Finally, finally, finally I have posted Chapter Numero Uno of my new story, the professors' journals! I hope you all read my Author's Note last Saturday and understand why I was not able to post earlier. Please read, review, and above all else enjoy the first chapter of my newest endeavor! I would LOVE some honest constructive crticism on this writing, so please, please, please, give me some- I need to know if this story is worth continuing or if I should try another one of my ideas.

I found all first names of the professors at Harry Potter Lexicon, a truly excellent resource. In case there is any confusion:

(I assume you know who Albus, Minerva, and Severus are, so I won't insult your intelligence. LOL.)

Auriga is Sinistra

Filius is Flitwick

Irma is Madame Pince

Rolanda is Madame Hooch

Ponoma is Sprout

Argus is Filch

Sibyll is Trewlaney


Alastor is Moody.

Enjoy, loyal and new readers!

September 1st, 1994.
10:30 PM

Honestly, if it was anyone but Albus...

Same Day.
10:32 PM

He wants each of us professors to keep a journal. I kid you not. The reactions of my colleagues to this cheery announcement at our first staff meeting...

Severus: Sat in a secluded corner, looking as slimy and greasy as usual and merely raised his hairy eyebrows at Albus's ridiculous idea. Really didn't appreciate my rather loud remark at the end of the meeting. (I suggested that there should be a higher hygiene standard among the male members of the teaching staff). That bat took so much offense to my idea that he stalked out of the room in a huff, five minutes early, much to the disappointment of Irma, Sibyl, Pomona, Rolanda, Auriga, and Poppy. Quite disturbing, really.

Filius: Squeaked gaily, then proceeded to topple out of his chair.

Irma: Clapped her hands gleefully with way too much excitement. Then again, if you spend all your time among those dusty books of the library, reprimanding boisterous first-years and lip-locked seventh-years, perhaps the prospect of keeping a journal would be thrilling.

Rolanda: Looked faintly alarmed at the idea. I firmly believe that Ronald Weasley's pinky possesses more intelligence than that woman ever will. Most likely she took one too many Bludgers to the, we'll never know for sure...

Alastor: Took a sip from his hip flask and burped extremely loudly. I don't care how elite of an Auror that man is, he desperately needs to learn some manners. Or else we may have to have a little duel one of these days. They say that Mad-Eye is one of the best duelers around, but surely I could give him a run for his money. After all, I was rather skilled in my younger years...

Sibyll: "The close proximity of Venus to Mercury indicates..." Not exactly sure what she said next. I do my very best to ignore that crackpot at all costs.

Argus: "I don't have time to write a bloody journal. Those bloody first years track bloody mud all over the bloody castle every bloody day."

Binns: Obviously becoming bored with the meeting, he floated through the wall of the staff room and off to wherever he goes at night. I reckon he figures that there's not much Albus can do to him, seeing as he's already dead...

Ponoma: Stared off into space, obviously daydreaming about her newest botanical endeavor. Didn't even notice how Rolanda and Auriga were snickering at the enormous amount of dirt all over her clothes, face, hair, etc. She really needs to get together with Severus and start an anti-bathing club.

Auriga: Batted her eyelashes at Albus dramatically. What a skank! He is triple her age. Can't say I would be terribly sad if someone were to push her off the edge of the Astronomy Tower...

And, finally...

Moi: Gaped at Albus for a long, long time. Noticed how blue those eyes of his are...

Damn. I don't like Albus. I really, really, really don't. We're just good friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

September 3rd, 19940
9:02 PM

I am officially the only sane female over the age of 18 in this castle.

Why, oh why, oh why does everyone find Severus so attractive?

To quote Irma, "he just radiates sexiness, Min."

I ponder the state of my mental health when I decided to be best friends with that librarian.

But it's not just her...

Rolanda claims that he has an "incredibly hot body," Sibyll says his "constant brooding makes him even more appealing," Ponoma insists that "that long black hair of his is a real turn-on," and Auriga, bless her soul, believes that he is the "most delectable man on this planet." I firmly disagree with every single claim, but it could be worse...they could all be lusting after MY Albus!

Same Day
9:04 PM

Well, not my Albus...but you know what I mean. I care about him very much in a strictly platonic manner, and would hate to see him distracted from his very important jobs by a lot of over-hormoned middle-aged women. Really. That's the only reason. At all.

September 8th, 1994
5:15 PM

Dear Merlin, I eagerly await the day the delegation from Durmstrang arrives. Until that fateful hour, though, my ears will have no rest from the incessant chattering of certain individuals...

September 11th, 1994
11:02 PM

In an incredibly good mood right now. Just returned from a most lovely game of chess with Albus. Merlin, is he brilliant at that...

And many other things too, I would dare to assume.

Oh, not those sorts of the things. I was referring to dueling, charms, etc.


I am a 69-year old woman. I simply should NOT be even considering thinking such lewd and inappropriate thoughts at this age...

But, alas, I am.


September 13th, 1994
9:56 PM

Just about to leave for a party in the staffroom in honor of Auriga's birthday. It should be a grand time, no doubt about that...throw lots of Firewhiskey, food, and, of course, our dignified Headmaster and nearly a dozen of my colleagues into a room and many rather interesting situations are bound to unfold...

September 14th, 1994
5:10 PM

Damn right they did.

