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At number, four Privet Dr. a 13-year-old boy laid on his bed contemplating a letter he had just received. The letter was from his alleged aunt. Alleged, because he had never met or even heard of her before.

This boys name was Harry Potter. He had received the letter at exactly midnight, it magically appeared on his pillow like it was charmed to do, and read like this:

Dear Harry,

I truly do hate starting letters like that, but don't know any other way. My name is Samantha Snape, yes, Snape as in the dreaded potions master of Hogwarts, in fact, I'm his little sister.

The reason I'm writing this letter now is to inform you, against Albus Dumbledore's wishes, that your Aunt and Uncle, the ones you live with now are not your only relatives. The Headmaster has good reasons for not wanting you to know, but it basically boils down to the fact that he believes you safer with the muggles despite James and Lily's wishes for you to be placed with Severus if they died.

Now, to start from the beginning. I am the youngest of six children born to Eileen Potter-Snape and Tobias Snape. The oldest boy was your father James Potter. He got the name Potter because Father was not present at his birth and mother wanted her family name to continue despite her husband's withes, he was not pleased when he found out. The rest of us all had the Snape name. Skipping ahead a bit you probably think that James and Severus hate one another, nothing could be farther from the truth. They along with our cousin Sirius Black pretend to hate one another through to help Sev keep up appearances as a spy for the order ( Sev's been a spy since Father forced him to take the dark mark at 13).

Anyway, before James and Lily's death they made it clear that you were to be placed in Sev's care if they died. After they died Sev pleaded with Albus to take you, we all did actually, but he insisted that you would be safer with the muggles and would not allow you to even know you had other family. Sev finally agreed with Albus but continued to ask him for custody frequently. The rest of us (Marie, the oldest, and her husband Jonathan, Sean (#4), Daniel (the youngest boy), and myself) told Albus that we would never speak to him again until you were told everything.

I am writing this letter almost a year after the argument with Albus. I have timed it to appear on your pillow at exactly midnight ten years from now.

You're 13 years old now and probably don't want to leave your home with the muggles, but please talk to your Uncle Sev. We would all like to get to know our nephew.

Love Aunt Sam

P.S.I forgot if your wondering how James and Sev could be in the same year at Hogwarts its because Sev was allowed to enter two years earlier because he was more powerful then Albus even at the age of nine.

After he finished reading, Harry laid down on his stomach to contemplate the letter. His back was sore from one of the nicer "games" he and his uncle "played." Just then, Harry heard the sound of the car door slam and knew his uncle was home from the bar he and his friends visited once a week. The nights his uncle was drunk were always the worst. The smallest bit of alcohol could strip his uncle of all his resolve. Harry quickly stashed the letter in the loose floorboard under his bed and waited for his uncle.

When Harry regained consciousness, at about 4 in the morning, his owl, Hedwig, was at the window wanting to be let in. Harry slowly crawled to the loose floorboard and took out the letter from his aunt and using one of Hedwig's feathers as a quill and the copious amount of blood on the floor he wrote a small message on the back of it.

Please help me. H.P.

"Hedwig come here," he called quietly for the fear of awaking his uncle. "Take this to professor Snape." Even if he isn't my uncle, he'll help. I hope. With that he sent Hedwig off into the night.