Can Life Get Any Worse?

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Chapter 14: Surprise, Surprise

"So…" One of the four girls said. It didn't really matter which one. The point was that they were all sitting in a circle in the middle of Vivi's house. Her very large house. Considering that her father was the mayor of the town, he had quite a lot of money. And he used some of that money to buy a bigger house. But that doesn't matter too much for the story now, does it?

Struck by inspiration, Kuina jumped up into the air with an empty soda bottle in her hand. Where she got that bottle? The world may never know.

After she stood there for a good minute, Kaya questioned, "Kuina, may I ask why you are standing with an empty soda bottle in your hand?" The other two girls nodded in agreement, having questioning looks on their faces.

Looking at them as if it were obvious why she was holding a soda bottle, she said, "To play spin the bottle of course! Isn't it obvious?" At her statement, the three girls scooted away from each other.

"Not too burst your bubble or anything, but we are four girls. And usually, four girls don't play spin the bottle with each other, you see." Hoping her explanation would make sense, Kaya was relieved to see Kuina nod and sit back down, bottle out of hand.

"Well then, why don't we call a few guys over?" Kuina suggested, thinking that playing spin the bottle with girls and guys would be normal.

"Wait a minute!" This time, Vivi jumped to her feet. "I'm not going to throw a wild party in my house!"

"C'mon Vivi, it's not going to be a wild one." Before Kuina could continue, Nami quickly cut in.

"Party? Of course not. Just a small gathering of friends. Like…" Even though Nami was one of the most popular girls in school, (and one of the prettiest) she really didn't have any close guy friends. So, she decided on the first name that came to mind. "Luffy! And his friends, you know, Sanji, Zoro and Usopp. Just invite them over." Smiling nervously, the orange head gave a sigh of relief when her friend decided it would be alright.

Walking towards the phone, the mayor's daughter turned towards her friends. "What are their numbers again?


After some help of fellow classmates, and the phonebook, the four previously mentioned young men were sitting near the girls in the very large room of Vivi's very large house.

"Now let's play spin the bottle!" Kuina again jumped up with the same bottle in her hand. At that moment, Sanji got this huge and ridiculous looking smile on his face and large hearts in his eyes while the other three guys stared with eyes widened and jaws dropped.

"Luffy, you said that this was just a party or something!" The green haired teenager turned angrily to his straw hatted friend, who gave a shrug, showing he had no idea why it wasn't a party.

"Well seeing that you have nothing against this, come and join the circle!" Nami said in an oddly cheery tone. But when only Sanji came to join the circle of girls, she shot a frightening glare towards the other three guys. If it weren't for Zoro and Luffy who dragged Usopp into the circle with them, he probably would've run out of the house, screaming for his teddy bear.

Once everyone was seated comfortably in the circle, Kuina placed the bottle in the middle and patiently waited, as if expecting the bottle to spin on its own. Considering that no one wanted to have the lame job of spinning the bottle and not getting to participate in the embarrassing situations and since this story does not call for one of the four girls or four guys to spin the bottle, Karoo just so happened to be walking down the stairs when he noticed a bottle that needed spinning so his sister could play her game, he ran over and grabbed the bottle. Remembering the large bag of candy he received from on of his older sister's friends (one whose head looked like a tangerine) he also remembered what she told him to do.

Sister must kiss blonde.

Dark blue must kiss green.

Yellow must kiss black (with bandana).

Temporarily, Vivi's younger brother wondered how that girl had known that they were going to be playing spin the bottle in his house, but he shook it off.

"Wonderful, Karoo! You can spin the bottle!" Vivi grinned happily to see her brother had some kind of purpose in the world.

Spinning the bottle, everyone watched in excitement to see who it was going to land on. Of course, Zoro didn't show too much excitement. But that all changed when the bottle point landed on him.

Karoo spun the bottle once again while everyone stared at the slightly nervous looking teenager. As the bottle slowed down, he closed his eyes for a moment and took in a deep breath before opening them again to see the bottle pointing to Nami.

Seeing that horror stricken look on the orange haired girls face, the young boy quickly remembered his instructions as he casually pushed the bottle for it to stop on Kuina instead. Instantly, said girls cheeks turned the tiniest bit redder.

A few laughs came from the small group as Kaya pushed Kuina into the middle of the circle, making the distance between her and Zoro cut in half. Slowly, instinctively, the young woman felt herself lean in towards the teenager, while her eyes began to close.

All of the six other teenagers sat there and stared anxiously at the couple. Luffy and Usopp, who had been sitting next to him, inched away to get a better view. While waiting, one of the three girls got an even better idea than spin the bottle. So during that time, she whispered it to the other two girls. Just when their lips were going to make contact, Nami pulled Kuina back to announce their better idea. This left a confused and slightly sad Kuina laying on her back and a Zoro who was as well confused and had the slightest trace of a frown on his face.

