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Two teenagers walked downtown London in different locations not knowing that they were twins who were separated very early in life. A boy with bruises and cuts covering his body bought his family groceries whilst a boy dressed in luxurious clothes made his way to the same grocery store his unbeknown brother was in. As Harry was checking out, the aged clerk noticed the young man was having trouble carrying the many bags he had with only one arm, as the other one was in a cast from the shoulder to wrist.

"Now, now, young lad – Do you not have someone to help you carry those bags?" The elderly man behind the counter asked with a gentle voice.

"No, sir. It's my responsibility to get the supplies my family needs."

"Are you sure you'll be all right? I could get someone to help you…"

Alarm raced into the boy's eyes, but stated calmly, "I'm all right, sir. I've done this loads of times." If Uncle Vernon knew I was being pitied I'd be getting a hard beating when we got back home. Thank God he's not here. As Harry left the store, he had his head down not looking where he was going, and he ran into a boy twice his size. "Uh… uh… 'M sorry." Harry stuttered nervously, expecting to be kicked for his clumsiness.

"Dude, kid, it's fine. It was an accident," exclaimed the taller boy. "What's your name?"

"Harry… Harry Potter." The innocent boy stuck his hand out and the teenage jock shook it attentively. Glancing his eyes hesitantly to the man he had run into, Harry asked in a shaky voice, "What's your name?"

"Kenny… Kenny Potter. How old are you, Harry, and where are your parents?"

"I'm not a kid, you know… Besides, I'm fifteen and my parents died when I was just a baby."

"I'm sorry, Harry. I didn't mean to offend you. I'm fifteen too, and the same thing happened to my folks. You know, dude, you remind me of me."

"If you're seeking family, I'm sorry, but you got the wrong guy. I don't have any siblings."

"I think you're wrong. I live with a wizard and am kept in private. I've known about you for a long time. I know and have recalled several times in visions of the night you got that scar. During the summer, I'm sent to boarding school, and I stay with a witch's muggle relatives. Harry, I'm your twin brother… the Forgotten One.

"Like I said before, I'm not the person you think I am," replied Harry. He wished he could consider the idea of him not being alone in the world, but he couldn't sense light changing the darkness that persistently lingered throughout his life. Against his conscience, Harry gave the teen a chance, and asked him personal questions that only his brother could know. "Why was Voldemort after me… and I guess… you?"

"Our parents were part of the order."

"You could have looked that up," Harry pointed out vigilantly.

"I could've, but I didn't."

"If you are who you say you are, then why don't you attend Hogwarts? I know you've told me you've been kept hidden, but why? I'm the Chosen One, not you…"

"Harry, we have a bond that is exceptionally powerful… more powerful that just any ordinary sibling bond. Yes, it's true – You are the one to defeat Voldemort, but I pursue after you." Noticing the confusion that crept into his brother's expression, Kenneth pondered on ways to explain the situation simply for Harry's understanding. "All the times the Durselys have struck you physically or verbally abused you… I've witnessed it."

"Visions?" whispered Harry horrifically.

"That, and I've lived through your physical and emotional pains. I know your deepest secrets, Harry… Ones, which are so dark, that even you have excluded them from your conscious mind."

Harry's eyes grew wide as hurt, despair, anger, and humiliation inched their way into his gaze. His worst fears were coming true. "Did you… did you see…?"

Noting his twin's loss for words and extreme uneasiness, Kenny responded sympathetically but honestly, "I've seen and known everything. You have no secrets that you can hide from me. I know you're frightened, Harry. Hell, I would be too – I mean a total stranger knows more about the life you hide behind the mask you wear than Dumbledore!"

"Kenny, this professor you stay with, and the family… they don't… they don't know about my life too, do they?"

"The professor does… but no one else." The alarm in the shorter boy's eyes caused Kenny to hastily add, "He hasn't told a single soul; I promise you that, Harry."

In a small, childlike voice, Harry asked innocently yet simply, "Why?"

"Why, what?"

"If we're brothers, why were we separated?"

"I can't answer that… simply because I don't have one. You were kept in the dark from me until I began having visions of you."

"When did they start occurring?"

When I was four." Hesitating as he thought back in time, Kenny added, "Leigha told me one night not too long ago that I have had nightmares, severe ones, since I was three… I just didn't remember those. I was too young."

"I feel like my whole life has been a slideshow for you."

"It hasn't been a pleasurable one. Do you think I enjoy watching my own brother suffer?"

"No, of course not." Glancing at the clock that hung from a light pole, he read the time… 4:34 in the afternoon. Bloody hell… He's going to kill me. "Kenny, I have to go. I'm late, and obviously, you know what happens when I'm late."

"Before you leave, I want you to know that I'll get you out of that house as quickly as I can. Just stay strong!"

"I will, I promise."

Kenny pulled Harry into a hug, and embraced the brother he had long to meet for fourteen years.

Pulling out of the embrace, Kenny whispered, "God, that felt natural."

"I felt the safest I've ever felt," Harry confessed quietly. "But, I got to go now. Bye, Kenny…"

"See you soon, Harry." Kenneth replied desolately, as fear for his brother's safety grew rapidly. Please, don't let me see what happens to him tonight, Kenny prayed hopelessly.

Kenny turned away, and used floo powder to get him to the house he was staying at during the summer… hoping to make it there before the foreseeable vision occurred of his twin's living Hell… torture.

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