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Title:The Blood Harvest


Rating:PG-13 or Maybe R(some really graphic scenes)

Characters:Dean and Sam(some Oc's thrown in too)

Summary:The brothers go to a small town to investigate the ritualistic murders of children taking place there.

Warnings:Blood and Death (nothing too bad though)

Authors note:I do so love to torture the Winchester brothers, so be warned, there's some major owie's coming up in the future chapters.

Disclaimer:Don't own them(wish I did)

The Blood Harvest ch.1

"Hey, take a look at this Dean."Sam said, pointing to a section on the news paper he was reading.

"First Annual Cotton Ridge dog show a big success."Dean read, and squinting his eyes, released a big sneeze."So what? You into dogs now or something?"

"Not that stupid, I'm talking about the really big article below it,with a picture of woods and a big piece of police tape marking the area off around them." Sam said, pointing at the story.

"Oh, that. My bad."Dean said, smiling sheepishly, followed by another sneeze.

"Yuck, Dean. Haven't you ever heard of covering your nose when you do that?"Sam asked, snarling his nose up in distaste, while picking up a napkin from the table in the diner where they sat eating, and wiping his coat off.

"Sorry, Sammy. Look on the bright side, your coats leather and will wipe right off."he added, smiling brightly.

"Yes, that makes me feel so much better about having snot blown all over me, leave it to you to find the silver lining in anything."Sam said sarcastically, then turned his attention back to the paper laying on the table."It says here that they just found the body of a 10yr.old boy, drained of blood. Seems they think it's some sort of a ritualistic killer on the loose. It's the fifth child they've found within the last 4 months, and so far the police haven't come up with any leads or suspects."

"Well, I know it's bad when anybody's killed, especially if it's a kid , but solving murder mysteries aren't really our specialty Sammy. That's what the police are for." Dean said, with a shrug.

"Well, Dean, see there's this, other little part of the story, that makes it something we would handle. The paper says that a friend of the last boy killed, actually saw the murderer, and he was not your typical one at that."Sam said,turning the page to find the second part of the article.

"When you say, not your typical murderer, what exactly do you mean?"Dean asked, sneezing again, this time using a tissue.

"The victims friend, Jeffrey Martin who the paper says is ten years old, told the officer that first arrived his friend was stabbed by a monster. In a long black trench coat, with a black hat. And the really good part is this, boy says the man had no eyes, just dark holes where they should have been." Sam said, looking at Dean, while raising an eyebrow.

"Looks like I was wrong Sammy, this is something for us. What monster drains kids blood though? Paper said he used a dagger, right?"

"Sure did."Sam replied."So we're going?"

"Where is...Cotton Ridge? How far away from here is it?"Dean asked after blowing his nose.

"About twenty-five miles away. Looks like it's one of them small hokey type towns."Sam replied.

"Well, then I say we check it out, it shouldn't put us too far off our planned route."Dean answered."And if we find this thing, we'll make sure it doesn't kill any more children."

"Alright then, lets head out."Sam said, and walked up to the counter to pay for their food, while Dean walked out to stand beside the car.

Sam walked out, and received the biggest shock he'd had in a long time.

"Here you go Sammy, you drive."Dean said, throwing the keys to his baby in Sam's direction.

"You're gonna let me drive? Without me having to beg or anything? What's wrong? Are you dying or something?"Sam asked, putting his hand over his heart in an act of shock.

"No. I have a headache alright, and don't really feel like driving, but if you don't think you can han..."

"No problem bro, I can handle this baby easily."Sam said quickly, cutting off his brothers sentence."Get in and buckle up, cause the captain is ready for take off."

"This isn't an airplane dummy."Dean muttered as he settled back into the passenger seat with a sigh."It's something much more special, so special that it's owner will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets so much as a scratch on it. Do you understand me?"

"Loud and clear, no hurt car, no die. Not a problem."and they pulled onto the road and started towards Cotton Ridge, Lousiana.