"Since we decided that spin the bottle was boring," the blonde pervert frowned at this, "We decided that we should play Dare or Double Dare!" At this, Kuina and the other four young men stared up at them, silently asking what 'Dare or Double Dare' was and if there was an actually difference of picking either dare or double dare.

"Basically, it's Truth or Dare except there's no truth." Seeing nods and hearing Oh's come from the small crowd, the three girls grinned. "Since it was Zoro's and Kuina's turn, I guess I'll make a dare for them."

Eyes widening, the two stared at each other before turning back towards the now very evil looking Nami. "I dare you two to…" Giving it a moments thought, the teenager finally got an idea. An evil grin spread across her face. "… to play a game known as Seven Minutes in Heaven."


And soon, six teenagers were crowded around the smallest closet in Vivi's house, which could probably fit three people comfortably. But of course that was with all of the items taken out first. Unfortunately for the two teenagers inside, they had to squish together due to all of the cleaning tools in there.

Barely hearing the voice of her friends, Kuina sighed in relief as she remembered that Vivi's father liked having soundproof walls and doors throughout the whole house.

"So…" The green haired young man began, trying to get comfortable. But, in the process of this, he somehow managed to push his companion back slightly and caused her back to come in contact with a mop handle, which hurt.

"Ow! Why you little…" Getting more comfortable, Kuina pushed at Zoro so he slipped on a pair of rubber gloves, which were carelessly lying on the floor.

As he fell to the floor, his legs caused her to fall as well. Considering the small size of the closet, she was forced to land on top of him. And so after a series of unfortunate events, Zoro was back flat against the floor with Kuina lying on top of him.

Despite the warm feeling she got in her stomach and the redness rushing to her cheeks, she didn't stop her payback. "Let's see you how like pain!" Grinning, she pulled back her hand and slapped him clear across the face, leaving a red hand print.

Groaning in slight pain, he placed his own hand on his recent injury. "Damn it, no girl hits me!" Just as he was about to hit her back, he remembered that he was taught not to hit girls. No matter what. And there was no way he would want to dishonor that rule. Muttering something about 'damn codes of honor', he lowered his ready fist. And that was when an idea popped into his head. If he couldn't pay her back by harming her, then perhaps he could by other meanings. He couldn't sexually harass her, but kissing wasn't sexual harassment, now was it? Grinning, he decided a simple kiss would be payback enough. Pushing back his other thoughts, he reminded himself it was strictly for payback.

But that little annoying voice still kept saying it was because he wanted to.

Leaning in, he again pushed those unwanted thoughts out of his head. He could feel his cheeks grow hot and body tense up. Though Zoro was a heartthrob to almost the entire grade (girls of course), he never really gotten around to kissing a girl before. Perhaps it was because he wasn't a girl type of person. The only girl he really ever got to know well was Kuina. Come to think of it, Kuina was one of the only girls he really knew since his mother died at a young age. Her other friends could also be considered as friends to him, but he was definitely closer to the girl currently on top of him.

Seeing his face lean in caused the blush on her cheeks to double-- no, triple. Slowly, she felt her eyes flutter close as she too leaned in. Ever since third grade she had wanted this. True, kids in third grade don't normally want to kiss guys, but she did admit to have a small crush on him even at that young age. By fifth grade, her crush was much more than a small one and she had the urge to kiss his lips more then once. But by sixth grade, she claimed that her crush on him was gone. In reality, it only decreased a bit. But by about tenth grade, she felt that she was again falling for his spell just as the other many girls have. But she was a strong, tomboy type of girl, not a girly one who falls for guys every other week. Besides, the two of them had a tight friendship, after what they've been through as children. She believed it was right after the first time he lost to her that she began to notice a weird feeling.

Soon, all of those thoughts left her mind as she could feel his warm breath, almost tasting his lips.


Outside the closet door were the three girls with their ears pressed against the wood. In a little corner was Sanji silently sobbing since it wasn't him who was in a closet with a girl. He made a mental note to beat up that moss head so hard, he would regret ever willingly going into the closet!

That left the other two young men, who were standing at a side, not having much interest as to what happened within the closet. Instead, they decided to talk about every day things.

"So how would you feel if you were a pirate?" The straw hat boy asked his friend.

"A pirate? That'd be a lot of adventure!"

"Yup, with loads and loads of treasure!"

"But then there would be sea monsters!"

"Which we could easily knock out with one punch!"

"Then we'd have to get super powers…"

"Don't we have to write something in English class on super powers?"

"Yeah, it was a short fantasy story that was due about a month ago."

"Oh… I guess mine is a little late…"

"…. A little?"

And so the two friends continued their completely normal conversation.

"Hasn't it been seven minutes yet?" inquired Kaya as she glanced at her trusty wrist watch.

Vivi, glancing at her wall clock, her shook her head. "Six minutes, almost seven. They deserve the extra minute."

