/Achoo/ Dark Mousy awoke to this oh-so-pleasant sound, which apparently came from him.

/ What the……./ He thought as he sneezed again. This was quite irritable. He could hear Daisuke's laughing inwardly; a signal the boy was awake. And most likely late for school. Again. Seemingly on cue, his other glanced at the clock and let out a yelp.

Dark! Why didn't you wake me up! He whined.

/Well sor-ry, Dai-kun, but I wasn't awake myself/ The 14-year-old Niwa leaped out of bed, quickly throwing on his uniform and slinging his pack over his shoulders

/Better hope Achoo there's no death traps today/

"Mom! I'm leaving for school!" Daisuke called, not answering to Dark's comment.

/Why do I keep sneezing Dai/

I dunno, a cold maybe?

/Are those those pesky things that stop you Niwas from being able to get up and steal/

Everyone gets them Dark

/Not the great Kaitou! Achoo/

And so I prove my point. Now shush, I'm at school He rushed into class as the bell rings and slipped into his desk, right next to Satoshi. Or as Dark so 'affectionately' called him, Creepy Boy. The blue haired-boy looked utterly tired. So, Daisuke leans over.

"Hey Satoshi, what's wrong?"

"Krad refuses to shut up"

"I know the feeling"


Satoshi Hikari, well, Hiwatari now, lay spread out on his bed, staring out the window at the grey sky. "Well isn't this a great day?" he says to no one in particular.

-Tsk Tsk Satoshi. You should really watch that mouth of yours-

And why is my mouth any of your business?

-I'm Achoo in your head

I could have told you that Krad

-I would Achoo! certainly hope so-

Having trouble Krad?

Inside their mind, he glares at the Satoshi. Sneezes again.

It appears as if you have a cold

-I shall kill this 'cold' you speak of-

You can't, it's a sickness

-I don't get sick baka-

It was going to be a long day.

End Flashback

A loud coughing was heard inside Daisuke's head

You know, for someone who doesn't have a body you cough awfully loud

/Yeah well, it FEELS like I have a body, geez. Give me a break/

I'll give you a cough drop when we get home

/ Come again/

A little piece of food, kind of like candy, that helps you stop coughing

/Doesn't candy get kids hyper/

Nevermind Dark. Nevermind

Later that day, at Satoshi's house

A weary-looking Satoshi tries to persuade Krad, who was now in the flesh, to take a cough drop. From the back of his mind.

Just take it Krad

-I refuse to take human medicine. I do not need it, for I can get well on my Achoo own, if I were to be sick-

Don't be so stubborn Krad.

-I can do what I wish to-

Do you want to stop being sick?

-I already told you, I am not sick. coughing fit-

And a long night as well.

:Back with Daisuke:


/It looks suspicious, the violet-eyed wonder replied, kind of poking it.

I've taken plenty in my life, and I'm fine!

/You see, Dai-kun, that's the issue. Some people would debate that fact/

Why must you be so problematic?

/I just don't want it to cough take it/

Inwardly, his tamer rolled his eyes. Rather, he had no choice, for he was in Dark's mind. Or his mind. Whatever.

It'll help you stop coughing Dark. Just take it real quick.

/Fine sneeze/

The kaitou ate it, grimacing at it's taste

Oh it can't be that bad
/I hate lemons/

Can't you ever just…you know, not whine?

/Nope sneeze cough/

Nyquil. I need to give you Nyquil


/cough that stuff you take/

I take a lot of stuff, but yeah, we'll go with that

And so, he gave him the Nyquil.

-With Satoshi and Krad-

I'm going to have to take it myself, aren't I?
-It looks that way-

Achoo, laugh -Go on-

He downed the medicine quickly, falling on his bed drowsily as the phone began to ring.

"Please Leave a Message After the Beep"

"Hiwatari? That has got to be the longest day of my life….."