Sam was bored most of the trip because Dean had went to sleep not ten minutes down the road, which slightly concerned Sam.

Dean never gets sick.

There's a first time for everything, he told himself when Dean temporarily woke up due to having a coughing fit, but fell right back asleep afterwards.

They finally reached their destination.

A sign reading,"You are now entering: Cotton Ridge, pop:2,035."

"Dean! Wake up, we're here."Sam said loudly, while elbowing his brother.

"What? Already? That was a quick trip."Dean said, sitting up and stretching.(Achoo)

"No, it wasn't a short trip Dean, you just slept through the whole thing."Sam said, making a face at him.

"Oh. Well, anyway, here we are in Cotton Ridge, the party town of Louisiana!"Dean said, and added a whoop at the end of his sentence.

"You are one strange individual Dean. Take a look around, this place looks like a mix between mayberry, and that swamp in deliverance."

Sam said with a frown.

"I find it charming."Dean said, getting out of the car, where he promptly got overcome by dizziness and leaned against the car for support, sliding down it till he was in a sitting position."Whoa."he muttered.

"Dean! What happened?"Sam asked, running around to his side of the car and squatting in front of him.

"Just got dizzy for a moment there. Though I gotta admit, sitting down here isn't making me feel much better either."he answered, following it with another sneeze.

"How long you been sick, Dean?"Sam asked, looking at him with a solemn expression

"A couple of days, but it's nothing big. Just a cold or virus."Dean replied.

"Or the flu, or pneumonia, so you're right, no biggie. Nothing the great Dean can't handle."Sam said sarcastically.

Standing up again. Dean managed to remain on his feet this time."See, all better, let's go find this Jeffrey Martin kid."and smiling at Sam,led

the way into the "Cotton Ridge Inn" to get a room for the night.

"Hello, there."An older dark haired woman, with little round glasses perched on the tip of her nose said in greeting, putting down the book she had been reading. "What can I do for you boys?"she asked, looking at them suspiciously.

"We're um..FBI agents ma'am, here to look into the recent murders that have taken place. I'm Dean, and my partner here is Sam."Dean replied, flipping his wallet open to show one of his many fake I.D.'s. Sam did the same.

"You two look a little young to be FBI agents."the lady remarked, letting her eyes rest an Sam, who started squirming under her scrutiny.

"They like us that way nowadays."Dean said, giving her a smile and wink."The people, women especially, seem to be more cooperative for some reason when we're on the case. We're older tthan we look though, bet you could never guess how old my partner is."

Looking at him, her brow squinted in thought, she finally answered,"He can't be any more than 22 or so, though he looks even younger than that."

"Good guess, but no. He's 36. Baby face fools people every time. Now, can we get a room for the night at least, maybe longer?"he asked, leaning on the counter and smiling.

"Sure, thanks to the murders we haven't had much business lately, it kinda turns the tourists off and all. Here's your key, you're in room 28. Enjoy your stay."she said, and he took the key.

"Thank you kindly Mrs..? I didn't catch your(Sentence interrupted by big sneeze)Excuse me. I didn't catch your name."he finished, pulling out a tissue.

"Mrs. Brandon. My names Mrs. Brandon."she replied, pulling out a can of Lysol and spraying it in the air near Dean, causing him to sneeze even more.

"Well, thanks Mrs. Brandon."Sam said, grabbing Deans arm, and dragging him to the exit door.

"There's a drug store right down the street unless you need to get something for that nasty cold you have."she said loudly as they were exiting the door.

"Gee, thanks."Dean muttered sarcastically, after having finally gotten over being sprayed with Lysol in his face.What about a poison control center?he added to himself, thinking about how much of the spray he had probably inhaled.

They got their bags and found their room, which was actually a nice one, and Dean flopped down on one of the double beds, hiding his face under one of the pillows.

"Come on, lets get going. We need to go down to the sheriffs office and find out what we can before it gets dark."Sam said, kicking Dean in his leg, that was hanging off the side of the bed.