After about his third shot of Firewiskey, Severus asked me to dance. Yes- to dance. Now, had I been in my right mind and not just having downed my fourth shot of Firewiskey, obviously, as anyone would tell you, I would've turned down his offer in a split-second. Quite rudely done so, to be honest- I still haven't forgiven him for all those times he's rubbed his house's victories in my face. In addition, he is a barmy git and many, many, many years younger that I. And he smells horrid. However... So, much to the envy of all other women present, I did a little two-step around the makeshift dance floor with the vampire (I swear to Merlin that that man is one- all the facts add up! More on that later), pretending to enjoy myself after I could've sworn that I noticed, through my drunken haze, that Albus was staring at us. But then...

Everyone else, fairly drunk and lacking inhibitions, morals, and acceptable behavior, joined us on the next dance- Albus with Auriga (Hmmph. But the party was in her honor, after all. I'm sure he was just being courteous), Alastor and Rolanda, Irma and Argus (serves her right for that snippy remark she made at the beginning of the party about how prim and proper-ish my tight bun made me look!) and Filius and Ponoma. Since there is an unequal ratio of men to women, Poppy and Sybill sat on the sidelines, drinking some sort of tequila and giggling.

The last thing I remembered before waking up in bed this morning- may I add, my own bed- was seeing Snape's unattractive, sallow face slowly moving closer and closer to mine.


Fortunately, though, according to Irma and Poppy (I'm not exactly sure I can trust those two, seeing as they were as drunk as I was, but...), before he could snog me- or whatever he was planning to do with those slimy, cold lips of his- Albus had rushed to my side, firmly grabbed me by the arm, and gently half-carried me back to my quarters. He even left a brilliant Hangover Potion on my nightstand and a light breakfast.

I love that man.

Strictly platonically, of course.

September 18th, 1994
7:01 AM

Am still trying to decide what I would like for my upcoming birthday. Albus asked me during dinner last night with a twinkle in those beautiful blue eyes of his. In other news...

My reputation has been officially ruined since that damn party. Irma seems to think it's for the better- ("You don't really want to be always thought of as a stiff and stuffy old lady, do you?"), but, although I grudgingly admit that her assumption is true, I don't fancy my colleagues' current opinion of me either- as a stiff and stuffy old lady who let loose for one night and acted like a complete and total idiot. And couldn't even handle three measly shots of liquor!

September 20th, 1994
2:09 PM

An extremely mundane and boring Sunday so far. I have all my third, fifth, and sixth year essays graded (Miss Granger insisted on helping me yesterday, though it was her birthday- what a sweet girl! No wonder she's my favorite student. I do pity her a bit, though...Bet that Ronald Weasley she so obviously fancies failed to even mention her birthday, let alone give her a present, daft bloke that he is! Perhaps that's why she seemed so shocked and pleased when I slipped her a neatly wrapped small gift this morning. Poor girl...some days I would dearly love to give the object of her affections- and his best mate- a right hard knock in the head in an attempt to knock, for lack of a better word, some sense into them when concerning the fairer sex. Or better yet, have a little chat with Ronald and make him reveal those strong feelings he has towards her to the dear girl...

Ah, young love.

September 24th, 1994
7:43 PM

Albus requested my presence in his office after classes today. After making sure my hair looked just right and new robes were straight, I was on my merry way. To receive some not-so merry news, unfortunately.

After I had sat down, a bit too close to him for the sake of propriety, Albus sighed and peered at me over the top of his spectacles.

"I have some rather disconcerting news to share with you, Minerva," he said gently. "And, for now, I am asking that you will not share this news with anyone else until I do so in the future. Strange things are starting to happen, Min." (I just about melted at the use of his affectionate nickname for me.) "Disappearances, unusual events..."

"How come I haven't heard about this before?" I asked stiffly.

Albus massaged his rather nice temples.

"It's not something the Ministry wants broadcasted. They are simply just shrugging it off, refusing to put their Aurors on the cases to investigate."

I got a sinking feeling that I knew what he was going to say next.

"You remember how it was, 25 years ago, Minerva. The list of missing persons that grew every day, unusual deaths. You remember the terror, the horror..."

He didn't have to spell it out for me.

"Voldemort," I whispered. "It's Voldemort, isn't it?"

"Not necessarily Voldemort himself," Dumbledore said gently. "He has not re-gained his full strength- or body, for that matter."

"Oh dear!"

"Yes, unless my assumptions are wrong, which- pardon my lack of modesty- they usually aren't, evil is on the rise once again."

"Why are you telling me this?" I asked him shakily.

"Because, Minerva, I trust you above all others in this world. And I would hate to see anything happen to you. Please proceed with caution this upcoming year, especially during tournament, and keep an extra vigilant eye on Harry and his friends, as I have also asked of Severus and Alastor. Hogwarts is no longer the safe haven that we once all believed it to be, as was demonstrated with the Chamber of Secrets and the Sorcerer's Stone. Things are now in motion that cannot be undone." With that final cheery sentence, he kissed my hand and escorted me to the door.

September 27th, 1994
6:36 AM

SevenReasons Why This Upcoming Year is Going to Be Dreadful:

1.) Albus believes that Voldemort is slowly coming back.

2.) I have established a horrid reputation for myself.

3.) Severus hits on me.

4.) I loathe Severus with a passion.

5.) Poppy, Auriga, Ponoma, Rolanda, and Irma simply can not stop discussing the sexiness that Severus "simply radiates."

6.) Auriga hits on MY Albus.

and finally, and most importantly...

7.) I have damn UNREQUITED LOVE! Never mind the fact that Albus worries for my safety- we've been colleagues for how many years now? If he truly had any sort of romantic notions towards me, one would think that a man that clever would've acted on his feelings by now..

Scratch number seven...I truly, honestly, really don't like Albus. That was written in a moment of temporary insanity...

Keep on believing that, Min. Keep on believing that.

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