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Harry walked cautiously up the winding pavement that led to the front door of Privet Drive. As he neared the doorstep, his pace slowed, and he hesitantly turned the doorknob. The door was old, so as Harry slowly opened the door, a screeching noise stretched on. As the terrified teenager entered the house, a ferocious looking uncle staring malevolently into his eyes welcomed him.


"I…" Harry swallowed nervously. "The line was long," he lied in a small voice.


Harry opened his mouth to say something, but the stinging from his uncle's hand striking him across the mouth stopped him.

"You are going to pay for your disobedience, Boy! You, Freak, are going to understand the clarity of what violation means!" His uncle advised with a sadistic smile forming on his lips.

Horrific memories of previous times when his uncle had touched him crept into his mind, but his imagination gained control of his senses, and the reality of his uncle's words created pictures of terrifying colors of truths and graphically formed details.

"Half hour, Boy! Finish your chores; then come to your bedroom. If you're late, the violation will only be worse…" His uncle laughed maliciously as Harry ambled into the kitchen to wash the dishes that were leftover from breakfast.

Kenny strode back and forth in the living room, unwillingly anticipating the visions of abuse he knew was sure to come. So far, an hour had gone by and he had had no sense of his brother's presence whatsoever. He was growing worried.

"Kenny dear, what's wrong?" A gentle voice asked, as the boy felt a hand squeeze his shoulder soothingly.

"Nothing, Mrs. Andrews. I'm just a bit preoccupied."

"Sweetie, how many times have I told you that you are old enough now to call me by my first name?"

"I'm sorry, Leigha. I just forget sometimes."

Leigha's eyes bore into Kenny's soul and knew un-doubtly that a matter he would rather not discuss, was troubling the boy she had raised for fourteen years. "Come, sit with me." The elderly woman insisted, as she guided the fifteen-year-old boy to the fancy couch in the living room. Taking his hand in hers, Leigha said lovingly, "Kenny dear, you do realize that you can tell me anything, no matter how personal your thoughts might be. I've watched you grow up… I've witnessed the honorable young man sitting in front of me today, blossom from a cheerful baby to a sensitive teenager."

"It's my brother, my twin brother…" Kenneth confided reluctantly. Great, I'm already breaking a promise I've made to my brother… I promised him I wouldn't let anybody else know – Well, Leigha has every right to know! I trust her… She's like my mother.


"Yeah… I sort of… ran into him today at the grocery store."

"How'd it go?"

"Awkward, at first – But then it went smoothly."

"Was his condition like you expected?"

"You know about my visions," Kenny whispered in astonishment.

"Yes, we do. Severus told Jack, Elisabeth, and I everything. It's for your own good we know."

"He's in awful shape. From what I've seen just today – I don't know how he is still living…"

"It's all got to do with willpower, sweetheart. Your parents' love for him keeps him going… likewise, for you. At least, now – Harry knows that he has a brother who'll be there for him, and that he is no longer alone in this world."

"Yeah, I know."

"Did he go back to the Dursleys?"

Kenny nodded his head disapprovingly. "Leigha?"

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"Can you help me rescue my brother… please?"

"I cannot because I've got no magical powers, but I'm sure Severus will be more than willing to help."

"He despises Harry, Leigha."

"He may dislike the boy, but he would never want to see him suffer. Now, you go and owl Severus and explain the situation. And, before you know it – Harry will be out of the hands of those Muggle relatives of his."

Sighing in defeat, Kenny ran up the stairs to his bedroom, got out a piece of paper and a pen, and hastily scratched down a note to Severus Snape.


You have to come here quickly. It's Harry… he's in trouble. Vernon Dursley is going to abuse him horribly in a matter of minutes. We have to get to 4 Privet Drive immediately to stop him from harming my brother. Please, apparate here ASAP!

Hurry Now,


Harry slowly crept down the hallway - as slow as molasses - to his bedroom. This was it… Today he would lose his virginity. The innocence that he held sacred, which was the only true tiny piece of childhood he had left, would be stolen from him in mere seconds. Only two steps away from the room, his uncle viciously grabbed hold of his shirt collar and dragged him carelessly into the room, his body banging against the door opening during the process. Harry let out a yelp of surprise when he uncle lifted him up by the collar throwing him mercilessly onto the bed.

"Stay there, Boy, or I will kill you so fast you won't know what happened!" Vernon threatened as he walked over to the brewer and opened one of its drawers, grabbing an object, and then making his way back to the piece of filth lying on his bed. Hovering over his freak of a nephew, Vernon maliciously waved the knife he held in his hands in front of Harry's eyes, just to let him know what was to come. Vernon drew his hand back and traced the blade over his lightning bolt shaped scar, causing blood to erupt where his skin had penetrated. "Expect much worse to come, Boy." His uncle whispered; his soft, evil voice full of venom.

"Please, Uncle Vernon, don't do this. I'm sorry for whatever I did. Lock me in the cupboard and don't feed me or nothing, but please don't do this." Harry pleaded, as he begged for his life to the man he hated just as much as he loathed Voldemort.

"You're pathetic. A tiny cut, and you are already begging for your life. It's no wonder your parents died so quickly… You inherited their weakness." Vernon told Harry heartlessly, realizing the teenager's only weakness was when you started mentioning his parents' sacrifices.

"Don't you EVER talk about MY parents that way EVER again!" Harry threatened in an angry voice. "They died saving me. They were not weak. They're heroes."

Harry screamed out in pain when his uncle shoved the knife into his thigh and snatched it out carelessly. Blood poured freely from the wound and was causing a waterfall of blood to drip down off the edge of the bed creating a puddle of blood at the crest of the floor. Harry moaned in pain, oblivious to the fact that his uncle was removing his clothing from off of his body. The feeling of cold metal slicing open his bare skin on his lower abdomen brought Harry back into awareness. The fifteen-year-old boy squeezed his eyes shut, biting his bottom lip fiercely as he fought back the screams and tears of pain that longed to escape. He would not give his uncle the pleasure of victory for causing him torture and suffering. The next thing he knew was of his uncle purposely inching his boxers down slowly, causing the humiliation he felt to continue for as long as possible. Throwing the pile of clothes he had just removed from the boy, Vernon threw them to a corner of the room, which was in precise view of Harry. A hand soon gripped his genital and squeezed it as hard as possible. This motion continued until the freak came. With a derange smile, Vernon undressed his lower half, and began the worst kind of torment known to mankind. Harry screamed bloody murder as his uncle entered and exited him. But each time the older man thrust, the less it hurt the teenage boy. Harry begged the man to stop, but Vernon simply ignored his nephew's pleads. Once he was finished, he stopped and stared down at the body of Harry James Potter. Sweat was covering the boy from head to toe, blood was seeping from his wounds, and his head was flopped to the side of the bed and his eyes gazed at his pile of clothes lying on the floor. His eyes were glazed and red, almost bloodshot, and Harry appeared to be in another world. Smirking, Vernon pulled up his pants, wiped the sweat off his forehead, and headed down to the family room where his wife and son were, leaving a broken teenage boy upstairs oblivious to the world around him. Vernon noted to himself, that in a half hour's time if the freak wasn't up and about he would cause even more damage to him. He would fulfill the boy's pleads and lock him up in the cupboard under the stairs with neither food nor drink till the very day he left for that FREAKY school of his.

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