. Dierks left the boys on their own and went to find Mal, Wash and Jayne to see what they were up to.

"So, brother, what's exactly got you and yours hitchin' on a ship like that? We all know you're a mite fancier than the usual folk." Jason asked, crossing his arms and starin' Simon down. As protective of Kaylee as he was of River.

"Look, brother, I love Kaylee. And this…intimidating thing you're doing, it won't scare me off. So don't worry about how I got here or how – fancy, I am. She's in good hands."

"Well it ain't your hands I'm worried 'bout. We know you's was big in the Miranda thing, I ain't lookin' to see my sister lit up by the Alliance." Jason voice had a venom to it and he was leanin' in awful close to the doc.

"Hey Doc. This fella ain't pickin' on ya none, is he? Cause, uh, that'd be my job." Jayne came up behind Jason and stood next to Simon, leanin' his elbow on his shoulder, like they was good friends.

"Ain't got no problems." Jason lightened up, stood back, "Got work to do." And walked away.


Lookin' around Simon realized this wedding screamed of Kaylee. The archway where Book stood was all prettied up with flowers and ribbon and the like. Like something out'a one of them fairy tales.

That aint what left the impression that Kaylee had done a lot of plannin'. What did was the fact that Serenity was not thirty feet behind the archway, clean as she ever was – all contraband properly stored – and decorated herself. Ribbons and bows and Mal had had a fit. Sayin' something like 'No ship needs dressin.'. He'd lost.

Simon stood in front of Book; he was wearin' a less than new suit, being it was the only one he had but it would do. His hands were clasped in front, and he was tryin to keep from doing all them little nervous things he did.

He glanced to those beside him, Wash – smile plastered and rockin' on his feet and makin' suggestive faces to Zoë – and Mal with a nod of his head and that's all. He just got one look out over the crowd, Jayne and Zoë front and center; Jason, his wife and mother just across the isle.

For a minute there Simon felt a little sorry that his own folks weren't there. Not everyday your son gets hitched, but to much had happened and even after everything his parents didn't seem to care much that he had actually been right. That he'd been the one to save River. Before he jumped to deep into them kinds of thoughts some sort'a magic must'a come about, cause the music started and he felt like his whole body'd just been froze.

River came up the little isle that parted all them chairs, lookin' pretty and cheerful, and okay. Inara came up next, all poise and liquid grace. Their dresses didn't match or nothing, but they was the best of what Inara had and what would fit on River.

And after them…after them was Mr. Frye with the most beautiful thing Simon'd ever seen on his arm. Kaylee. His Kaylee. Her dress was all white and lace, the skirt a bit poofy and the sleeves a little short. It'd been her mothers. She was all done up like he'd never seen. Inara's handy-work, he figured. She had flowers all through her hair, which was piled up real nice on her head; a few ribbons and trinkets for an added flair and a smile.

Her smile must'a gone right past her eyes, seemed like her whole being was smiling.

Her daddy walked her up and left her go with a quick kiss and a hug. Near the second she stood in front of him all his nervousness melted into happiness and he was smiling like he ain't never.

The ceremony it's self was short and sweet. Book gave a nice speech about love and it's being special and hard to come by this day-n-age. He talked a little about being on the ship with 'em and watchin' them fret about the other. Gave his most sincere congratulations 'fore getting to the good stuff.

The 'I Do's and the rings (which'd been hard to come by, but Simon had managed to find a ring he thought deserved being on Kaylee's finger). Almost like Wash had been dosing off, he kick started with an 'Oh' and pulled the ring out to hand off to the doc.

Kaylee had let a few happy tears slip down her pretty little cheeks and had a little bounce going as he slipped the ring on her finger.

The kiss that finally bound them to each other, well…that was a kiss like he ain't never felt before. Kaylee neither. There was like something electric running through it. Something magic but real and consuming.

They finally pulled apart and everyone clapped and cheered and rose up out their seats. A bit embarrassed, Simon smiled into Kaylee's face 'fore he lead her down the isle.

Dinner was a feast. All kinds a food, all laid out on old, rickety wooden tables, but Simon wouldn't have had it any other way. Simon and Kaylee sat at the head, a little jumbled as to space but happy to be near another anyways. Kaylee's family stretched out before 'em, with the crew sitting somewheres in the middle of it all.