Grinning, the three girls pressed their ears harder against the wood, hoping to hear some sort of hinting that they were doing something mildly sexual. Then again, the blue haired girl didn't exactly want a closet where two of her friends had sex in. Perhaps a kiss would be fine.


And their lips touched each others. Kuina could feel her face grow hot as she tasted the faint taste of alcohol on his lips. A strong trace of meat and other manly foods also came in contact with her taste buds.

Slowly, but surely, Zoro slid his arms around her thin neck. Her soft skin alone gave him a good feeling, but the kiss was out of this world. He never imagined that he would end up kissing his arm wrestling rival in a closet. But to be frank, he was rather happy. Though he would never bring himself to admit it, he had been paying close attention to Kuina's 'body changes' throughout the years since middle school. Sure, Nami and the others were arousing, but there was something about his navy haired friend that stood out.

However, their kiss was cut short at the sound of a door knob turning. Of course, since the two were caught up in their kiss, they did not notice the three girls peer inside to tell them that their time was up. But when the girls were about to speak, their voices got trapped in their throat as they each let out a gasp. This made Kuina to force herself to pull away to see what was going on and for some air as well. Eyes widening at the sight of her friends, she quickly scrambled off of Zoro.

"I knew it! I just knew it!" Vivi exclaimed, a giant smile on her face. "That 2nd grade crush is still here!"

At this, Zoro turned towards Kuina with a questioning look on his flushed face. "What?" However, the navy haired girl was already making her way towards the bathroom, hoping to not be interrogated by her friends. No one likes to be interrogated.

"Uh…" The green haired arm wrestler stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do. It was at this time that he noticed his blonde classmate sulking in a far corner of the large room. Luffy and Usopp just kind of stood there, talking to each other. He managed to pick up a few words, but after those words, he decided to not listen anymore. Instead, he decided he would pay a visit to the bathroom, even though he might earn a hard slap which he would not forget any time soon.

But that was a risk he was willing to take.


Even though the bathroom was completely soundproof, just as were the other rooms, Kuina could imagine every word they were saying outside. The redness on her face decreased a good amount, but there were still signs of it. Then again, after kissing the probably most athletic guy in school – not only in arm wrestling but just about every other sport – who wouldn't blush?

Sighing, the teenage girl took a few steps to the sink. Despite the fact that it was just a guest bathroom, it was huge. Three people could probably comfortably sleep on the floor with sleeping bags. Honestly, her room wasn't this big.

After pushing those thoughts to the back of her hand, she gently turned the water on. Cupping her hands under the flowing liquid, she splashed a bit on her face, enjoying the freshness of it. Of course, her enjoyment was cut short by a knock on the door. And considering she wasn't actually using the bathroom, she knew it wouldn't hurt if she let someone in.

"Come in…"

As the figure walked in, Kuina took a hand towel and began rubbing her face thoroughly. The last thing she needed was to be accused of crying. Though that wouldn't be much of an accusation, but more of an assumption. Either way, it wouldn't help her.

"Um…" The green haired teenager stood awkwardly there for a moment, wondering what to do. Since no movement was coming from Kuina, he slowly sat himself down on the floor, cross legged.

At the sound of his voice, she perked up. Though she was expecting Zoro to come, she was still a bit surprised to see him sitting there. So she herself sat cross legged on the floor, opposite her friend. Of course she could've used the toilet seat but she ruled that choice out.

"About the closet…"

"Maybe it's best…"

The two sighed, but Zoro continued on anyway. "Maybe it's best that we don't bring this up to anyone. Not at school or at here. I mean, it was pretty dark in the closet… so maybe they didn't see?" It came out more as a question then a statement. Both knew that whether they say or not, they would be annoyed by this for what would surely seem like forever.

"Well, either way, they'll start interrogating us. Maybe we should just act natural." Her navy blue eyes darted around the bathroom, as if looking for an idea. All she really wanted to do was not to look at the teenager sitting across from her. What had just happened was extremely awkward, for the both of them. Yet she still thanked the gods that Zoro was mature about this, unlike Sanji would be.

She heard him shuffle a bit in his seat. Probably just uncomfortable. Really, who wouldn't be in this situation? "So… Kuina?"

This time she looked up at him, eyes looked with his. There seemed to be a long silence flow between them as they just sat there. The navy haired girl couldn't help but remember back in the day where they would stare each other down at the arm wrestling tournaments. But that was a long time ago. Now she preferred soccer.

"Wanna do it again?"

Though she was caught off guard by his question and the words came out fast from the boy's mouth, Kuina clearly understood what he said. In those four short words, she knew exactly what he wanted. He was truly brave for asking straight out like that. Usually she would slap him or hurt him in some kind of way. But not right now. Instead, she gave a sly smile. One more time could only be good, right? Besides, they didn't have enough time to fully enjoy the other one.

"You bet."

And so they did.


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