Can Life Get Any Worse?

Full Summary- What happens when Luffy and his crew go to highschool? And worse yet, Nami and her friends absolutely hate Luffy and his friends. How willthey all survive their dreaded teen years? After a two week school trip, will their hatred lead to a friendship, and perhaps more? Read and find out!

Pairings- LuffyXNami, ZoroXKuina, UsoppXKaya, SanjiXVivi

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own One Piece... Oda does...

Chapter 1: Why me?

"My hat! Give me back my hat!" A small boy around 7 years of age stood in front of two large boys, clearly older than him. The boy had ruffled black hair and matching black eyes. He wore bagging blue pants and a white shirt that read Anchor.

One of the two boys laughed as he looked down at the smaller boy. "Hah! What a puny boy!" said the older boy who had olive green hair.

The other nodded in agreement with his friend. "And he seems to care a lot about this weird straw hat!" said the one with brown hair.

The little boy growled in frustration. "Stop it!"

The other two boys just continued to laugh as they threw the straw hat around as if it was nothing.

"You're gonna break it!" the 7-year old yelled as he took a step forward.

"And what are you going to do about it?" One of them teased.

Being able to take no more of this, the 7-year old decided to fight back. "You'll see! I'll show you! I have a punch as strong as a rocket!" He held up right arm and grabbed his wrist with his left arm.

"Haha! Ya right!" the green haired one said. He took the hat and inspected it for a moment, and then poked his finger through it, making a large hole.

Now the boy was angered. He pulled back his arm and shot it forward, hitting the older boy in the stomach, hard.

"Ouch!" he shouted as he dropped the hat.

"Whoa, he's strong! Let's get out of here!" the other one said as he quickly ran towards the other side, his friend quickly following.

The young boy frowned as he picked up his hat, seeing the large hole. "Aww man!"

"Hey!" An orange haired girl about the same age walked up to the boy.

"Huh?" The boy looked up to see brown eyes staring at him.

"Whoa, you're hurt! What happened?" A concerned look was pasted onto the girl's face.

"Heh, it's nothing! But those two thugs did poke a hole in my hat..." the boy said with a disappointed voice.

"No problem!" The girl snatched the hat and quickly pulled out some thread and a needle from her bag. "Come with me!"

The girl led him towards what seemed to be a large tangerine grove. She sat down on a bench outside of the small white house and began to sew the hole together. The boy just stared in amazement. Once she was done, she handed it back to him.

"Thanks!" The boy said with a large grin as he put it on his head.

"It was nothing," the girl said with a smile.

"Well, bye... uh..."


"Bye Nami! By the way, my name's Luffy!"

Nami smiled as Luffy ran off with his newly fixed straw hat.


10 years later...

Four boys walked along the hallways of school. A green haired boy, wearing his typical white shirt and black pants. A blonde boy wearing his casual suit. A black haired boy with a bandana tied tightly over it wearing his brown overalls. And the black haired boy, wearing a red vest, rolled up jeans, and a straw hat.

"Oh, look! There they are, the hottest four girls at school!" exclaimed the blonde boy, Sanji, with hearts in his eyes.

"Don't you say that about every girl?" questioned the long, black haired boy, Usopp.

Zoro chuckled as Sanji shot a glare towards Usopp, which sent him running down the hall, yelling, "I have to take my medication at exactly 8:17, or I get the hives!"

On the other side of the hall way approached four girls. Kaya, the blonde haired girl with a quiet attitude. Kuina, the navy haired girl who has a tendency to say things when she really shouldn't. Vivi, the light blue haired girl that always thinks about her friends. And Nami, the orange haired girl, one with a fiery personality, but underneath all of that, a kind hearted girl.

Just when Luffy was going to shout 'liar' after Usopp, he felt someone bump into him, and hard.

"Watch where you're going straw-hat idiot!" yelled Nami which caused Luffy to step back.

"Whoops, sorry!" He said with his usual goofy grin.

Before Nami could say anything, Kaya and Vivi walked off. "Looks like it's time to go to soc, so later Nami!" shouted Vivi over her shoulder.

"And I got math right now," said Kuina as she walked through the door. Zoro and Sanji followed behind.

"Yeah, we got math too..." grumbled Zoro.

"I gotta spend first period with this moss haired freak, but at least Kuina is in the class too!" Sanji grinned as Zoro glared at him angrily.

"Come on Nami! We got that test in science, so we probably don't want to be late," Luffy reminded Nami with a grin. He began to walk off, with Nami following reluctantly behind him.

I hate him, I insult him, I treat him like dirt, I do all the worst things possible to him! And yet, he still doesn't hate me? I wonder if it has anything to do with when he first met... Nami shook her head, trying to rid the many thoughts of her head and just entered the door.