"Alright."Dean said with a sigh, reluctantly rising from the bed."Then we're gonna have to make a stop by the old drug store, cause I got more snot in my head than I thought existed."his statement emphasized by yet another sneeze, only this time followed by a hacking cough.

"You're disgusting."Sam said to his brother as they walked out to the car, this time Dean opting to drive, and made their way to the police department.

"Let me do the talking."Sam instructed. Usually Dean did it, because he was a very smooth talker, and lying seemed to come to him as easily as truth, but looking at him, Sam saw he had a bright red nose from rubbing it with tissue's, and watery eyes."Alright, Rudolph?"he asked.

"Rudolph? What's that supposed to mean?"Dean said, with a look of confusion, which turned to a scowl moments later,"That's so not nice Sammy. Making fun of your poor sick brother. You should be ashamed of yourself."he said, trying to look pitiful.

"That whole pitiful act might have a little more effect on me if you hadn't taken a picture of me laying in bed with my hair sticking up, a bright red face, and runny nose, when I had the flu that time, and made copies to pass out at school." Sam said, smirking.

"Don't be a drama queen Sammy, it wasn't that bad a picture."Dean replied.

"I had on Superman underwear, Dean."Sam said haughtily.

"Well, you have to admit, it did get lots of attention from the ladies for you.They did call you "Super Man" after that."

"They called me Super Baby, Dean. I was 16. Do you know how traumatizing that can be at that age?"Sam asked, with a frown.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry, as if I haven't already told you that a hundred times before, anyway we're here. So let's move in agent Winchester."Dean said with a chuckle.

They walked inside of the small Sheriffs office, and approached the front desk, where your stereo-typical, small town overweight police officer sat typing.

"Hello Officer, We're agents Winchester and Malone."Sam said, putting his hand out to shake the man's pudgy one, and praying under his breath that he had remembered the correct name on Dean's fake I.D."We're from the FBI and we're here to investigate the recent string of murders that have taken place."and showed his I.D. to the officer, as Dean did the same.

"Steve Long. FBI, huh? Must think it's something pretty bad to involve people so high up."he said, after returning the hand shake.

"I'd say the murders of five children is bad enough,in my book."Sam replied, curtly, disliking the officer immediately.

"Six."the man said, picking up a pack of gum and putting a piece in his mouth.

"What?"Dean asked quickly.

"There's six now. Some hikers just found another one, a young girl, near Deke's Fishing Lake not an hour ago."Long answered, chewing slowly.

"Where is that? How do we get there from here?"Sam asked.

"Go down main street about a mile to the left, then take the first right on Millers circle, go another mile and a half or so and you'll see the sign for the Lake. Can't miss it."Long replied."Sheriff Martin's already out there, so they'll be several black and white's there too."

"Martin? He wouldn't be any relation to the Martin boy who was a witness to one of the murders would he?"Sam asked.

"Yes he would, he's Jeff's father. Poor kid was there this time too. Must be horribly traumatizing for him to see 4 of his friends murdered."Long said, blowing a bubble with his gum.

"Excuse me? Did you say he saw four of the murders?"Sam asked in surprise.

"Sure did."Long answered, then turned his back and resumed his typing, dismissing them.

After walking back out to the car, Sam commented to Dean,"I'm willing to bet little Jeffrey Martin knows more about what's going on than people think."

Dean didn't reply, and Sam looked at him,seeing him massaging his temples with his fingers with a pained expression on his face."Hello, earth to Dean."Sam said, nudging his brother with his shoulder.

"What? Oh, sorry. Didn't realize you were talking to me."Dean said, looking at Sam apologetically.

"Who else would I be talking to?"Sam asked, and when his brother just shrugged, put out his hand and said,"I think I should drive again, since you might not notice the road and all."and Dean tossed him the keys.

"Just be careful."Dean muttered and got into the car,leaning his head against the seat and closing his eyes.

Definitely gotta stop at the drug store when we get back, Sam said mentally.