Wasn't an unhappy face in the bunch, even Jason seemed to lighten up. Must'a known wasn't nothing he could do to stop it, musta figured Simon was a good fella, at least me thought that way for the time.

After they finished eating, naturally, there was music. A few of Kaylee's cousins broke out their own little instruments and Jayne actually come trailing out Serenity with his own and sat with 'em.

Kaylee and Simon danced round and round until her brother cut in a few dances later.

"Kaylee…" Jason whispered at her, "You really love him? Think he's good for you?"

"Jay…" she slapped his shoulder and looked at her husband. River was whisperin' into his ear. "He's good. He's one of the best men I know. 'Sides, you know Mal wouldn't'a let Simon near me, he didn't think Simon was good'nuff."

A little simle, "I su'pose."


River came prancin' right up to her brother, light on her feet. Pulled him down and whispered in his ear, "We're a family now Simon. All together again."

"Yes, River."

She shook her head, "No, you don't understand."

"Simon!" the boy turned around to see Mal wave him over. He looked back but River was off, dancing around the yard with the others. He let a smile out, glad that she was more happy these days, then he walked to Mal, "I sorta got you a wedding gift." Mal directed him Serenity, and up into her little common space.

There, sitting, like there was nothing wrong in the 'verse – Gabriel and Regan Tam.

Second time this day Simon felt froze to where he stood. They stood up from their seats and Mal motioned for them to wait. He stood around in front of Simon, "Now I told 'em they wasn't to talk to no one, tell where about we are an' they gave their word." He glanced back at the pair, not sure he sould be saying what he just done, "I don't know it's worth much, but I'm a trustin' kinda fella." He clapped the younger man on the shoulder, "Now, be nice." with that he left.

"Simon…" the blonde haired woman who was his mother said coming forth. She locked him up in a hug he didn't return. Next he saw her face there was tears formin'. "Mr. Reynolds gave us a capture….she's very pretty…"

"What are you doing here?"

"We're your parents, Simon. Did you think we'd miss your wedding?" his father asked, coming forward for the first time. The boy was speechless. He honestly didn't think they'd'a come to his funeral, he figured they'd probly say they didn't even have a son.

Reagan nudged at her husband.

"Look, son." Downward glances and stuttered starts and the finely dressed man from the Core finally looked at his son, "We know…you were right about River."

"Oh really, is that so?" he crossed his arms, damn was he angry with these people. Just showing up…what they hell had Mal thought he was doing?

"Would you please just hear us out, Simon?" his mother pleaded.

Gabriel spoke up again, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry we didn't help you,"

"Or believe me even."

"We're sorry we didn't seek you out after…that Miranda scandal."

"Well thanks. It means a lot to hear that from you." He'd been on this ship too long. He sounded something of a mix of Wash and Mal. Had a tight humor about him, about his tone.

Regan spoke up, "We don't expect you to forgive us right away. Or…" she was trying to hold in the tears, "Or if you will…but we came, and we wanted to at least try."

Silence took hold of the three, and Simon just stood there, silent and fuming, but thinking. He turned this back and let out a huff or two of air and thumbed his collar bone. It wasn't in Simon's nature to just be out right nasty, even if they deserved it.

But they done flown the whole way out here, watched the wedding from the ship, less they been snuck on later, which would explain the capture Mal had given them.

It was a new day for Simon and Kaylee and everyone on Serenity. And River…she should at least be able to see them, right?

Without turning back to them, "Come on." He led them out of Serenity and down to the candle lit party area. Could'a sworn everyone was lookin at 'em, wonderin' where these two real fancy people had come from.

"Simon, I was…oh, hey…" Kaylee came up to them.

"Kaylee…" he swallowed, "These, uh, these are…my parents."

"Oh…" her mouth dropped open in happy surprise, "Well, hey. Hi."

Simon smiled as the love of his life held out her hand and his mother and father took it.

The End.

I had a really, really hard time getting this out, and while I think I could flesh it out a little, I am happy with what I have. If I get any good ideas or anything I will most definitely write it out more and repost it.

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