"Okay class, take out some fresh ink and I will pass around the exams." Mr. Bloom, the science teacher,said as he handed out the sheets of paper.

Nami sighed as she looked next to her to a totally dumbstruck Luffy. She giggled a bit, seeing him totally clueless, then turned back towards her own exam, realizing that she herself was going to have a hard time.

"Yes, Mr. Luffy?" Said Mr. Bloom as Luffy raised his hand high in the air.

"Uh, I didn't study, so can I use my notes from class on this test?" The class burst out laughing at Luffy's comment, but Mr. Bloom just turned angry.

"Then perhaps you should have studied!" said Mr. Bloom in a booming voice. "Just do the best you can."


The bell rang to end first period as everyone handed in their tests. Nami was sure she flunked, and she usually didn't. She kept up her grades so her foster mother, Bellemere, wouldn't yell at her.

As she walked through the halls, Kuina came rushing up to her, an angry look on her face.

"Nami, you've got to help me!" Kuina said once she caught up with her friend.

"What?" Nami asked.

"In math," Kuina took a deep breath. "We got paired up with study buddies in math for the next week to study for the mid-term in a month." Nami still didn't understand what was so bad about it, since Kuina loved math. "And I got paired up with Zoro!"

Nami let out a sigh. "You mean that green haired kid who hangs out with Luffy?"

Kuina nodded.

"Well last I remember, you had a crush on him in 2nd grade…" Nami grinned as Kuina's face turned a beet red.

"I did not! Besides, even if I did, that was nine years ago!" Kuina sighed, her cheeks still bright red.

"Whatever," Nami said, the grin still on her face. "Well we have English now, which means none of Luffy and his friends." Kuina nodded in agreement as they entered the classroom.


The other 3 periods past by rather quickly as it was now lunch time. Luffy and his friends sat at one table, laughing hysterically as Usopp impersonated one of the teachers.

"Hello class. I am your sub, Mrs. Andrews, and today we will be learning about Native Americans!" Usopp talked in a high pitched voice as he did odd hand motions using his hamburger to draw on the lunch table as a chalkboard.

On the other side of the cafeteria, were Nami and her friends, talking about whatever came to their heads.

"I'm gonna fail science!" screamed Nami as she looked at her so called hamburger which seemed capable of crawling off of the plate any second now.

"Look, Nami, calm down." Vivi tried as much as she could to calm her raging friend as Kaya and Kuina thoughts of a new subject to bring up.

"So, Kaya how's your puppy?" Kuina smiled to Kaya.

"Puppy? What puppy? I have a puppy?" Kaya looked bewildered as she thought desperately to remember this so called puppy Kuina talked about. After a hard kick on the leg, Kaya gave a smile. "Oh yeah! That puppy… um... Bar…cuda…. Yeah my puppy Barcuda!" Kaya gave a nervous smile.

"Wait, you have a puppy?" Vivi asked as she turned towards her two friends. They just sighed.


"So, guys, did I tell you what happened in math today?" Zoro said as he took large bite of his hot dog.

Luffy shook his head as he quickly gobbled up his hamburger and tried desperately to snatch Usopp's untouched piece of meat.

"Well, apparently, Mrs. Johnson thinks we need to study for the mid-terms. And I got paired up with that stupid Kuina!" He gave a grunt as Sanji laughed.

"Hey, doesn't her dad own that gym you go to a lot?" Usopp questioned, keeping his hamburger far from Luffy's reach.

Zoro just nodded.

"Too bad that she has to be paired with a hot-head, dumb person like you." Sanji said. "I would have loved to be paired with her, but instead, I had to get paired with Krieg."

"You mean Don Krieg?" Luffy said, still trying to get some more meat.

"Yeah, that idiot's father owns the restaurant that competes my with Uncle Zeff's restaurant. Plus, he's a jerk." Usopp and Zoro nodded in agreement.


Nami sat in her math class, talking to Vivi and Kaya as Mrs. Johnson entered the room.

"Now class, today I will decide your study buddy for the next week." Groans and moans was all that responded to her.

"Let's see. First, Vivi and Kaya," As she called their names, they each shot happy glances towards each other.

"Butchie and Siam," The two cousins smiled at each other.

"Luffy and Nami," Nami felt her jaw drop open. She shot her hand up, but Mrs. Johnson ignored it. She had to be paired up with someone dumber than a garden house! Not only that, but she hated him. When she turned towards Luffy, he gave her a grin. The next week was going to be horrible, and she knew it…


Nami sighed as she sat on the bus the next morning. Kuina looked at her friend who seemed annoyed for the same reason she was.

"Luffy, eh? You got paired up with that dumbo?" Kuina questioned her friend.