They followed Long's directions and shortly pulled into the parking area for the lake, seeing about seven police cars, a ambulance, and several TV vans.

"Looks like it's gonna be a media circus"Sam commented as he and Dean got out and started walking towards the taped off area.

"Always is."Dean replied, then started coughing again, and Sam stood there waiting for it to pass before they continued on.

"Sorry boys, there's a police investigation going on, and there will be no admittance to anyone until it's concluded."A muscular cop with a badge reading,Morris, said, as they reached the taped area.

"We're agents Winchester and Malone."Sam said, him and Dean, once again showing their badges."We're FBI and have been sent to help in the investigation."

After a moment, the big man smiled briefly, and stepping aside said,"Sorry bout that fellows. Just there's lots of media folk trying to get past and you can never be too careful."

"We understand."Sam said with a knowing smile, and they walked further in to where a large group of policemen and e.m.s. workers were gathered.

They moved towards the group, but stopped in their tracks when they saw her.

The girls body was still in the same place it had been found. Hanging upside down from a tree that she was tied to a limb on.

She had no shirt on, but all her other clothes were still intact, and deep cuts ran from her stomach to her throat.

They had gutted her, but there was no blood on the body or anywhere else.And her face was frozen in a look of terror.

"Holy shit."Dean said, then walked a bit away from the other people, proceeded to empty the contents of his stomach, then returned a moment later.

"You alright?"Sam asked.

"No."Dean answered truthfully, but went on with Sam to talk to the sheriff.

After explaining who they were, and having to once again convince someone they were old enough to be FBI agents, Sam started asking questions.

"How long has she been dead?"

"Body temp shows it must have happened not long ago.Two to three hours at the most."Sheriff Martin replied.

"And this is the exact same way the others were found?"Sam asked.

"Yes. The murders share the same M.O. to the tee."

"I understand your son was here to witness this along with three of the others, correct?"Sam asked.

"Unfortunately, yes."Martin replied..

"Think we could talk to him?"Sam asked.

"Maybe in a bit. He's still kinda shaken up right now, which I'm sure you know is quite understandable."the sheriff answered, frowning at Sam.

"Alright then, we're just going to have a look around."Sam replied, and the sheriff nodded his head and walked off.

"Am I the only one getting a funky vibe from the old sheriff there?"Sam asked his brother, when the were a distance away.

"Nope, he's definitely a shady character."Dean replied, then, spotting a young woman standing at the edge of the group surrounding the body, said," I'm gonna talk to some of the locals here, see if they can tell us anything helpful."

"Okay, but I'd wipe my nose there Romeo."Sam replied, and receiving a punch in the arm, moved off on his own.

"Hello there."Dean said, walking up to stand beside the woman, and giving her his best smile.

"Hi."she replied, smiling in return.

"I'm agent Malone, with the FBI. I and my partner are here to look into the killings, and I was just wanting to get some input from the locals. Do you mind?" he asked.

"Not at all. Ask away?"she replied.

"Did you personally know any of the victims?"he asked.

Smiling at him, she replied,"As a matter of fact I did."

"Oh, really? Good, what can you tell me about the one you knew?"he asked, thinking how lucky it was that the first person he questioned was so cooperative, and actually knew one of the victims.

"She was a very vibrant, active, typical ten-year old. Very well behaved, never gave me any problems what-so-ever."the woman answered.

"Oh, so it's the latest victim you knew?"Dean asked, because as far as they knew, this was the only girl who had been killed."What were you, her baby-sitter or something?"

"Actually, no Agent Malone."

"Dean, call me Dean,"he interrupted, giving her an encouraging smile.

"Ok, Dean. No I wasn't Ashley's baby-sitter. I'm her mother, Kate Benson."she answered.

"What? Her mother? God, I didn't realize that. "he said, unable to hide the look of surprise on his face, then added quickly."I'm so sorry about your loss."

"No, It's okay Dean. Really. Ashley led a long, happy life, and I'm sure she's in a much better place now."Kate said calmly, still smiling.