Nami nodded. "He on the other hand seems happy about it! Plus, I know I failed my science test. And Bellemere will kill me!"

Kuina sighed. "Yeah. And to make my life worse, my dad said I should study with Zoro when he works out! I saw him once or twice at my dad's gym, and when he works out, he's half naked! He takes off his shirt, for Pete's sake. And my dad expects me to study with him when his bare chest is showing!"

Nami turned towards Kuina, her mischievous grin on her face. "Why would that bother you? I mean, don't you want to see it?" Nami giggled as Kuina once again blushed deeply.

"Like I said, moving on." Kuina gave a glare that made Nami stop laughing. "Well, I heard that you were paired up with Luffy." This time, it was Kuina's turn to make Nami embarrassed.

"Yeah, so what? I hate that guy. Plus, he's dumber than a garden hose! It's like he has a rubber brain that just won't function." Nami shook her head and sighed.

"Oh really now?" Kuina now had her own grin on her face while Nami just continued to stare at the window.

"Oh look here's our stop, we should get off now!" Nami said with a nervous smile. Soon, she was at the bus door was everyone else walked off.


Luffy watched as Mr. Bloom paced the room as he and Nami stood before him. Science had just finished and everyone got back their tests. And just as Nami had said, she had failed. And no surprise, Luffy did too.

"I am disappointed in you, Nami. You usually do so well. But Luffy, well you can use a little more studying." Mr. Bloom sighed as he stared at the two F papers in his hands.

"Well, Mr. Bloom, I am sorry but-" Nami started only to get cut off by Luffy.

"Then why don't we study together? I mean, I'm already her study buddy in math!" Luffy gave his trademark grin.

Mr. Bloom smiled and said, "Yes, that is a good idea Mr. Luffy. So you two get to your classes and don't forget to study!"


Nami just couldn't concentrate in Health, 3rd period, and that made Kuina worried.

"Hey, Mrs. DiPalo? Can I sing a song please?" Kuina asked as she raised her hand.

Mrs. DiPalo looked at Kuina oddly, but Kuina sang her song anyway.

"Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea! Yay pepto bismol!" Kuina gave a small smile as the class burst out laughing, but Nami continued to be in a not so friendly mood.

"Now, Kuina, what was that for?" Mrs. DiPalo asked as she tried to quiet down the class.

"Um… It's healthy medicine?" Kuina asked, now regretting she ever did that.

Mrs. DiPalo sighed and said, "Please stay after class so I can have a word with you." The class was now calmed down and Kuina's head was on the desk as was Nami's. Now two of them were in a bad mood.


Luffy sat in his third period class, on the verge of following asleep. It was only until he received a hard kick in the leg by Sanji that he became wide awake.

"Ahora clase, please take out your homework." Mr. Mueller said as he walked around the class.

As he passed by Luffy, he glanced at his homework. "Excuse me, Luffy, but what is this? And why is it in French? This is Spanish class."

Luffy stared up at Mr. Mueller and smiled. "I wanted to do something different!"

The rest of the class burst into laughter as Mr. Mueller just sighed and went to his desk. "Class, just calm down and do the do now on the board."

The class sighed and did their work, except for Luffy who had now fallen asleep.


It was lunch again, only it was no regular lunch. It started with an announcement.

"Guess what, 11th grade class? I have a good announcement to make. You will be going to Hawaii!" At that, the entire 11th grade burst into cheers and happy noises.

"Oh wait, no. I am sorry, not Hawaii…" The principal said as she checked her list which made all the students very depressed.

"It was the Caribbean!" The students once again burst into cheers.

Sanji grinned as he was on the lunch line. The Caribbean means lots of beautiful girls!

Usopp took a large bite of his hamburger which he almost choked from after hearing the news. Oh boy! That means there will be so many gullible people…

Zoro and Luffy looked up from their lunches. No school. That means sleeping a lot more… thought Zoro with a smile.

Caribbean? What's a Caribbean? Thought Luffy, dumbfounded the he didn't even notice when Zoro took his piece of meat.

"Hey wait! Zoro, that's mine! Give it back!" Luffy jumped up from his seat as he tried to take it from Zoro, but his attempts fail.

Nami and her friends looked up from their deep conversation. "The Caribbean?" The all shouted in unison. Each girl gave a large smile, but then, a dreaded thought came into mind. They would have to spend time with the entire 11th grade, and that meant Luffy and his friends.


Well that was my first chappie! And before anyone says anything, I know some of the characters are out of character. Well at least Luffy still can't hate anyone, no matter how much he tries. And yes, Kuina is still alive in this Fanfic. Ok so I hope you enjoyed the pointless humor! The next chapter I will try to get it up soon, but until then, review! Bye bye for now!