"Excuse me?"Dean asked."You'll have to forgive my obvious ignorance to your line of thought, but wasn't your daughter only 10 yrs. old?"

"That's right, Ashley just turned 10 last month."she replied."We had her a big princess birthday party. She was Cinderella, that was her favorite."

"And you think someone who was only 10, led a long, happy life?"Dean asked incredulously. He didn't know if it was his headache or just the all over crappy way he was feeling, but Mrs. Benson and her , light-hearted, care-free attitude, was really getting to him.

My god, her daughter had been murdered, and she was standing here talking to a stranger, smiling and laughing, with her hanging from a tree not twenty feet away.

"Why, yes I do. She had everything she wanted in life, and was never unhappy."she answered lightly."Everything happens for a reason Dean, so who are we to question fate?"

At that moment Sam was walking towards them and heard his brother's next words.

"You can't be serious. You're daughter is hanging from a tree, with all her blood drained from her body!"Dean practically yelled."And you think it happened for a reason? And that it's fate?"

"Agent Malone!"Sam said loudly, walking up and grabbing his arm."Can I talk to you over here for a moment please?"

"Sammy, you just have to hear this."Dean said angrily."Go ahead Mrs.Benson, tell him how your daughters better off dead!"

"Dean! Stop!"Sam said, forcefully pulling him away, and added to Mrs. Benson,"Thank you for talking to us ma'am, I'm sorry if my partner has upset you."

"That's fine. I wouldn't expect someone who isn't familiar with our ways to understand."she replied,then seeing a man beckon to her, smiled, and walked to join him.

Pulling Dean back to where the car was parked, Sam turned angrily to him and asked,"What the hell was that all about? Are you trying to blow our cover before we even get started on the case? Unless you didn't know, FBI agents don't usually act like that!"

"Did you hear her Sam? She didn't even seemed fazed by the fact her daughter had just been murdered!"Dean replied, pacing angrily.

"Regardless of how she's reacting, you can't do...what you just did, Dean! I understand how you feel, and totally agree with you, but just don't do that again. Okay?"

Dean stopped pacing and nodded him head,"Alright. Did you find out anything?"

"As a matter of fact, I found out alot. Lets head back to the inn and I'll fill you in on the way."Sam replied.

They got in the car, Sam driving once again, and he told Dean what he'd found out.

"Of the victims who have been murdered 5 were children of town council members,and the other was the mayors son. And by what I heard from one of the officers at the scene the parents have all reacted the way Mrs. Benson did. He said they acted as if it was something they expected. He said they had a serious lack of emotion in his opinion."Sam reported.

Dean sneezed and blew his nose, before asking,"So you think this has something to do with the leaders of the town then?"

"Seems that way to me. And another interesting fact, they were all ten years old. What are the chances of a serial killer just randomly picking out six kids who are all ten?"

"You heard the remark Mrs. Benson made didn't you? About how someone who wasn't familiar with the ways around here wouldn't understand?"Dean asked.

"Yep, that just adds to my theory that somehow the council members and mayor knew this was going to happen."

"So where does the sheriff's son fit in then?"Dean asked."He must have been friends with the dead kids, because he was there when four of them were murdered."

"He is 10 yrs. old too, you know. And his father is the sheriff, a pretty important authority figure around here."Sam said, frowning.

"So you think he might be in danger too?"

"I don't know honestly, but tomorrow we're going to find out. We'll go talk to the officer again that I met today. He seemed more than eager to help out in any way he could. So first thing tomorrow we'll pay him a visit."Sam replied.

"Then we can hit the library and try to find out what we can about this eyeless man who kills children with a dagger. There's bound to be something about it somewhere, always is."Dean added. This followed by more coughing.

"We're also going to talk to Jeff Martin, whether his father likes it or not."

After stopping off at the drug store so Dean could stock up on medicine,they reached the Inn, and having decided on their plans for the following day, went to bed.


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